This post will be updated continuously. You can vote for the best dressed on the red carpet at the bottom of this post. This doesn't count the surprise appearances onstage.

RATING: 5 being the best and 1 (or less) being the worst. Feel free to rate your own in the comments.

Angelina Jolie in her signature black, but this is definitely a step up and the green earrings are a nice touch.


Virginia Madsen. The earrings, makeup and belt save this dress from looking too ordinary.


Penelope Cruz in vintage Balmain. She just won an Oscar for Vicky Christina Barcelona. I saw this movie a couple of weeks ago and I was blown away, it was much better then I ever expected and Penelope was totally convincing as the tortured Maria Elena. If you haven't seen it go see it, it's quite enjoyable, not your usual all drama Oscar movie.


Melissa George in Dolce & Gabbana. I'm not really big on large fishtails, but this dress is so clean cut, that I don't mind it. She looks fresh, like she just had a peel this morning.

: 3.5

Marion Cotillard. She looks gorgeous in this dress. I love all the belted dresses from this Christian Dior collection, it makes the look so much more polished.


Marisa Tomei. You can always expect the unexpected form her, this girl does not shy away from taking risks on the red carpet and most of the time she pulls it off. Now this is what I call a dress!


Kate Winslet in YSL again. I'm not sure about this dress. She looks nice, but I expected something a little more. I can't blame her for wanting to look classic and elegant tonight and playing it safe.


Beyonce. I like it from the tophalf. I don't understand Beyonce and always wearing fishtail dresses. It makes it seem like we've seen it a million times over. I do love her hair, pulled back and the clean makeup.


Amanda Seyfried. This Valentino dress is too long for her and possibly a size to big, it's a shame because it really could have looked more stunning.


Natalie Portman. I wouldn't wear this dress myself because it would not suit me, but not Natalie it's absolute perfection. I'm blown away!!!


Anne Hathaway. I was really curious as to which way she would go because Anne is one of those people that can wear any red carpet dress. I love this choice for her, even though there is a good chance she won't win tonight, she looks like a winner. I know so cliche.


Sarah Jessica Parker. It's a lot of boob, but this is one of those dresses where I don't care what anyone says, I love it. The Oscars is suppose to be about fantasy dresses, and she nailed it with this one. It could almost be a wedding dress if it was all while.


Pheobe Cates. I really love this Spanish inspired look on her, she pulled it off nicely without looking cheesy.


Diane Lane. She always looks amazing on the red carpet, I don't think she gets enough credit for it. Great choice in necklace, it pulls the whole look together.


Jennifer Aniston. Surprise presenter at the Oscars. Although I love a side braid I don't think it works for this dress and look.


Meryl Streep. This is an improvement from her other red carpet disasters. I like the grey on her, the look is pretty classy.


Queen Latifa. I'm sorry, but I'm not feeling it this time. Normally I'm such a fan of her red carpet looks.

Heidi Klum. Red again Heidi? She does look great in red, but I was hoping she would change it up. Part of me kind of wishes she had worn the runway shoes along with the dress, but she looks great regardless and gets extra points for not playing it safe.


Taraji P. Henson. She looks like she's absolutely floating in this dress. She's also wearing a chunky necklace, which is very trendy right now. Perfect choice for her, well done.


Amy Adams. This dress would be gorgeous if it wasn't for that strange fabric hanging from the bust, it just doesn't seem like it belongs there. Apart from that I love the colors in this look red, black, blue, green reminds me of Christmas but not in a bad way.

Tilda Swinton. She loves wearing Lanvin this girl, I don't hate it, but I don't love it either. I feel like it should be pulled a bit like the model.


Evan Rachel Wood. The makeup is a bit much, but she looks like a dream in this dress.


Jessica Biel in Prada. This reminds me a bit of the Dior dress Eva wore not long ago with the fabric hanging out. I do like it, she looks very feminine for once.


Alica Keys. Her hair, makeup and jewelry looks stunning and glam. I really like this color on her, well done.


Samantha Harris. Great color, although I'm not a fan of her on the red carpet.


Freida Pinto. Wow wow wow, she's the first one so far to blow me away on the red carpet in this John Galliano dress. I'm in love with the color and the beading! One shoulder is all the rage right now, and I like the fact that it looks Indian/Bollywood inspired.


The kids from Slumdog Millionaire flew all the way from India, to be honest they did most of the acting in the movie anyway and I hear they got paid very little, but they were expecting the film to go straight to DVD anyway. I hear some of them are from poor backgrounds, I hope they will be adequately compensated for all their work.

The parents of the kids from Slumdog Millionaire!

Viola Davis. I'm loving this dusty gold dress on her, but I much prefer the neckline on the runway dress. I also think maybe, maybe she should have passed on the bracelets.

RATING: 2.8 Venessa Hudgens. I can't help liking the short version of the dress better. However she does look nice, great choice in hairstyle, makeup and earrings.


Miley Cyrus. Holy moly, that's a lot of dress. Although the dress is beautiful and it's obvious a lot of work went into it, I can't help but think it's too much? I'm glad that she kept her hair and makeup simple, very pretty.


Nancy O'Dell. This dress would have looked way better without the train, I also think she probably needed a couple more fittings. I do like that hair color on her though :)


Sophia Lauren. I can't even rate her, I have to look away.

Leslie Mann. She's definitely turning heads in this silver dress and it fits her perfectly.Usually I don't like big hair with these kinds of dresses, but she's found a nice balance.


Lisa Rinna. This dress is definitely an improvement for her, and I'm really liking the purple against her skin. What I don't like is that awful hair and I'm not sure if that's the best choice of earrings.


Karen Spencer. A safe choice, but a good one. I think she looks lovely and I love the beading and rhinestones on this dress.


Giuliana Rancic. I wish this dress didn't have a train, it just doesn't seem to go. I do love the color on her though.


Reese Witherpoon. I'm giving her points for trying, because she's been lacking red carpet fire for the last year and half.


Nicole Kidman. She's always wearing L'Wren Scott! I like the dress, but I'm not a fan of the feathers at the top, they look a little out of place.


Halle Berry in Marchesa. Again not a fan of the mini fishtail, apart from that she looks gorgeous! I always wonder how people walk in these types of dresses.


Heath Ledger's family. They could not have looked more incredible. You could tell everyone was trying to hold in the tears, it was a touching moment.



Gwen Stefani. I love this look on Gwen, she's glowing.

Jessica Alba in what looks to be Roland Mouret. I'm liking that's she's wearing shorter dresses lately and experiementing more with her style

Rachel Weisz. This was one of my favorite looks from New York fashion week.

Elizabeth Banks.

Diane Von Furstenberg. She wore the same dress in Town & Country magazine.

Jada Pinkett Smith. Stunning! reminds me of the Galliano dress Kate Hudson wore early last year.

Sheryl Crowe. This is possibly the best she's ever looked.

Naomi Watts. She looks great, I'm glad she didn't choose something too safe.

Jessica Biel. Why didn't she wear this on the red carpet instead? I like it much better then her Prada dress.

Kate Bosworth. I love it, definitely one of my favorite looks from the vanity fair party. The hair, shoes, clutch and makeup all work perfectly.

John Legend and his Halle Berry esque girlfriend. Her dress is adorable, she looks great. I also like the side swept hair, something a little different.

Rosario Dawson. Although not horrible, I'm not really liking it that much. Something is ill fitting about the dress at the top.

Tina Fey does understated sexy.

Zoe Saldana. I wasn't really liking it from far, but when I saw it up close I changed my mind. She always has such fun style.

Emma Roberts. Unexpected and fabulous.

Zooey Deschanel. In another cute mini dress, I like that she has her own style and that she sticks to it.

Rachel Zoe or Mary-Kate Olsen? Regardless, Rachel looks stunning here, and dare I say it, one of my favorite looks from the Vanity Fair party. I still can't get over her face, somebody tell me who her doctor is!

Madonna. I think she's making a statement here, that's she's a strong woman on her own. Would it not have been shocking if she had brought along her 22 year old Brazillian boytoy Jesus Luz? As for the outfit, I think she should have lost the necklace, it doesn't go with the hair. I also have to say she's looking so much younger here, must be Jesus.

Marion Cotillard. She looks lively in this jewel tone dress. She's one of those girls that always looks chic, she's French so I'm not surprised.

Marisa Tomei. My favorite little risk taker. I like this modern looking dress on her, I wish I had the height to pull off something like that.

Abbie Cornish.I hope she didn't run into Reese Witherspoon!

Oscar Winner Penelope Cruz.She's totally deserving of this, not just for Vicky Christina Barcelona but her entire body of work, just like Kate Winslet. It's about time Kate win something, now if only we could get Leo an Oscar he's done nothing but great movies.

Monica Cruz. The dress is nice, but the hairstyle is a little strange.

Bar Rafaeli. She's suffering from gorgeous girl boring dress syndrome.

Halle Berry. You can't go wrong in Marchesa.

Helena Christensen. That dress makes her look old. It's too bad about the wrinkles too, don't they keep a steamer back there?

Jessica Stroup. I like the top half, but the rest just seems to much for her at such a young age.

Ginnifer Goodwin. Cute mini dress.

Alicia Keys. Keeping in similar style to her red carpet dress, just a little brighter. She's the kind of girl that can pull off bold colors. This dress is the perfect shade of yellow.

Ziyi Zhang. I wish the hem was even, but the detail on the bust makes up for it.

Cadiadian (New Zealand)actress Anna Paquin. In case you don't remember Anna won an Oscar for Best Actress when she was 12 for The Piano.

Rose Byrne. I'm going to do a Celeb Style post on her soon, she's so fabulous.

Georgina Chapman. In what else? Marchesa!

Salma Hayek. Normally I don't like trash bag dresses that look like this, but it's Salma so I'm giving it a pass. Congrats on the wedding!

Daniel Craig and Satsuki Mitchell. I love this color, especially on brunettes.

Forest and Keisha Whitaker. One of my favorite red carpet colors, so classy.

Jennifer Aniston & John Mayer. Finally they are making a proper appearance. Of course Jen could not show up on her own with Brad and Angelina being there!

Joel Madden and Nicole Richie. In case you haven't heard Nicole is pregnant again. So unexpected!

Cat Deeley.

Mischa or Cat?

Julie or Jessica? I'm not 100% certain that it's the same dress, but I'm absolutely shocked that Julie would dare to wear this now Oscar classic to the Oscars (granted it's the after party). Shocking.

Victoria Beckham in Victoria Beckham Fall 2009. She looks great, it's all about the shoulders this season.

Sharon Stone. OMG, I can't believe she didn't wear anything underneath her dress. Your iver 50 you should not be showing your boobs.

Carrie Underwood. That's a lot of beading, I like it, but she should have worn different shoes.

Terri Seymour. Normally I don't like this type of look, but on Terri it works. I noticed she has the ability to pull off a lot of dresses that you would not normally expect.

Shaun Robinson. I think she's going for the ethnic look here, but it's not working for me. Shaun never quite gets it right, shame.

Paz Vega. That bow at the front is a little strange...

Chris Noth and Tara Wilson. I love this dress on her.

Claire Danes. Could she look any fresher? She obviously got a facial just before going to this event haha. I'm liking this lace and pink and stripes on her. Strange combination, but it works.

Fran Drescher. She wore the same dress not long ago to the Grammys, any thoughts?

Oliva Wilde. I'm always a fan of the beachy look, take me away...

Rashida Jones. She's the daughter of Quincy Jones and 70s mod girl Peggy Lipton.

Eve. love this color on her.

Eva Longoria. Rocking the large shoulders.

Dita Von Teese. I'm not sure what to think...

Natalia Vodianova. I love this look on her, it's edgy without being over the top.

Kate Beckinsale. All her looks are starting to blend in for me.

Angie Harmon. Nice.

Jennifer Love-Hewitt. She always dresses a bit too old for her age.

Garcelle Bauvais-Nilon. Stunning, love the detail on the dress.

Juliette Lewis. I like it, very Givenchy last season.

Serena Williams. I'm not sure about the Marilyn style hair with that dress.

Molly Sims. I love this color on her, I think it's universally flattering.

Elle "The body" MacPherson. I swear only she could pull off something so low cut and look classy.

Ricki Lake. She always poses so strangely on the red carpet, I guess she's still not use to her new body.

Paris Hilton. Why does she insist on ruining everything with bad accessories? She should have had a clutch and not this sort of purse.

Hilary Duff. Wow she was obviously not listening to me because she went even blonder, but like Mandy Moore she's one of those people that can pull off any hair color.

Melanie B. Nice effort.

Janice Dickinson. I actually really like this.

Lauren Conrad & Lo Bosworth.

Freida Pinto in dress #2 I love this yellow on her. I'm looking forward to seeing a lot more of this girl, I hear she just landed a movie role in a Woody Allen movie.




Best dressed
Sarah Jessica Parker
Evan Rachel Wood
Taraji P. Henson
Marion Cotillard
Marisa Tomei
Natalie Portman
Melissa George
Anne Hathaway
Freida Pinto
Penelope Cruz
(Again this doesn't count all the onstage surprises)



I posted this before, but I love this song it won an Oscar last night. I've been working out to the Slumdog Millionaire soundtrack, it's so good. Keep in mind the video is the ending credits to the movie and one of the best parts.



Biru said...

I deny everything. Urgh. Lisa Rinna's hair is horrid! Miley is young she doesn't need a full gown... or are you supposed to wear that to the oscars? Ah, well.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ yes Miley's dress is to much, this isn't some grand wedding.

S.Elisabeth said...

Ooh Oscars =) Yuckk Lisa Rinna's lips are so distracting, its hard to look at anything else. And I feel like Miley & that dress just don't go. She's younger than me for Pete's sake, and I know I couldn't wear that dress for at least another decade. She needs to learn that just because she's richer than most adults right now, doesn't mean she can dress like them... just me though

Hannah is Narnia's Closet said...

wow - miley! i'm a teenager myself, currently looking for a prom dress (high school oscars) and i know that a young girl just can't dress the same as an adult! they just can't! aww, poor girl still hasnt figured it out. freida pinto looks great though!

Anonymous said...

Natalie Portman looks amazing. Other than that most others were too safe, boring, or just plain WRONG. Great coverage so far hun! x

victoria.. said...

I loved Penelope Cruz's dress. My family thinks I look like her but I don't see it. Beyonce's dress was okay, but I loved her natural hair and makeup.
Anne Hathaway is starting to dress better than before. I really love her dress. I love Amy Adam's necklace and hair. The Slumdog Millionaire kids looked cute taking pictures. Vanessa Hudgens looks stunning as always. Miley Cyrus's look is too much. Lisa Rinna's dress color is gorgeous.

alis said...

My favorite is Marisa Tomei, which is strange because normally I'm not crazy about her style. But she just nailed it here. Penelope Cruz looks amazing, she's consistently stunning on the red carpet. Natalie Portman's dress is so beautiful on her, I wish her make up was a bit fresher; she has the most beautiful non-make up face. Miley's face&hair is the best I have seen on her but her dress is a disaster. Taraji Henson's necklace is so perfect!

This is the first time I am loving Tilda Swinton's look. She still looks fierce but the red lipstick is spectacular on her.

I wish Freida Pinto's dress had a little more sheerness to it, but great choice for her first appearance at the oscars, definitely stands out.

I'm so happy Slumdog Millionaire won so many oscars! It was my favorite!

Anonymous said...

I must be one of the few people who actually liked miley's dress haha anyways is it just me or is there something up with the photograps? Arent people being airbrushed anymore or something ? Because I think most of the actress dont really look that stunning as they used to. Or dare I say it some just look plain awfull in there photos. Its like the oscars lost some of his sparks.

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Wow, you're a pretty harsh marker! Maybe I'm too soft on people. Danny Boyle has set up a trust fund for the slumdog kids, which they'll get when they complete their education at 18. They're so great in that movie x

sas said...

hey I love your blog so much! you are so informative. how about exchanging our links? would love it, you're already on my list :)

Alya said...

Marion Cotillard was my favorite! I love her! I also liked SJP's dress. And Freida Pinto was stunniiiing..

Dooder City said...

Wow, that was great...so many dresses swirling through my brain...highlights - Kate bosworth, natalie portman, penelope, jen aniston.

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

oh wow, you keep adding more and more pics! I used six of yours on my blog but linked them all and mentioned you at the end. I hope that is okay (pls let me know if it's not!!). Great post!

Ediot said...

i love this post. youre the best celeb pic source ever! well made post, youve got a great talent going on!
wish you a great weekend daRling

Kira Fashion said...

For me, Angelina was the most amazing! Simple, Beautiful and Perfect! That woman is a dream...is she for real?
I don´t think so... ;)

a kiss and hug, Jen!
Your posts alaways are the most complete!

Penny said...

I think my favourite is Evan Rachel Wood, the look is just perfect.
I totally agree with you on Sharon Stone- put it away!!!!!

drinkupthefashion said...

i loved freida pinto, angelina jolie, nicole kidman, halle berry and natalie portman. i didn't like how penelope cruz looked at first but i think she looked nice now.

Winnie said...

Oh I always have a million things to say on your posts! Miley's dress is wayy too much for her but it is stunning. Before that all I remember is Natalie Portman, she looked beautiful in that dress. The colour was perfection. Loved all the Dior dresses!

Nina (femme rationale) said...

i think i liked taraji's dress and look the best at the oscars last night.

Make Do Style said...

I have to say I thought Jennifer A looked amazing - I expect the pitter patter of tiny feet soon!

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

Thank you for this awesome post!! Totally caught up on the hottest outfits, don't you just love Freida Pinto, the girl has done so well for her first round of red carpet events

atelier said...

Probably the most informative and the longest post I've ever read! I think Pe looked amazing in that vintage Balmain dress, it looks like a piece of a museum... Nobody was stunning and they were all to discreet. Beyoncé looked terrible in that dress by her mum, I don't know why she never takes into account her body shape... Sean Penn's wife was one of the best, and Angelina hair was very weird, wasn't it?

styleburst said...

I love you blog!! It's one of my daily reads! :)
You are awesome!
I think natalie portman looks like a dream!