A few of you mentioned that you remembered Tuki from Teen Vogue, and so did I. I tracked down a couple of the pictures and since most of you have the hotts for him, I added a couple of others.


I think these celebs have been reading fashion blogs because they've been looking good lately, suspiciously good! hahaha!

When I saw these pictures of the Olsens, I thought how typical of them to surprise me by wearing the craziest boots ever. I'm assuming they are Christian Laboutin because of the red sole. I actually think they look really cool, it would be awesome if they became trendy but I don't think I would have the courage to wear them!

More hotness at their party for their clothing line "The Row". I think it's a beautiful collection but their clothes are soooo expensive, don't they know who their target audience is?

Ashley looks great here, Mary-Kate is looking like typical Mary-Kate, haven't I seen a different version of this outfit before?

I don't like that all these spoiler shots are coming out from the Sex and The City movie, I feel like I won't be surprised anymore. SJP looks great though I love that color T-Shirt on her.

Rihanna walking her cute puppy, her dress is cut down so low I really hope she's using double sided tape.

Ugh I have to say I really hate the TRL backdrop, it's so tacky and it ruins pictures. I'm a little iffy about Rihanna's outfit here, the jeans are too long they make her look like she's standing on stilts, but the rest of it is great though.

VB continues to scare everyone in Paris....I'm kidding! I think this is going to be a cool photo shoot I really like the shots below.

Nicole is currently in Brisbane, Australia supporting Joel on his tour with Good Charlotte. I guess all those rumors that they were going to get married Oct 13 where just that, rumors. She'll be in Melbourne soon, I sure hope I run into her, but probably not! Anyway she looks really good in this boho Maxi dress.

Pregnant or not Pregnant JLo looks good here, she's working the Olsens spandex leggings.

America always look great and this outfit is no exception. Loving the grey heels with the blue lace dress!

Anne Hathaway has a good sense of style she just doesn't get that much credit for it. I love this outfit the ruffle skirt and white clutch really sets it off.

All sorts of gross, I'm not rally talking about Nicky but Paris' Austin Powers inspired outfit.

Eva Mendez had a series of bad outfits but she's really redeemed herself with these two!

Not my favorite Emma Watson outfit but it doesn't look bad either.

This could have been a cute dress, but why did Britney feel the need to unbutton it like that? Just trashy.

Ashanti, why do you always have to wear shiny clothes?


Roberto Cavalli for H & M, get ready.

Project Runway Canada is starting soon with Iman, can't wait!

I need some advice, hear me go blablabla! Watch the video!

Oh I've also done an interview with Penelope, which included a couple of other bloggers, feel free to check it out here!!

Mahalo fashion,

Photo Credits: Teen Vogue, Justjared


glamour girly said...

you know little Brando is just too Fabio for me - i like my boys with short hair...

Those Olsen boots are way fun, and i love Ashley in the black outfit in the second set of pics.

thanks for the comments - you rock!

Jennifer said...

hahha I like short hair but I've always had a weakness for guys with long hair.

thanks doll xox

Secret Agent said...

Carlie Wong from Project Runway Canada went to my high school! I'm friends with her brother! We were in drama together. She's good.

Jennifer said...

thats too funny, I'll have to keep an eye out on her.

Miss Woo said...

Woah I want those studded ankle boots! And is that Amy Winehouse with the Olsens? She look nice in that dress (though maybe not the blonde hair...)

fashionholic said...

Love those Louboutins! so cool and so expensive haha :)

Debbie Shiamay said...

Nicole's maxi dress is beautiful! I think her style is actually getting better. And Anne Hathaway is too cute in that outfit!

Love this post! In fact... Love all your posts!

Vintage Bunny said...

I have the same Mexican embroidered dress and will tune in to see what advice you get on wearing it!
I love those boots....feel like kicking some ass in them !

In Yr Fshn said...

Re Britney: I doubt she could get the buttome closed! And those studded boots... they make me think of motorcycle gang torture movies. Only the Olsens...

WendyB said...

I totally want those studded boots. They are on net-a-porter and come in magenta too.

Moose on the Loose said...

SJP looks so good in that outfit! I wish I could pull off something like that!

sara said...

Oh MY goodness! Your dresses are absolutely gorgeous!!
But as to wear them, I'm blank.

x sara o

Carolina Lange said...

Love SJP with that outfit! So cool!
She looks great with brown hair, is that her natural color?

Nicole Then said...

I love SJP's outfit. So rebelliously cool :) thanks for your encouraging comments! And I tried to run after the little girl to ask her where she bought her dress from, but she got away! I was like argh...haha

Loving your blog <3

Carolina Lange said...

On september 21 you posted 2 pictures of Heidi Klum wearing amazing boots, I want to get those boots. Do you know what boots are those or where I can get them?
Carolina Lange

Gossip Girl said...

Rhianna's on the new teen vogue cover. Uhg.

you know you love me,
gossip girl

Romeika said...

Britney will never change!Oh well:-p

MOLLY GRAY said...

congrats because this post was so great that i'm speakless!.. totally love the sjp t-shirt (or dress, cause is long long).
love everything

carina said...

yees. i love the mka shoes!!

Meg said...

Is SJP's hair colour changing in the film?

The wedding as dream? Interesting. It would explain how Big changed from commitment phobe to proposer.

Dani said...

HI Jen, it was nice to hear your voice! Great idea.
I think the Mexican dress is sooo gorgeous that you have to wear the minimum amout of acessories as possible. I'd suggest white flats and a basic straw bag. Very little jewlry, if any.
Have a nice weekend. Oh, and great post, love all the comments and pics.

jayne said...

wow anne and america look amazing :)

and i totally know what you mean about britney's outfit! that is not appropriate ever, esp not for a court date! she showed up 5 hrs late to look like a slut... man!

i can't believe i'm asking this now, but do you wanna trade links? love the blog :)

CountryGirl_CityLife said...

I nevcer know what to wear my gray heels with, love america rockin' them with blue, will def try that.

Re the dresses, the marc jacobs one is brilliant on its own. What about taking the bright blue dress even shorter into a top over jeans, it is quite bright for a dress.

fashionistakay said...

Ya know I think I've seen Tuki in Teen Vogue. Thanks for your comment..so sweet. I will be bloggin more regularyly-go back to the weekly friday post. By the way I just made a new post today, you're the first to know!So check it out!

Amy said...

hes so HOT!!!!
hahaha i love anne hathaway!

coco said...

it looks like that dress wasnt fitting over britney's boobs anyway
i think the olsens looked amazing this week
i loved those studded boots

Calleth said...

SJP looks great! And Eva Mendez looks surprisingly good. I don't like Rihannas jeans at all though.. oh and I must say that I don't think Tuki Brando's hot.

Fashionyou's Molly said...

God I wish Britney would get some help..
But other than that lovely post, love SJP's socks, the olsens boots, and an awnser to your dress dillemas..
With the last dress [which i love]
wear it with shoe boots [make 'em high ones] and coloured tights, ive got one similar and its one of my fave outfits!
Keep it up, still loving the blog.

Jackie said...

thanks so much!
i made it myself.
i LOVE your post.
I think that Rihanna's dress is way too much for just walking her dog.

Aisha said...

Those booties are amazing, I'm in love with them and Olsen sisters are definitely brave to wear them.

Not sure about Emma watson's dress... not bad, but not pretty enough either


Cordie said...

sjp looks like actual perfection. i wear my tee like that from urban and knee socks with pumps and people make fun, but its so comfortable and i love it. she looks better in it, and i looove that teeshirt.
great post

The Clothes Horse said...

good coverage on all the latest celeb style. Question: since your blog name is Mahalo fashion, have you ever been to HI? If so, which island(s)?

LML said...

thats too funny that Mk and A are wearing the same shoes - i dont think ive seen them match in a very long time lol
cool post =)

SET said...


fashionista said...

mk&a look AMAZING in those ankle boots! i saw them in elle and was gonna put them in my stud post, but i couldnt find them anywhere online at the time! they pull them off perfectly. anne looks gorgeous- such a feminine dress.

Jennifer said...

^ I've responded to the questions you guys have left me on your blogs.

thank you

jenifer said...
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Charming Square said...

Oh, I love all celebrities.