Avril Lavinge / Tyty

Actually I don't mind Avril's dress, it's the hair the boots and the makeup that's killing it. Oh and Tyra looks like a big penny.

Brooke Hogan / Janet Jackson

Brooke actually looks like an animal here, the facial expression and everything. Janet, the wig the cuff and the tie at the front is just too much.
Diana Degarmo / Vivica A. Fox

The top half of the dress is nice on Diana, but I'm not even going to get started on the second half. Vivica needs to stop with the surgery she's starting to look plastic like Mariah Carey. The dress may have passed if that hair didn't make her look like a dog.

Perez Hilton / Ashley Tisdale

I'm going to forgive Perez because I think he's trying to be Britney here. As for Ashley she's just too tacky for me, but it seems like her style is getting slightly better.

Kiki Drunkst / Joss Stone

Kiki, flapper girl gone wrong. The dress may have been okay if it wasn't for the head piece and the matching shoes. I don't think this dress was for her it would have looked better on a brunette in my opinion. Joss Stone is such a beautiful girl, why did she have to go and ruin it?
Jessica Simpson / Britney Spears

I'll never forget this Jessica Simpson disaster, actually this girl is full of fashion misshapes but I have to give her credit for trying so hard. The boobs out, the hair the lipstick...yuk. As for Britney I'm not even going to start.

Imogen Heap / Mandy Moore

I love Imogen Heap's music, but not her style! As for Mandy I'm a bit disappointed in her cause she normally dresses so cutely, her stylist must have been on vaca or something.

Jennifer Love Hewitt / Jessica Simpson

I think Jennifer had good intentions with this dress unfortunately it just didn't work. Jessica looks like she's wearing a diaper in the second picture. High waisted gone wrong...

Paris Hilton / Jennifer Hudson

Poor Jennifer Hudson, if only she didn't wear that space ship metallic coat to the Oscars, all would have been forgiven.

I'd do a poll on who we think is the worst dressed this year but we all know Britney would win.

Mahalo fashion,

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WendyB said...

I've become fond of that Jennifer Hudson jacket. I think it would look nice on me! :-)

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

^ I think it looks a little too much like the jetsons! hahah

Anonymous said...

yeah...Britney is the worst dressed Everrrrrrrrrrr!
Love this blog
i just put u in my links!

Jay Cam said...

yah i'm not going to forgive perez for that!
and maybe it's just the short skirt but i find ashley tisdale appealing.

i agree with you on joss, jessica, spears, and imogen.

why perez, why?!
good impersonation though. hit the mark!

Wendy said...

Ack Britney! Its kind of disgusting.

Grace's said...

Very strange people ! No style !? hoho, it's Christmas, and Papa Noel must offer them new clothes ! ahaha !^^ Crazy stars ! Kisses Jen ! :)

Cool Urbanite. said...

Yes Brit is def going to win this contest. Right beside Imogen. What is that style of hers? I can't figure it out, I just call it weird.

Joss may have chosen the wrong dress and have a bad, bad haircolor. Look at those leeeegs!

Btw, wanna swap links?

Envisage said...

hi, i've linked you

And omg britney :-o

Patent Shoes && Rants said...

Said all to well. Michael was getting a little too overworn on her.
Tyra does look like a penny!



Dani said...

britney can reaaly choose the worst looks!!!

coco said...

Most of these I had forgotten about (more like blocked from my mind) they made me laugh
Lets hope there are more bad choices this year, just for entertainment!
and I agreed with them all by the way!!

Anonymous said...

oh gawd, these outfits are all awful. I totally forgot about some of them, thanks for bringing them back up.

joss stone's legs.....can I have those for christmas??

Daphné said...

Oh God,those are horrible outfits!These high-waisted jeans that Jessica Simspon wears on one of the pictures is just AWFUL on her!

The Seeker said...

your're so right... they all look in a way just to forget, I usualy like Jennifer Love Hewitt but not on that pic.

Anonymous said...

oh i totally agree, those are all total disasters. but i disagree about kiki, that dress would've been hideous on anyone, all haircolors included!

Tru said...

those fashions are awful....good pics or should I say bad ones lol

Miss Woo said...

Haha aww I like Kiki's outfit. Janet Jackson's tie thing scares me though..

Romeika said...

"Jessica looks like she's wearing a diaper in the second picture." hahahahahaha So true!!!! I really liked your comments, and I couldn't agree more, all of this is just so hideous. I was particularly shocked by Kirsten's outfit, she's usually so great.

Jackie said...

I think Britney is just trying to get attention.
She must know that her outfit is completely hideous.

Baby Jess said...

you have hit EVERYTHING right on target. haha, i remember watching E! and seeing jess simpson's dress. oh lord.

great laughs!


Modelizer said...

I like what Mandy Moore is wearing, I think there are much more offenders out there than that little frock.

Jello on Springs said...

"Tyra looks like a big penny", lol, you're funny. And Brooke Hogan looks like she just walked off the set of a bad flintstone's remake. I love your blog. I've linked you.

Imelda said...

I love this post! So funny to see how they dress sometimes! Just awfull. And your comments are great!

And yeah, I've would have voted for Britney aswell!

Mash said...

omg so much horrible things to watch blehhhhhhh hum wait are those people stars who can afford luxuary things and also GOOD STYLISTS ???????

stilettostetico said...

OUI, Le style de Joss Stone est peut etre un peu trop "Baroque". . .MAIS Quel CORPS et Quel TALENT !!!

Cordialement "From France", Antoine

PrincessPolly said...

I can't stand this whole high-waisted fashion, it just makes me think of Simon Cowell. And what happened to Joss Stone - I saw a picture of her the other day and barely recognised her. I used to think she was a really pretty girl, now she just looks a mess!

The Clothes Horse said...

I couldn't agree with you more, expect in the case of Perez and Kirsten Dunst. Perez is tacky in my opinion. And Kirsten Dunst's dress was very haute couture. Though I know most people hated it, I can just not harbor dislike in my heart for Kirsten.

Anonymous said...

hey jen! i left you a surprise on my last post- check it out! :)

Heather said...

Wow, those are some seriously terrible outfits!

jellofer said...

hahaha, what a great way to summarize the year. I'll admit some of those outfits made me giggle when I first saw them...I don't know if I can forgive Perez though...LOL it's a bit excessive? I don't even know what word to use, lmao.

Vintage Bunny said...

Hi Jen
You hit the nail on the head!!!!
Those fashions were frightful!!!

vonnie said...

lol, you were totally dead on with your observations