On my last count Whitney was winning slightly over Lauren, as the most stylish of The Hills girls. I really love Lauren's style, but I agree that it's boring and she doesn't take as many risks as Whitney does.



Is the brainchild of models Milla Jovovich and Carmen Hawk founded in 2003. I think their collection has a really girly vintage vibe about it. I wish I could afford it but it's hopelessly out of my budget.



This is the foolishness the fakery in handling Tyra's business. I'm a bit behind on this years Cycle 9, I only found out Saleisha won yesterday because I was 5 episodes behind after coming back from my trip and big move. After reading this post "ANTM SALEISHA HAS A LONG HISTORY WITH TYRA" (You can see the video evidence there) I was in shock. That would explain why the girls were always upset and jealous at Saleisha's prior modeling experience. She was in Tyra's TZone Camp when she was younger, has appeared as a model on the Tyra show and on a Cycle 6 fashion show. She also may or may not have violated ANTM rules about not having previously appeared in a National campaign.


(Screen Shots thanks to Four Four)

Omigod, Tyra really me? In the final two?!

I got this in the bag! That stilt tripping Chantal doesn't stand a chance!

Oh yeah, ya'll didn't know Tyty and I were like best friends back in the day?

Mahalo fashion,

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Photo Credits: Four Four, Jovovich-Hawk, Google image search


Aisha said...

Uhh, I'm the first one to comment, yay (:

I definitely enjoyed your previous post (: and I'm glad Whitney won, she has such a nice style.

In peru, that season of America's next top model isn't being aired here yet. Last week, just ended the season whose winner is Caridee (:

Vintage Bunny said...

I guess its not fair to the other girls !

Anonymous said...

i (L) your post !
there are so great !

kisses !


Aretha said...

Hey Happy Holidays for you too!
I really love how Whitney get dress, she´s like classic but edgy

anna. said...

not fair.
then again im glad chantel didnt win.
i was rooting for jenah.

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

^ I sort of wanted Lisa to win :P

Anonymous said...

The whole tootie-gate of antm was insane. Who does Tyra think she is? I was so rooting for Jenah or Lisa by the end.

The Seeker said...

I was expecting Lauren to win...
good post this one, I enjoy the
JOVOVICH-HAWK s/s 2008, very nice


Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

^ That's what I thought at first too;)

Wendy said...

I love your blog! You have such a great sense of humor!

Like you, I wish I could afford pieces of the Jovovich-Hawk collection.

vonnie said...

Tyra, Tyra, Tyra....I'm really starting to loathe her...seriously

that clothing line is AWESOME


Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

^ I use to look up to her, now she just gets on my nerves!!

Jay Cam said...

hah! i voted for whitney!
looks like she and I have good taste!

Anonymous said...

hiiiiii! i really love ur blog!
i think the girl from H & M SPRING/SUMMER 08 pics is an agertinian model check out www.chocolateargentina.com.ar


Key said...

i completly love the Jovovich and Hawk collection.
Has, as you say, a really girly vintage vibe!


Grace's said...

I love Jovovich-Hawk's collection !!! Dresses are very romantic, and it's very great !! So pretty, pretty !!!!^^ Your selection are very nice :) Kisses

Bojana said...

Cool blog!!

I love Jovovich-Hawk, great dresses. So frilly and girly and sophisticated.

Kira Fashion said...

happy new year for you!!!

a great post with amazing looks!!

a kiss

Lynn said...

Don't like Saleisha but her hairstyle. That's the cute thing on her.

Seraphine said...

Hi Jen!
I tagged you today on my blog. It's completely voluntary, of course, whether you'd like to continue the tag. Hugs.
Encore Seraphine: 8 Random Things

Patent Shoes && Rants said...

Whitney is my favorite! I can't stand Audrina. I love Lauren- but sometimes she makes me wonder why the hell I watch the show.
Those peices are really girly, kind of hippie glam.
I like Chantall better. Saleisha had a personal and professional advantage (I don't think they showed- At all.)


In Yr Fshn said...

I love catching on all your posts I missed! I was livid re Salesha's win on Model. I mean, Chantal was nothing super-special, but she at least seemed a hell of a lot more genuine.
Also, I like LC's laid back style (converse and such), but Whitney has a nicer sense of simple dressy outfits.

Heather said...

I. Love. Jovovich-Hawk. It's just the perfect aesthetic.

Miss Woo said...

Oh Tyra how could you. I was tres upset with the decision of the last season too when they DIDN'T pick Natasha, boo.

Daphné said...

I LOVE Whitney's style(even though Lauren's is really good too).Whitney really has this je-ne-sais-quoi that changes everything.Her outfits are always soooo nice.And she has the most amazing Chanel bracelet(I don't know if you've seen it!)

Jazzi McG said...

Jenah was robbed! haha

I love Jovovich-Hawk, everything is so dainty and screams 'pretty'!

Kristin said...

would you be interested in exchanging links?

Envisage said...

yes vanessa anne hudgens is looking good , lol much be the HS3 paycheck .

jenn said...

I didn't follow this season, it was kind of boring to me, and I didn't really favor any of the girls

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ it was a pretty boring season indeed!