The stars came out in droves for the John Galliano couture line (for Christian Dior) in Versailles outside of Paris. I can't believe they had it in Versailles, I was there in 2004 and it was just the most beautiful palace you could ever imagine. Anyway, here is my fashion take.

Sofia Coppola looks great in this outfit, though I wish she would do something with her hair why does she always have to wear it so drab? Kate Hudson looks STUNNING, best dressed by far, I can't keep my eyes off of this picture, breaking up sure seems to be treating people well lately. Girl power forever!

I'm a little wishy washy about Jessica "Don't call me Latina" Alba's outfit, it looks nice, I'll leave it at that I'm just not a fan of her anymore. How does Dita Von Teese always look this good? everytime you look at her, you could swear you were living in the 40s, she really has a deep rooted obsession.

Primp has been popping up everywhere the last couple of years, I love how they've taken sweats and made them chic hip and cool. Some of their stuff I wouldn't be caught dead in to be honest, but other items I'm lusting for. I own the rainbow Unicorn hoodie, and it's as comfy as anything!

1. 107.80 2. 66.00

YAY. Right now I'm wanting this sail boat hoodie and the tank top, too cute and a celeb favorite!

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NAY. I've never been much into berry patterns on clothes, but I know a lot of people that think they are cute and adorable I'm just not one of them unfortunately.

1. 46.20 2. 107.80

YAY/NAY. I love the first outfit, but I think the anchor pattern is past it's prime especially with all the rip offs I'm seeing around town.

Celebs wear primp too! Paris seems to be the hugest fan of the brand and Britney has been seen wearing quite a bit of it lately (Not that you should take fashion tips from her). I apologies to anybody who loves Paris, but she still always manages to look trashy in anything she wears.


Emma Watson has great style.

Mahalo fashion,

Photo Credits: Fabsugar, Shop Bop

Congrats to Nicole Richie on her obvious pregnancy, hopefully her baby is healthy! (Christina too!)


sara said...

I heard about that fashion show on E! and I was just in Versailles a few weeks ago

I like that pattern stuff but I don't like it when people where both the top and the bottom like pajamas.
Emma Watson is so pretty, without a doubt, but I know for a fact that her style isn't that great. She always looks good in Magazines and stuff, because someone dresses her, but when you see pictures of herself (like not in a photo shoot), def nothing special. But I can't wait for her in HP

the lipstick lady said...

dita looks amazing, and I totally agree about sophia coppola's hair, she should have it up or something!

the lipstick lady said...

ALSO, (sorry, I seem a bit aggressive because I use so many capitals, I just wanted to add something) I see that you live in Australia, and I just an awesome fashion mag called oyster from there, but I think it's a half yearly one, because it was £7.50 for me and it would be $12.50 for you (weird currency exchange rates eh?), but they have the most amazing designers in it that you can only get in australia (boo), but even though your living on a tight budget, you should totally save up for these lace up leather boots from Cohen et Sabine, and also these amazing purple ankle boots (and I usually hate ankle boots) from Kirrily Johnston.
wow, that was a long comment, but if I can't have those shoes, then they should go to someone worthy of them.
even though they're probably $300 each or something!

Anonymous said...

I"m not into primp, it reminds me too much of pajamas. I love Sofia's dress, she just has such a unique beauty to her.

f&art said...

just came across your blog and really love it...


Romeika said...

OH so great u've been in one the most beautiful palaces of the world, i hope i'll visit it someday, specially now after the mirror's room restoration:-) The place is crazily huge, you can see it from google earth:-p

I didn't like Coppola's dress, and i usually like what she wears. Alba is boring and you used the right sentence to define what she's wearing! I love Dita von Teese, though!!!

The sweaters look sweet:-) It's something that not even teens but also young women could wear for fun. And i've definetely payed some attention to how Emma Watson has grown, she looks really beautiful and she seems to have a good sense of style.

Emily ♥ said...

Yes, Versailles is amazing. I was there when I was 7. (hah!)

I love the anchors hoody & Emma Watson's style.

To The Max said...

JG for Dior is one of my all time favourite designers - how fitting that he should show at Versailles, its an absolutely grand and stunning palace.
I just love Kate Hudson's understated easy look - how does she do effortless so well?

Jennifer said...

^I've asked myself that question a few times!

coco said...

i think that kate hudson and dita looked the best at that event
they have the biggest personalities out of all the other guests i think and that came throgh
and i cant stand paris in that full bunny print

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

mmm i love the sail boat hoodie too
i am going to go on primp it seems really kl thank you for introducing me!

.m. said...

hahah the title "PIMP" really intrigued me!..lol i have issues, great post as usual

sveetcouture said...

sofia's dress is gorgeous, but i agree about her hair. it's pretty blah.

Jennifer said...

^ I know it's too bad she always wears it that way.

Jennifer said...

sara - you are right I love the real life pictures of her, she seems to really love fashion though and we can appreciate that!

the lipstick lady - ooo thanks for letting me know about that, I'll look into it next time i'm at a magazine stand!

CountryGirl_CityLife - Your right, it's not for everyone!

coco - agreed, you just want to push her off a bridge or something.

glamour girly said...

I love the primp hoodies, especially the sail boats, and I still like the anchors, too.

Kate Hudson and Emma Watson are beautiful. Love that first dress of Emma's and always love Kate's style. Sometimes I want to BE her:) Goldie Hawn would be a cool mom!