Somehow I managed to fall a bit behind on Paris fashion week so I'm turning it into one big giant post!


Was one of the best collections at Paris fashion week, I'm so blown away by the creative way they use silk.


I think what we all love about Philip Lim is that his pieces are so wearable. You can buy one of his items and instantly get so much wear out of them, this collection is very close to my personal style, simple but quirky at the same time.


This is one of the collections that struck me the most, and the minute you looked at it you knew it was Miu Miu it wasn't just because of the great shoes, but the dark elegance of the models and the clothes.


A lot of people didn't like the Chloe collection and I'm not surprised ever since Pheobe left they've been getting a bit of a bad rep and I don't even want to talk about last season. Personally I don't think this collection was that bad it reminded me a a moving artwork!



I know she wasn't in Paris fashion week but I need to give Tracey Reese some recognition.
Marc Jacobs was Tracey's class mate at Parsons in New York and he helped her get a job at Perry Ellis which helped launch her career so kudos to him. I hope she keeps getting better and better cause she's one of the few young black women designers.


Cris Lazoru said...

Very nice post. I actually liked MiuMiu better that Prada, go figure!


ThriftyFashionisa said...

Thanks for the sweet comment!

Debbie Shiamay said...

I love your blog. Is it okay if i add you to my links?

coco said...

If I could I would wear Miu Miu everyday of my life

glamour girly said...

I just have to have one of those yellow pencil skirts after seeing it at not just one, but two shows!

I also heart the yellow jacket, and Chloe's show is a moving piece of art - great description!


Shaz said...

i was one of the few that actually liked the Chloe Show for some reason, there was something a bit artisitc about it, that kept me looking

miss vintage love said...

I LOVE MIU MIU! Those collars are gorgeous!

penelope said...

love love miu miu!!! and i guess it's prolly the understatement of the year or smt. haha!!

anyhow. it's UPPP!!!!
so see yer=p


vonnie said...

I am SERIOUSLY loving everything on here....OH MY, i need to get down to fashion weight and seduce a sugardaddy to get me these things! lol


hannah said...

i adore the lanvin and miu miu. but i was so dissapointed by chloe, i miss pheobe.

carina said...

i love philip lim and chloe of course!

Candid Cool said...

The movement on the Lanvin gowns are so beautifully dramatic.
And I’m actually liking the tuxedo-esque looks at Miu Miu, especially the 2nd outfit.
Tracy Reese has some really beautiful frocks. I can totally envision myself in a version of the 3rd look. And I adore the 6th dress
-h of candid cool

Lady N said...

Philip Lim is my current FAVORITE designer!

Seraphine said...

Would you hate me if I said I liked MiuMiu *because* of the shoes? Those shoes look great with anything! Lol.

Joking aside, I loved all of it.


love the post! chloe was amzing!

Flashy_Shades said...

i preferred miu miu to prada as well. paris, as always, was my favorite.