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[Bright colors / One shoulder]


[Gold Belt]



[Evening dresses]

I was checking out his stuff while I was in New York, his dresses are so luxurious you just want to sleep on a pile of them for the rest of your life.

Jourdan Dunn opens and closes Oscar De La Renta, what a big honour.

Barbara Bush. How random!

Barbara Walters. Another random one, but Babs has always had good style.

[Jewel tones]

[Oriental prints]


[Bronze & Silver]

[Oversized coats]

Isaac is one of my favorite designers, the last few seasons I have been so impressed. He also does a lower priced line at Fairweather here in Canada, although i don't' think it's anything to brag about.

[Emphasis on the shoulders]


[Gold and silver belts & dresses]


[Golden floral prints]



[70s / Emphasis on the shoulders]


[Pinguin style]

I dont't think it's is best work, but no doubt a fun and funky collection.

[One shoulder]


[Give it shape]

[High neck & high shine]

I think they totally hit the nail on the head here, this is probably the best Calvin Klein collection I have seen in a while.

Probably two of the firecest girls in hollywood next to each other!

[Give it shape / Netraul & Black]



[Emphasise your shoulders]

Nicole and Joel announced late last night that they are expecting baby number two! I can't believe it, didn't think she's get pregnant again so soon, but congrats to her and her growing family! I'm looking forward to some fab maternity wear.


[Camel colors / Denim]

[High neck / Mini dress]


I really like the last three looks


[Luxurious prints]

[Nude colors / Beading]

[Tulip skirts]



[Knits / Shred it]

This collection was crazy, it took me a while to wrap my head about it, I love how artisitc it is and the amount of work that clearly went into making the clothes.

[Teal blue]

[One shoulder]


[Tulip skirts]

How does Aubrey O'day manage to stay relevant? I wonder what kind of a creer she's going to have now that Danity Kane is over.

Tori spelling apparently freaked out and went all Diva in line at the Christian Siriano show after a security guard was mistakenly refusing to let her in. A ret showed up and saved the day haha.


[Grey & Black]


[Sophisticated black & white]

[Black / Tulip skirts / Fishtail bottoms]

[Burnt orange]

[Big ribbons]

I'm turning into such a huge fan of him, incredible collection.

Designer J. Mendel.

[Pink & Black]


[Brocade style fabric ]

Designer Tia Cibani and Oliva Palmero.


[Xtra large belt]

[All in black]

[Emphasis on the shoulers]

I'm sorry Vera, but it just doesn't cut it for me, she should have switched it around with her pre-fall collection

Ellen Chu, daughter Josephine Becker and husband Arthur Becker.




[Belt it]


OMG, Ralph never changes, can't believe it.

It seems like a lot of people are gravitating towards this Proenza Schouler collection, expect to see something similar all over mainstream stores.

[Glam mini dresses]

[Belt it]

[Ocean blue]

[Black & White]

I guess you will have to tune in to find out who wins, though you can already pictures of the collections.

Note: Take any pictures you want, but credit back here if published. Thanks!



WendyB said...

That one-shoulder leopard dress is so me. I also love a good fishtail on a gown. Very shapely!

min said...

i LOVE leigh however...
how does she get to go to all these fashion shows and sit FRONT ROW amongst the likes of alicia keys?? and karl seems to adore her as well. she's just a hipster dj who looks nice in black...

victoria.. said...

I love the polaroids. They looks so cool.

S.Elisabeth said...

I think I just seriously melted over Oscar de la Renta's collection.
1) aubrey o'day--hmm at least she's look less skanky. She actually looks kinda nice here, just needs to continuing laying off on the tanning lotion.
2) Omgsh tori spelling-is that serious? that's too funny

Olya said...

I liked Ralph Lauren collection. It's always so simple but it looks like it's the softest fabrics ever.

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Your photos are fantastic! A truly great post. I feel as though I were there myself! x

Frumps and Jo said...

I love the backstage photos.

Make Do Style said...

Love the Anna Wintour photos you made my day - what a wonderful post as usual xxx

zoë said...

your posts are always so perfect .
i come check out your website EVERYDAY for EVERYTHING i need to know .
i love how much info i can find in one place !

seriously, keep it up !!! :]

xxo .

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

Fab details, thanks for posting.

Demi said...

thank you, honey :)

ooh I loved Oscar de la renta and Naeem Kham. Erin Wasson always looks fierce!

aw, and how cute about Nicole Richie! congrats to them!


Siljesfashion said...

Oscar makes the most dreamiest collections. Loved Rodarte and Zac Posen. Haha, cant believe that about Tori, so funny! Bilson looks lovely and I love the polaroids. Seriuosly one of my favorite posts of the week!!

tupersonalshopperviajero said...

Your post is wonderful! How many pics! I love red, pink, leopard, yellow... everything.

Vintage Tea said...

Amazing pictures are always

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