I love the whole Mexican dress trend, they are so beautiful and colorful and come in so many different styles! I found that the best place to get a hold of them is off eBay, I'm not quite sure how mainstream they are, or even if they should be.


Jessica Simpson looks so happy lately, I always feel happy when I'm working out too and she looks cute doing it! Casual definitely suits her better, she looks horrible when she's glammed up.


Ugh what happened to Chloe? I nearly cringed when I saw their fall/winter 07/08 line. It looks like some kind of a Halloween themed danced party with a bunch of people dressed as zombies. It wasn't all bad though, they redeemed themselves with a few selective outfits.




I was really impressed with Alice + Olivia fall/winter 07/08 line. Now this is what a fall/winter line should look like, and they chose all the right colors! I absolutely love it all!

Mahalo fashion,

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blushing apples said...

I loved the Chloe Spring 07 collection rather more than the fall/winter.

Jennifer said...

^ Agreed!!

Secret Agent said...

Oh man, Chapters & Starbucks = <3
Even though I don't read that much, it's nice to be around people who are intelligent and DO read (I usually just stay in the magazine section har har har).

Tim Horton's...there's been so many new donuts and danishes lately...you're missing out (you're actually not, they're disgusting). You just missed "Roll Up The Rim To Win" promotion for this year too!

Anyways, I think J-Dawg (Jessica Simpson) looks pretty damn good lately too. I also agree with you--whenever I am eating healthy and working out, I feel so much better physically, emotionally and mentally.

And, what's wrong with wearing Halloween black & orange? I do it everyday =) j/k

Jennifer said...

^ I don't actually read the books I grab about 20 magazines and just sit there reading for hours and hours...books are left for at home hehe

Jessica does look great, I do feel better when I work out.

ugh halloween should be for just that halloween.

Romeika said...

I wasn't aware of this mexican trend, where have i been?? But it does look beautiful, i like the patterns... And this orange dress Gemma Ward (is it her?) is wearing looks nice, i guess i've seen a mention to it on this month's Bazaar, about how colerful fall is gonna be, which is great, i like colors.

Jessica looks cute all "sported up" =)

Juliet said...

oh, colours , fashion and fall's mix doesn't really do the thing for me, after light, relaxed and colourful summer i'm craving to get dressed in only black ( , grey, white and naivy blue) and getting the whole feminity back in the game.

juliet xxx

sara said...

Those mexican dresses are so cute

I love that orange one, would defiantly wear that out.

dianabobar said...

I like the Mexican dress trend but I also love Chloe. It was a bit though but I personally liked it and of course I'd wear every single one of the outfits:)
Anyways, I think Jessica look trashy even when she's casual..or maybe I just don't like her:) Anyway, I liked Alice+Olivia too.

Kaye said...

I quite liked the Chloe color palette because it was a lot brighter than the typically sombre winter colors.

Jennifer said...

Juliet - It's winter here in australia so it's sort of my interest at the moment;)

dianabobar - haha your right, she's always got that trashy vibe.

Kaye - very true, i can appreciate that but I still don't think the collection was well put together like i've seen from chloe in the past.

Meg said...

The new Chloe Doc Martenesque shoes upset me greatly.

Kira Fashion said...

Hey Jen!!!

Thanks for passing in my blog!
When you can, post your zara clother here!

a kiss for you
your blog is so cool!!!

more kissess

atlanta social said...

Jessica really lost a step when she got divorced.

Shewriteswithphotography said...

I say it again, I lovee your blog <3 haha :D!

And.. I saw Blue Crush today (again) and im still in love with that movie :D!!

xox Angelina (or just call me Angie)

the lipstick lady said...

i'm strangely drawn to that orange leather skirt... maybe it's just monday

Calleth said...

You're right Jessica Simpson looks happy, but I never liked that whole very casual look.. but if she was working out, then of course! And I usually always like Chloë's spring/summer collections better than their fall/winter ones.. spring/summer just suit them better! Oh and you said what happened to Chloë.. well they did change designer :P
Anja :)

Chic Looks said...

The mexican dresses look fab, I love the details on them.

Shopaholic D said...

I haven't heard about the Mexican dress trend either - works for me though - it's pretty, colorful, and looks comfy too!

:) D

Bella said...

Definitely Jessica Simpson looks 10 times better when she's casual...she just goes over the top trying to look "hollywood"..

Secret Agent said...

I agree with bella... nothing's hotter than her in a pair of short-shorts and a comfy sweater. So hot.

Jennifer said...

Kira Fashion - I will, that's a good tip for future posts!

Meg - Agreed.

atlanta social - I know, you can tell it's really effecting her, but then again she was never that great when she was married either.

Angie - I need to watch it sometime soon again, It's been a while and the dvd is just sitting there!

the lipstick lady - funny you should say that because I feel the same way about that skirt!

Calleth - I knew that but their style still seemed good with their spring summer line but it does seem that they've dropped the ball so to say for fall/winter.

fashionista said...

yeah, since they had the new designer, it's going to take some time to "mature", i guess. but the spring collection was absolutely GORGEOUS.

Anonymous said...

I actually really loved the fall winter collection. I thought it was very directional, it made a statment. I adore chloe, and I'm glad they have taken a fresh direction. I get bored of predictable.