This week has kicked my ass, I'm so tired. I've managed to give Mahalo a nice little face lift though! I'm going to do a small bit of shopping with my boyfriend tomorrow, I'm looking for jeans, a beenie and a long cardigan, kind of essential if I'm going to get through this unusually cold and rainy winter.

Random outfit inspiration

I love that last silver jacket, I've been looking for one just like it, but nothing that great yet. I might give eBay a shot.

The Olsen's have stepped out in some pretty awesome outfits the last couple of weeks, could it be that they are lightning up their style? It does seem that the winds of change are blowing on the twins lately.


Bracelets everywhere, my newest obsession.

I'm obsessed with Keira Knightly's effortless style, so here is another look at it.

Mahalo fashion,

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ps. I forgot to mention to all you canucks out there HAPPY BELATED CANADA DAY!


Kira Fashion said...

I do Love all Olsen´s clothes and Nicole´s too!

your blog is amazing!
a kiss for you ;)

Fashion Lolita said...

I would want to dress more like Keira, i don't know if i could nor should call her style icon. but she definitly knows how to dress.

juliet xxx

Seraphine said...

I love bracelets! My favorite is a friendship bracelet I've been wearing for a year. It's one of those you have to tie on, and wear until it falls off. It had a band of beads which fell off about 3 months ago. It's simple, but I love it. When I go out, I can always add another bracelet of four. :)

glamour girly said...

Oh, that outfit with the red & white skirt is amazing on Keira, and I also love those wide-leg pants. No one else can wear a hat quite like her.


Kira Fashion said...

thanks for posting me back!

a kiss

CountryGirl_CityLife said...

lots of black and whites in this post, maybe the weather is having yo feel a bit dreary? You can always spice it up with the bangles, so easy to do, so colorful, and so affordable. I, too, love lots of bracelets. I have 3 on one arm right now.

Secret Agent said...

Any brand of jeans in particular that you're shopping for? and Happy Canada Day to you too! It sucks to hear you're having crappy weather where you're at because here in Vancouver, it's hot and beautiful.

alexgirl said...

Bracelets!! yes, yes, yes. I have recently become obsessed as well.
Great post.

la petite fashionista said...

mm you read my mind girl! haha i love wearing uber amounts of bracelets a la nicole richie :)


Romeika said...

Keira always manages to look just great, i adore her hats in those pictures (i LOVE hats). I also would like to find a nice long cardigan, not only for the next fall but also for the current summer *lol*, summer here is soooo awful:'(

And i don't like wearing coats during summer time, even if they're called "summmer coats". Good luck with your shopping spree!

blushing apples said...

i love your playlist!

Gryphon said...

That silver jacket is Dries, isn't it?

SET said...


sveetcouture said...

i love bracelets, but they get on my nerves/get in my way so i always take them off. i must get past over the comfortableness!

carina said...

I'm obsessed with bracelets. I bought some in Spain. Since I wear them I want to have more and more...

Jennifer said...

Fashion Lolita - ahh no she's not style Icon but I do admire the way she dresses!

Kira Fashion - Thanks girly!! xox

Seraphine - I use to make friendship bracelets all the time but I never wore them that long, good job heheh!

sveetcouture - I always take mine off too :P

Secret Agent - I'm looking at getting a pair of levi's, I ended up not finding anything yet cause their always too long on me cause I'm so short :(

Gryphon - Not sure what you mean...

glamour girly - She's got the tall slim figure to wear them!

CountryGirl_CityLife - yeah the weather is shit out there, really dark and rainy all the time guess it's reflecting in my posts!!!

Romeika - I love her hats too!!!