I pulled a Secret Agent and totally missed my one year anniversary by a day even though I was reminding my myself all week. I can't believe it's only been a year, it seems like so much longer.
I was still living in Australia, not working and I needed something to do and poof Mahalo Fashion was born. Many of you have been here from the start, you and I both know who you are and I appreciate your readership and constant encouragement. There were a few times I thought this is too much and gave myself a break only to be yearning to blog, I love it and I plan on being around for a while hopefully.

In honor of my one year post I decided to look at my Google analytics and blogger to find out what me and other readers have found truly fascinating here at my little fashion blog.


2. Nicole Richie
3. Mischa Barton
4. The Hills
5. Rachel Bilson


1. ALEXA CHUNG 2. Tuki Brando
3. Vanessa Traina
4. Harley Viera-Newton
5. Zoe Kravitz




Before anything, no I haven't seen it yet, but I'm going tomorrow.

Sarah Jessica was all sorts of radiant. I really adore this Nina Ricci dress, it reminds me of some sort of a fairy princess. She clearly was the stand out of the night, the other girls must dress more demure on purpose to give her, her time to shine. Must but annoying, but that's the way it goes.

I thought I had seen this dress before, I kept wracking my brain trying to put it together then I realized it was Lalala Lohan at a photoshoot last summer.

Kristin in Donna Karen, there's something Burberry Prorsum last season about it. She looks great, she's really into the whole 40's style lately.

It's nice to see her wearing white instead of black, she looks angelic especially with the red hair. I wish she had brought her girlfriend, what a character.

Cynthia in a longer version of this Narciso Rodriguez dress. I like the short version too it's really cute, especially with the tights and shoes. It's great for a night out!

Oh I like the dress on her, but I have to say I'm not a fan of the shoes they just don't seem to go with this outfit. Why didn't she wear some cute black heels, would have been much more suitable in my opinion.

Here she is in Toronto, representing the ladies. This dress has a similar cut to the one above. I find the top half quite flattering, but the bottom looks like it's too long making her legs look a little stumpy. Unfortunate because it's a pretty color.

Chris Noth and his girlfriend of 4 years Tara Wilson. So cute!


I thought him and Rosario would get back together, but I guess not. Oh well at least he's still smoking hot!

This is the best she's ever looked, that is for sure. I love her haircut too, she makes me almost want to cut mine that short. Almost.

Jennifer in Peter Sororen, I like all the combinations.

I like the YSL (?) stars she paired with this dress. She looks cute, but I feel like I'm missing that WOW factor. This material can look like a trash bag sometimes!

I'm not really understanding the sheer leggings on her. I love leggings, but not these ones.

She's looking really frail, i wish I could see her really smiling for once. I guess it wouldn't feel quite right, Anna smiling! Leon, well he's Leon.

Anna in Oscar de la Renta, I think this blue is really pretty.

I'm sick of Gale's hair always being the same, but she looks nice here and age appropriate.


This should be nice, but there is something putting me off about this look. Maybe it's just her?

Christian is really milking his win on Project Runway, good on him! Finally a winner who might actually semi make it. Not sure about Lydia's look, I've never been that into corsets, especially this type.

Michelle is looking really thin, too thin? Was she always this thin? I really adore this color, it's amazing on her.


Work it! Ashley is looking polished as usual! The twins have been good lately, it seems for a while they were going through a bout of bad press.

She always wears such nice dresses & outfits, but her hair and tattoo are so distracting. It's a shame..

What's going on with her skin? It's turning yellow from all that skin lightning? I actually don't mind her look though here, this is probably the most decent thing she's ever worn. Her boobs are covered, what's going on?

Nonono! The worst of the night, what's with the dragon on her dress? What is with the cropped jacket? Well I like her shoes.




I love these little Prada cluthes, now it's a matter of picking which arm I would give up to have one.



FENDI This is the mother of all oversized clutches!



Well it certainly is an interesting picture.



Oh know don't tell me these two idiots are planning on getting marreid, again! I certainly hope they don't reproduce! On good note, Heidi sure has the loveliest collection of Chanel bags...I find it strange since she said her and Spencer couldn't afford to shoot a professional video for her single and yet she has thousands to spluge on bags? Uh huh.

She's taking more and more fashion risks and it's starting to pay off.

I was trying to find a picture of the heinous tattoo she got on the back of her neck of an apple with a snake wrapped around it. It is the ugliest tattoo I have ever seen in my life, she's going to regret this.



This is truly Boreneth's color, she looks beautiful here in Lanvin. Posivitely radiant I might add!

Boreneth in Sophia Kokosalaki, I really like the piping on and the cut of the top.

Love her in Marc Jacobs. This Aussie girl really is a great singer, I still enjoy her first album Left Of The Middle. (Download the song smoke, it's mesmerizing)

This is a classic Rachel look!

Forget cheetah prints, I really want a cow print scarf a la Bilson & Richie.

I still can't believe Ali is only 14, what the hell! You know it's bad when Lindsay looks younger then her. She wears too much makeup too, I was hardly allowed wearing gloss when I was 14! Did anybody watch their reality show? They only mentioned Lindsay Lohan's name 50 times in one episode. Tragic family.

MISCHA BARTONShe looks almost Japanese here!

MARY-KATE OLSEN & NEW BOYFThe green coat is back, that's all I care about!

I would have liked to see what that jacket looked like on her. Is it me or does Nicole look painfully skinny again? Oh well...If she isists.


She gets more beautiful with age.

This girl knows a thing or two about a good clutch.

Maxim's sexiest woman in the world, yes she topped the list. I never heard of her before this, I don't think she's that great, but I guess guys do.


It's nice to see one half of the twins out and about again. This dress is really sweet, I wouldn't mind something similar for work.


Baby Confirmed: While many have speculated about this, we wanted to wait until after the first trimester to officially confirm that we are expecting our first child. This is truly the most joyous time in our lives and we are excited to share the happy news and start our family.


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WendyB said...

Your stats are so interesting! Cynthia Nixon's hair looks SO much better that way.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ haha yeah she's been looking amazing.

NewlyInspired said...

LOVE the SATC! Can't wait until tomorrow!

Belinda said...

Happy Belated Birthday - great post to go with a momentous occasion!

I agree with you on Gwen Stefani - she really is blossoming with age (and motherhood).

Nicole Richie IS looking a bit thin in those photos isn't she! Her arms are like sticks!

Am loving those oversized clutches too - I want one!!

M said...

i remember reading your 5th or so post and being hooked ever since. this is seriously the first place i go when i open firefox!
keep up the good work hun!

enc said...

Congratulations, Jen. I wish I could say I'd been with you all along, but I'm relatively new to your blog, as you know. I'm happy to have found you, though. Keep on blogging happily.

Secret Agent said...

Hey Jennifer! Wow, you almost miss your birthday too? Anyways, you're a very special blog-friend of mine, since, you were the first to actually...write comments to me haha. Anyways, congratulation on all your successes with this blog. It's turned on to be great!
Onto the post:
Oversized clutches look awesome.
Is it just me or do the girls of The Hills (especially LC) look majorly fine, these days? It looks like a team of stylists/makeup artists have been spending hours on her...probably has.
Congrats again...and let's we have many more successful years to come!

Secret Agent said...

...the first part of my comment is filled with grammatical errors. I must have got too emotional when typing it all out and the tears distracted my eyes from seeing the keyboard straight.

Secret Agent said...

...god, I really need to spell check before submitting... "I must have GOTTEN too emotional"... sorry for the comment-spamming, but it's annoying me.
Damnit, Jacky, get it together!

alis said...

gratz jen! I seriously adore your blog. It's like a glossy magazine everyday, filled with fashion and gossip - yum.
Now the post:
-SJP looks amazing, Lohan murdered the dress, she looks hideous.
-Jason Lewis is so hot. Almost as hot as Paul Walker.
-Lauren Conrad looks smokin'! Love the leggings+shoes+hair, very young-hot-swedish-blogger style, lol.
-I wanna watch the lohans for love-to-hate purposes, yeah Ali has makeup piled on her face.
-Gwyneth looks great, nicole IS skinny.
-Ashlee is so lame for trying to hide stuff despite everybody knowing, this is just like her nosejob incident.

alis said...

gratz jen! I seriously adore your blog. It's like a glossy magazine everyday, filled with fashion and gossip - yum.
Now the post:
-SJP looks amazing, Lohan murdered the dress, she looks hideous.
-Jason Lewis is so hot. Almost as hot as Paul Walker.
-Lauren Conrad looks smokin'! Love the leggings+shoes+hair, very young-hot-swedish-blogger style, lol.
-I wanna watch the lohans for love-to-hate purposes, yeah Ali has makeup piled on her face.
-Gwyneth looks great, nicole IS skinny.
-Ashlee is so lame for trying to hide stuff despite everybody knowing, this is just like her nosejob incident.

alis said...

oh gosh so sorry for the double post!

The Clothes Horse said...

Gwenyth is glowing in that color. SJP is making me yawn--the only innovative thing about that dress is the material...
And Nicole started pushing the too skinny line once she popped out that child, it was only a matter of time before she started to get attention for it again...
I sound like such a hater today! I do really like your posts though, always so much in each one that I feel I don't have to visit another site to get gos.

Sharon Rose said...

Congrats to you Jen-another amazing post!! I'm loving all the SATC piccys-Cynthia looks divine in white and her hair is lovely too!

Kira Fashion said...

hi dear!
happy anniversary!
i am happy that we almost started blogging together and you are ones of my fisrt friend here so, i am really enjoy a lot our friendship :)
i wish you the best, because i feel really connected with you :)

a kiss,
i hope to celebrate a lot of more anniversaries together!
see you,

Debbie Shiamay said...

As usual... great pics! I like how you post the photo from the runway and how the celebs wear it. Fab! The fashion world is lost without u, jen!

carina said...

i love oversized clutches!!

LBIC said...

Happy bloggy birthday!

And I agree about Gwen Stefani. So gorgeous. And I love her shoes.

Neekoh said...

First and foremost, Happy Anniversary/Birthday! You have definitely been an influence on the web community and a solid reference for fashion and celebrity alike. Congrats, Jen. Keep it up :)

Secondly, I love this post. SJP>Lindsay any day. They aren't even from the same fashion realm.
Hilary and Mike are the cutest couple! And her style gets better each time I see her out and about.
Ashley Olsen is looking great! And I agree, Marissa Miller is not the hottest woman in the world. She's got big boobs, but her face looks like it's seen better days. Haha, anyway, congrats again and I look forward to another great year!

Seraphine said...

SJP looks like a princess in that dress!
Happy one-year anniversary! It's awesome, and barely seems like a year already. You put so much love and research and creativity into your blog, I am happy for your success. I hope you are around forever!

JuliAM said...

how is it even physically possible to lose that much weight so quickly post baby?! hmmm...anyway...happy blog bday jen. i love your blog, you have the unique distinction of being my one and only blog stop for celebrity fashion. you do an amazing job of covering things. thanks so much!!

the_kitten said...

Happy happy blog anniversary. I have kept it secret, but my own blog's had been on 28th - but pshhh!

Anyways, I really enjoy your blog, you shoot soo many great pictures out there. Considering the fact that your posts are the most longest out there I am quite wondering about where you get all those. Never mind, keep up the wonderful work! So that we all can enjoy it for some other years to come!!!

jellofer said...

Happy blog birthday Jen! LOL :D

And you've done the best Sex and the City post that I've seen!!

I can't wait for the movie!!

PS thanks for the well wishes

The Seeker said...

Happy belated blog birthday darling!!!!
You do a great work with your posts and you deserve the best.
I wish you lots of good posts (well as a reader I'm interested *laugh*)and many years posting.

PS- Oh I envy you because you're going to see SATC and I don't know when I could do that :(

Miss White said...

Happy Blog Birthday! That's a brilliant idea for a birthday post!

jayne said...

happy b-day! it does seem like longer than a year, you're that amazing! :)

SJP looked amazing, ewww ewww ewww for lohan in that gown :(

woah anna does look kinda thin- eat, get some sun, and smile PLEASE!

i now need an oversized clutch, stat! haha

Key said...

Congratulations for your first year! I tought you have a more time blogging! :D
You have a great blog!

Key said...

Congratulations for your first year! I tought you have a more time blogging! :D
You have a great blog!

Fashion Tidbits said...


and i really, really want that PRADA clutch!

Emily said...

firstly, lindsay lohan doesn't even come close to pulling off the dress the way sjp does. and secondly, HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

coco said...

Has it really only been a year? It seems to much longer!
You have one of my favourite blogs ever, I really do adore it!
Happy 1st birthday!
and I wish Fergie and Ashley Olsen had swapped looks...

Daphné said...

Happy 1st birthday to your blog!I think it is the perfect occasion for me to tell you how much I love your blog, I check it almost every day, you really are one of my favorite bloggers!

SKYLA said...

Happy Birthday Mahalo Fashion, and most of all, well done Jen for all your hard work. It really pars off and you can tell how much effort is put into every post.
I saw Sex and The City on Thursday and it was SO good and i'm gonna have to see it again. i also need to buy the series boxset. i'd never seen sex and the city until the film! now i'm hooked...

Belle said...

Happy birthday Mahalo!

SJP looks positively radiant, I hate that she gets such bad press on her age and looks. I like that she's actually aging, good on her.

The rest of SATC looks good too Personally I don't like either of Kim's dresses though... something wrong in both.

Anakin said...

Happy one-year anniversary! keep posting great articles :)

Cris Lazoru said...

Congrats Darling! Lovely post truly amazing, I loved the Sex and the City part.


Cris Lazoru said...

Congrats Darling! Lovely post truly amazing, I loved the Sex and the City part.


Carolina Lange said...

Happy first anniversery!!!
This is a great post! Love all the pictures from the Sex and the City premiere!
Rachel Bilson is looks great as allways!
And I love Nicole's outfit!

saray said...

your blog is great! all the posts are amazing!!

LoveHateSensation said...

Happy 1 Year Anniversary...

Michelle looks ridiculously skinny i dont remember her being that size either..

The see through tights on J. Hud. have got to go.

Lil Kim looks a bit pale.

That Lohan show was a train wreck.

Nicole looks way too thin again.

And i dont see how Marissa Miller is the sexiest woman.

cotton candy said...


i really like what cynthia nixon is wearing. it's elegant and beautiful. jennifer hudson looks absolutely stunning as well, especially in her new do. very hot.

The Stylish Wanderer said...

HAPPY HAPPY BELATED BLOG BIRTHDAY! You certainly have gotten along well for only a year

stilettostetico said...

YES "Victoria's Secret" and "Sports Illustrated" Model Marisa Miller is The epitome of "Anatomic BOMBShell" !!!!
Sculptural Presence and BODY Arrogance, with "HOTissimes" effluents . . .
ps : So, Happy Birthday to "Mahalofashion" !!!

A Bientôt, Antoine

emsie said...

I love the oversized clutches. & i'm completely in love with alexa's bag.

Imelda Matt said...

Happy Birthday Kitten...I'll buy you an extra large cocktail in Syd/Mel to match your oversized clutchxxx

sara said...

Happy Birthday!!
I love the Prada clutch Sarah JP is carrying it's beautiful! And I thought Ashley Olsen looked so good at the premiere of Sex and The City, I absolutely loved her look!

x sara o

Rachie-Pie said...

That last still of the sex and the city movie where charlotte looks all ghetto fabo is not in the movieee!!!

Make Do & Mend said...


Winnie said...

Happy Blog Birthday!
The photo of SJP and the prada clutch is gorgeous. That bag is just wow.

Alya said...

Happy Birthday/Anniversary!!

Don't you just love SJP's Nina Ricci dress? Gorgeous..