I wasn't a big fan of Vanessa's style in the beginning, it was a bit too close to the tac and I was afraid she would go over the edge like Ashley Tisdale. However, she managed to hold it together. Obviously that pay check from HSM3 has been cashed, because she's been looking better then ever. Too bad her amateur self photography didn't pay off, I've seen wayyy too much somebody burn my eyes.

Vanessa must be rubbing off on Ashley, cause this is the best Ashley has EVER looked.

Love the stone washed jeans, a couple that dresses together stays together :)

The hair cut is cute, but I much prefer her long curly locks.

Love the side swept hair in the second picture, she should wear it like that more often.

That red dress fits her amazingly.

London Chic

Love love love this gold dress with the strappy shoes, one of her best outfits.

I want that Miu Miu bag!

Ugh, I don't like either of these outfits, a little too Tisdale for me.



Is the Duffster transforming again? I love her last few looks, I'm really starting to warm to her fashions, but I don't think she's quite ready to be in my good fashion books yet.



Who knew? I like the ads, but I don't love them. Wish they had made her into a more rugged girly look.



Mahalo fashion,


WendyB said...

I must just be way too old because I can't get myself to care about Vanessa at all. She just looks like an ordinary mall rat to me.

Kaye said...

my fav looks of vanessa would definitely be the peacoat x dark jeans x heels combo and the one where she's wearing the red scarf. Effortlessly chic!

Jay Cam said...

wasn't vanessa the one who sent pics to her bf and then had them posted all up on the internet?

Lady N said...

I totally agree with wendyb! She looks like a normal girl to me - I see teenage girls dressed like that everywhere.

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

I agree but that doesn't mean some of her outfits are not cute!

glamour girly said...

Hi Jen! Sorry it has been so long - I have been insanely busy! So glad you are back and better than ever:). I also love Vanessa's red dress as well as the gold one and those way cute strappy shoes! Merry Christmas!

coco said...

I cannot wait to get that teen vogue, it looks amazing
And Vanessa? I find her really broing, there was a moment when I thought she might have something, but then I looked closer and I don't think there is much to her style, though I love Hilary!

Imelda said...

Actually I don't know Vanessa or Ashley at all. But I love their outfits. They're not that special, but they do look great.

Kira Fashion said...

i am really liking the Vanessa´s style lately...she is really a fashionista!

a kiss

Great post!

Kira Fashion said...

i am really liking the Vanessa´s style lately...she is really a fashionista!

a kiss

Great post!

Mer said...

I like that M.I.A was chosen to do the ads. But something is missing, I´m she looks a bit decaf for my taste. Anyway I like her and I like Marc Jacobs, so it´s a good match..!

Grace's said...

Very pretty selection! I like them :) Good job ! Kisses

hannah said...

i am obsessed with vanessa's miu miu bag! i might as well carry around a picture of it in my wallet.

Kristin said...


carina said...

im good, thanks. but at the moment there is not much time to post. cause i have to party party party and to learn.. but it will be better the next days.
nice post!

fashionistakay said...

vanessa has made good choices in fashion. but i dont think of her as a style icon really. and models on teen vogue? that should be an interesting issue to read.
p.s.check out my new post

Cool Urbanite. said...

Very nice post! I'm beginning to like Vanessa's style more and more. That girl got some good bags! And Zac E. as your accesory is always a style plus point I guess :P.

But on the other hand, Duffsters style I never-ever liked. Not now, not ever..there's just something off there. Maybe those horrible pants in the intro of Lizzie McGuire got something to do with it!

Nice blog too btw ;).

The Seeker said...

good job!!
I want that Miu Miu bag too ;)

stilettostetico said...

I don't especially know Miss Hudgens BUT She's wearing HOT-pants with sexy casualness (OH my God !!!)
ps: Chère Jen, Je te souhaite d'excellentes Fetes de fin d'Année !!!

Cordially from France, Antoine

Laura said...

i think i'm in love with your blog....i linked you in mine! happy holidays!

Romeika said...

I love to wear a lot of jeans too, when mixed with the right accessories is far from boring.

Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

i like vanessa´s style. she´s ordinary cool... i like that!

and her hair is simply amazing!

Jackie said...

i must say, I wasn't a big fan of Vanessa after that whole debacle, but after seeing her style being so... not Disney (shall we say?) i'm growing quite fond of her... or her clothes at least.

Anonymous said...

hmm i cannot stand vanessa both for the annoyingly syrup sweet character of gabriella that she plays and her audaciously stupid nudie photos, but she is more classic, and if she's influencing ahsley for the better than why not

love hil's chanel belt

teen vogue, going the model route? hmmm i like the pastels, but not sure about the rest of it

Daphné said...

Vanessa's Miu Miu bag is SO gorgeous!

jenn said...

Wow, I love this post and your blog! I really like both Vanessa/Hillarys style which is surprising because I detest the Disney Channel, I think that these two, if they keep it together could eventually become style icons, but only to the extent of that of Micha Barton, so I dont know how much an 'icon' that is, but ya' know.

Baby Jess said...

I hate Vanessa and Hilary (and I'm going to add A.Tisdale because I think she goes with them) I don't think they will ever be fashionistas in my book. Just because they look average, doesn't mean they're climbing the books. They haven't done anything much to impress me. I mean, LEGGINGS. WOW.

lol, sorry for the angered comment. But, Vanessa seems like another star (EW) in training to the fashion "people.

love your blog tho<33

PrincessPolly said...

I like Hilary's style (and Vanessa's too), I don't like anything that's too "out-there" and I think they play it quite safe. Which makes a change from some of the stuff I see people like Sienna Miller wearing - fashionista my arse!

Tara said...

The thing I like about Vanessa's style is its casual, yet also leans towards chic. Its something that regular girls can actually pull off. Love Hillary's style too =]

BabyV4eva said...

OMG I adore Vanessa's looks. She has such style. She looks fabulous in anything. I also like Ashley's and Hilary's too, they all look great. And Ashley looks amazing with her new nose and newly coloured hair, but VANESSA RULES !!!!!!!!!1