I might not get to blog again before Christmas so I wanted to wish everyone a MERRY CHRISTMAS AND HAPPY HOLIDAYS. Today I'm examining fashions from my guilty obsession,The Hills.


Nicole Richie, is that you? Looks like Lauren is heavily influenced by our little it girl because she's dressing very similar to her lately. I'm not sure about the skinny jeans in the second picture, yay or nay? The purple scarf is cute though.

A very cute holiday dress in the first picture, with just the right amount of skin. Riding the line between sexy and trashy.

Nicole Richie is that you again in the second picture?

One of my favorite looks from Lauren is the black pencil skirt paired with the white tshirt and peep toe heels.

Love the color of that blue dress.

The perfect shade of mustard yellow.

I've been looking for a scarf like the one she's wearing in the last picture.


The pictures tell the truth, Heidi use to have great style before Spencer and the boobs came along. I love the dress she wore to the premier of The Hills in the first picture.

Loving the Hawaiian inspired dress.


It looks like Heidi got another boob job, there huge now! She really loves showing them off.

I'm not sure what's going on with the first outfit, but it is just trashy. She really loves those mini dresses!

She loves those black strappy heels, I guess they go with everything. Wish she didn't wear a night gown to the MTV awards, who told her that was appropriate?


I love love Whitney, how cute is she on The Hills? You can tell that she really loves fashion and I like that she has fun with it and takes risks.

Not sure about the last dress, but I'm sure it was cute in person.

Whitney looks great in that ruffle dress and the sparkly shift.

Whitney on Who What Wear daily


I don't mean to poke fun at Audrina because for all I know she might have a medical condition, okay I do mean to poke fun at her. Does anybody notice something in these pictures? She can never look directly into the camera lens, I have a hard time finding pictures of Audrina where she is looking dead on.


Audrina has a very specific style, somewhere between clubby and classy.

Great 40s look in the first picture.

Love this black dress one of my favorite outfits from Audrina.

That gold dress in the last picture is quite different for Audrina, it's very chic.

She sure loves to wear a lot of black, the hoodie dress in the first picture is fabulous.

who's style do you like best?
Mahalo fashion,

Photo Credits: Various & Google Images

PS. Thanks for the birthday wishes ;)


The Clothes Horse said...

Whitney definitely has the best/most adventurous fashion sense of the Hills ladies. LC's style is improving, perhaps because of Nicole Richie's influence. And is she wearing pants in the second image? I think she just bought some blue body paint.

M said...

Lauren has the best style out of all of them (even if heavily influenced by the LA partygirl scene), but Audrina, you have to admit, never looks bad. She doesn't take risks but she always looks cute. Don't be ashamed it's your guilty pleasure LOL Viva Les Hills!

Fashion Tidbits said...

oooh, sorry i'm late but happy birthday!!!!
have a merry christmas too!

Anonymous said...

i didn´t know when was your bday! but anyway: HAPPY B-DAY TO YOU!!!

love the whole outfits, you gave such a inspirations for tomorrow!

merry christmas!

cotton candy said...

oh! i didn't know it was your birthday!! happy birthday sweeties!! and merry christmas!!

Envisage said...

happy birthday hunny! and merry christmas!! Hope u av a gd 1

i think lauren has the best style out of all of them

Envisage said...

happy birthday hunny! and merry christmas!! Hope u av a gd 1

i think lauren has the best style out of all of them

satin pump said...

nice girls but too superficial for me!!

come on see the new version of my blog and tell me if you like!!*



satin pump said...

nice girls but too superficial for me!!

come on see the new version of my blog and tell me if you like!!*



satin pump said...

nice girls but too superficial for me!!

come on see the new version of my blog and tell me if you like!!*



Sage said...

I dont watch the hills, but my favourite girl (style-wise) is Whitney ! She always wears stuff that I would wear!Merry Christmas to you too.

SET said...


Natalie said...

I really like Lauren's style.
I linked you! Haha, it took me like 3 times to get the link right :-P

The Seeker said...

great post, good job
Merry Xmas

jellofer said...

Happy holidays to you too!! :)

Jay Cam said...

wow whitney looks really hot!!

i never liked mustard colored stuff

merry christmas to you too!

discothequechic said...

Love this post, The Hills is my guity pleasure too; was very disappointed earlier to see that my TvDrive (like Tivo) didn't record is last night.. arg!

I must say, as much as I love watching it, the girls really don't have a great eye. Considering she is supposedly so into fashion, Lauren really doesn't seem to put much of an effort it. Whitney, bizarely always looks fantastic on the show, and then kind of loses it when she has an opportunity to shine on the red carpet, don't you think?
She just wears dresses that look a little too revealing..
I loved having a good poke through the pictures.

Lady N said...

Welcome Back!!! AND Merry Christmas!

Vintage Bunny said...

I like LC' s style,Heidis boobs are carttonish on her!!

Vintage Bunny said...

Merry Christmas

Mer said...

Happy birthday and merry christmas!!!
all the best

Heather said...

I love the shifts, my friend and I are on a mission to find one just like it for her prom. Merry Christmas to you too, Jen! (And happy belated birthday!)

Rumi said...

Nice collection of photos! I voted Whitney because at least she tries different creative ideas on occasion, Lauren has been impossibly boring lately. The only outfit I like of hers is the blue strapless top with the navy high waisted ruffly skirt. I would die to own that thing!

Imelda said...

Merry Christmas and a late happy birthday!

I like so many outfits you've posted, to hard to chose!


Grace's said...

I prefer Lauren's style, I wish you a merry Christmas and thanks you for links^^ I love your selection, goos choices! Kisses.

Lynn said...

Lauren, nay nay NAY!

Hehehehe poor Audrina, but she seems to look classy in most pics.

Juliet said...

the hills? never heard. :'D

suprisingly hard to make a statement on a person you have no idea about.

happy bday and merry xmas!

juliet xxx

Anonymous said...

Audrina has the best selection of LBD's and she looks great in them.

Whitney's dressing is great but her risk taking did not pay off in the dark (teal) mini blob dress --and her feet look like hooves in those shoes. She wears very trendy things, but does not show her body to best advantage at all.

Heidi is nicely styled, as is Lauren. they are all winners.

Anonymous said...

Happy Belated Birthday and A Merry Xmas

Cris Lazoru said...

Whitney is def the best dressed, I adore love her!


coco said...

I love The Hills but none of them are particually stylish
Whitney is my favourite on the show but through candid pics I have to say Audrina is the most stylish
LC doesn't look bad but she is so vanilla

Wendiva said...

i LOVE the hills, it's my guilty pleasure too! sorry for being MIA, craziness involved in moving from country to another. Have the most MERRY XMAS! and cannot wait for the next post!!!!

Daphné said...

I used to love Heidi before Spencer came along...but now she is just so trashy with her huge boobs,it doesn't suit her body at all.Such a pity,she used to be gorgeous and stylish in the first season of the Hills,it was my favourite!

Eli said...

I got to see Whitney in person when she came into the retail store I worked in during the summer. She is a tall beautiful girl. Definitely my favorite.

hannah said...

laurens striped scarf is from urban outfitters if you are still looking.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

I love Whitney. I think she always looks amazing.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Eli - That's soo cool, I'm jealous!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

hannah - Ohhh thank you so much for the tip honey!

veronica said...

lauren's and heidi's faces hurt my eyes and i don't think there is anything really innovative about either's sense of style. whitney has the most creative sense of fashion, but i like audrina's the most because she always looks sexy and polished.