From high fashion to low fashion.

I didn't have time to catch up with my trip to New York last weekend so I'm doing it now. It was lots of fun and whirlwind, so much to visit I wish I had more time to really explore the city properly. I know I'll be back, so I'm not too worried. New York is pretty much just like Toronto in my opinion so I didn't find myself being too blown away by the size or buildings. I've been to New York before, but for family stuff outside of Manhattan so it was nice to get to visit stuff for once.

Holy mother, I've used Subway systems all over the world, even in countries where I didn't understand the language, but this is by far the hardest! You practically have to take a course to figure this stuff out. Unfortunately trying to figure out the system put a damper on my trip because we spent so much time getting confused and lost the odd time and my boyfriend and I argued over it which annoyed me. My suggestion is know where your suburbs are located before going and which direction you want to be in or you are screwed with a capital S. Taxi's are good, but it can be hard to hail one so we only ended up using it twice.

Century 21, well no longer New York's best kept secret. This is where you get designer goods for cheap and it's next to Ground Zero. Make sure you are red and well hydrated as the atmosphere is quite overwhelming and you are not allowed to bring in food or beverages. You'll have to do a lot of digging to find a good bargain. Personally I didn't find this place that great for day to day stuff, but if you are looking for a designer dress for a special evening this is the place to go. I saw some beautiful Oscar De La Renta gowns from last season for only 399.00, which I'm sure is like 2000.00$ off.

The view from the Empire State building, lots of fun but it's freezing up there. It was so windy that we didn't really enjoy it as much.

My boyfriend gave me this in New York for Vday.

I didn't really have time to check the city out for anything special, since we were on a time crunch so I just hit the basic stores to stock up on whatever I needed.
How cute is this Owl? It's actually a candle, my boyfriend got one for his mother too.

I got this top from my favorite Australian brand Lover, no I didn't get it at Century 21.

Latex and Lycra leggings, the one on the left is from Forever 21 and the one on the right is from H & M.

I feel in love with the green and gold plates, unfortunately they didn't have the matching cups. I did buy two other glasses on the far left which I'm using as candle holders.

I got this cute little washclothes, only 4$ each which is a bargain for Anthropologie.

I'm sorry for the bad clothes pictures in advance as they were wrinkled from my luggage. This cardigan is so gorgeous, it's mint green and super soft.

H & M
My favorite item that I bought was this dress, it looks so high fashion I wish I had taken a decent picture of it. I only paid 50$ for it and it looks worth at least 400$ on. Also just at tip the best H & M in New York is probably 52 @ 5th Avenue although I still haven't found one that's on the same level as the one downtown Toronto.

The Tshirt dress on the right is from Forever 21

I saw the top with the stripes on Jourdan Dunn on a big billboard at H & M and I loved it so much I grabbed it at the last minute.

That skirt is really meant to look like faux denim, shows how crap these pictures are.

That top is not meant to be wrinkled, just came out of the suitcase.

If you are reader you can't go to New York without going to The Strand, they have every old and new book you can possibly been looking for. Be prepared to stay a couple of hours.

I could not resist this Wildfox top that Fergie has. I'm going to wear it while working out.


When did I get into buying CD's again all of a sudden? I went for a last two years without buying one and I've bought 4 in the last month. Crazy.

I also picked up one of my favorite movies, Lost In Translation as well as the DVD workout of Jillian from The Biggest Loser. I've quit going to my local gym I'm working out on my lunch hour now and at home.

The movie of all movies!! My mother watched Sissi as a child and I also grew up on it and I was so happy to be able to find it on DVD. Keep in mind it is in french although there's probalby a dubbed version out there, well the DVD probably is anyway. If you like gone with the wind you'll fall in love with this. It's based on the true life story of Queen Elizabeth of Bavaria. The movie is 7 hours long, and split in 3 sections so you can watch it bit by bit. Sadly Romi Schneider the actress that plays Sissi committed suicide after the tragic death of her son. The dashing Karlheinz Böhm, it's still kicking though.


Hot Bot said...

Great lot Jen :)

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Looks like you scored some great loot! x

K.Line said...

Oooh, you got some great stuff! Love the mint green sweater.

SET said...

Lucky you, I love your purchases, I want to go shopping too. I love the white cardigan and want the stripy red and white tee.

alis said...

Wow you did some great shopping! I'm going to London at March so I'm keeping away from the stores until then.
I noticed you bought "The Bastard of Istanbul", I read it(it's Turkish original) and thought it was very good, I hope the translation to English does it justice :)

She said said...

I am SO jealous of all your finds/buys. I adore that owl candle.

shahbaz said...

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Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

Great recap, love both those cds!