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Hello! I've been a bit busy the last few days, you may or may not know this, but I'm getting ready for my overseas move back home to Canada in November, lots to wrap up and to pack! Were spending a few days in Fiji and LA on the way back so were planning on cramming as many attractions as we can in that time, does any body have any suggestions on what to see in LA or Fiji?
I've been collection more street style pics since my old hard drive went splat a couple of weeks ago and I lost most of them, but now I've learned to do the smart thing and back my laptop up, it only took losing a bunch of stuff for that to happen!

I love the piping on the jacket of the girl in the first picture, reminds me of Balenciaga and the girl in the last picture is totally rocking last seasons Prada Knee highs, love it!

I love the yellow dress.

That girls sweater looks so cozy!

I still don't have a leather jacket, can't seem to find any good cheap vintage ones.

I would kill for that Balenciaga bag.

I need a pair of colored frames for my trip to Fiji!

She makes those high waisted pants look so elegant.


The BET awards were on Saturday night. I can't even talk about the men's fashions, let's just say they were out there and definitely influenced by the whole Kanye West Hipster LA scene.

Ciara's outfit reminds me of something Kylie Minogue wore a couple of months back, but just a little more demure. I'm not crazy about it, but I think it looks nice.

The hair may not have been working for me, but I actually really like love Keyshia Cole's outfit here.

Lauren London looks simple and cute here, if it was me I that was the outfit I would have worn. And as for L'il Mama, I guess it's better then that Baby Pacifier outfit she wore to the MTV awards.

I LOVE TOCCARA from ANTM, she looks sooooooo good, this girl really knows how to be confident and work her figure she should be giving lessons!


Today's celeb style belongs to Michelle Williams, this girl exudes quirky and fun style and she's so cute, forget about Heath, do your thing girl!


KARMA is a bitch, but sometimes it can help you. Bianca handled it well though I don't know what I would have done if somebody shaved all my hair off! She did need to start fresh, I know what it's like to damage your hair beyond repair! She looks so much better now she just needs to fix her attitude and stop picking fights with every one, your 18, you have your whole life in front of you, RELAX.

Mahalo fashion,

Photo Credits: ONTD, Street style Blogs, YBF
Ps. Thanks for the feedback on the video guys!


penelope said...

the sweaters are so so comfy!! and i guess leather jackets are ALL so exp!!!! sigh. haha

anyhow glad tt u loved the post!! lol! i was a lil afraid that it wa a tad too longish=p haha!


J said...

I love Keisha Cole's outfit! And her hair!

Bianca's hair looked great shaved. I think girls get too fucking attached to their hair. Your hair should not be a safety net! I have always wanted to shave my head, and I might next summer, once I lose the few more pounds I wanna lose. So I guess hair is my safety net now but only because I don't wanna be tubby with no hair! Once my body is back in check... I have always thought it'd be liberating to be bald.

Romeika said...

Great selection of street style pics and i love Michelle Williams here, though that bathing suit of hers make her look like a child!

Carolina Lange said...

I love the yellow dress at the top of the post!
Great pictures of Michelle Williams!
And thanks for the help with the boots!

WendyB said...

Bianca's new hair looks great.

In Yr Fshn said...

Ditto on Bianca. I don't like her, but she's rocking the lack of hair. I love Michelle Williams! Thanks for posting those pics; I've never seen some of them before.

Debbie Shiamay said...

I love all the street style pics you collected! Scarves are the bomb!!! And i have a soft side for plaid... That oversized sweater is really tempting!

glamour girly said...

I love Bianca with her head shaved - she needs to stop being so bitchy and concentrate on looking fierce:)

I love the Michelle Williams tribute!

jen, you can watch the latest Gossip Girl episode at http://cwtv.com/cw-video/gossip-girl/full/?play=423-2107.

p.s. i am so back to being a shop-a-holic:)

Miss Woo said...

Who are these amazing ladies that can wear leather, leggings and uber high heels without topping over. I need them to rub a bit of their cool on me!

carina said...

I really LOVE some of the outfits!!

Mrs Fashion said...

I'm so jealous of your upcoming holiday
Mrs F x

Gossip Girl said...

Hey! I just got my monthly copy of Teen Vogue yesterday and I must take my word back!

I do think Rihanna's over-rated, yes, but! I really like the cover for November's issue. It's really cute the whole thing is perfect. You should check it out!

Oh, Blake Lively is on Cosmogirl's cover.

you know you love me,
gossip girl

Who's That Fashionista? said...

what's up Jennifer?

Love the Street Style. Sadly, not really feeling the bet looks. Love the hair on miss cole though.

I do not watch much tv because it is dissappointing and too much of it can be confusing as to what is real life but I feel that almost every time we have black girls on antm they behave poorly. What is that all about? And you would think Tyra coaches her fellow black girls to act better. They are displaying their lives on national television. (Have not watched an episode from this season though)
Bianca's hair looks better shaved! All that coloring is w/o.

Seraphine said...

I laaaaaughed at the couple waving back at you.

Who's That Fashionista? said...

Oh and you MUST I repeat MUST shop on Melrose Avenue when you go to Los Angeles.

Who's That Fashionista? said...

Last additional comment, I swear, I actually really like the leather looking tights cole and LL are rocking at the BET awards.

Secret Agent said...

I never noticed how good Ms. Dawson's Creek looked until now. Bianca's crazy. But she certainly does look better than her old hair + her new wig together.

Now that the old, damaged bits are gone, she should start fresh.


OMG AWSOME POST!!!! i love the coat (metallic) i think its the ninth picture from the top. do you know where thats from?

Cris Lazoru said...

I loved this post! Very nice, loved ALL the pics!


The Clothes Horse said...

I'm glad someone is talking about Michelle William's style, she doesn't get enough credit for all the cuteness!

Aretha said...

Hi! Nice blog, I love Michelle's style too, and all those street styles from Paris are amazing. Parisian glamour just rocks.
Greetings from Martirio's Way!

Jennifer said...

^ thanks!

J - that's good that your not attchaed to your hair, I am to mine it follows me around I feel like we've been through so much together hahhaha.

penelope - it was long but a good read so it doesn't matter x

Romeika - that's what I like about her swim suit!

In Yr Fshn - Your welcome, you are so sweet!

Debbie Shiamay - I know, i'm currently bidding on a rocking scarf on ebay!

glamour girly - I know she needs to stop being a bitch and work her look!

Who's That Fashionista? - Bitchy girls make for good tv that's why tyra keeps picking them it's all about ratings and making money, sad though you'd think they would be have better on tv
i'm surprised Keisha cole's hair hasen't fallen off from bleaching!

Secret Agent - I don't mind her new dark hair it's cute but the long hair suited her!

maveri_ck<3 - I have no clue honey.

cotton candy said...

wow! what amazing street fashion photos!! definetly a source of inspiration!! thank you so much!

Anonymous said...

It was insane here with the BET awards. I live within walking distance from the site. Could leave the condo building for awhile.

Lady N said...

I love those street style pictures - thanks for posting those! Its always fun to see real people and not celebrities wearing cool outfits.

Nicole Then said...

hehe..i watched it. yup, she looks great.