Naomi Campbell. These dresses are getting quite popular lately. Michelle Obama wore a similar version when she was in London.

Charlotte Casiraghi. I'm not sure about her choice of shoes, they seem a bit too chunky for that dress. It's Charlotte though, she can do anything!

Margherita Missoni. She brought a cool element to this dress. I love this look! The black belt, headband and shoes are a nice touch.

Adriana Abascal. Adorable, I love this ice blue color, it's been flattering on everyone that's worn this dress.

Lucilla Bonaccorsi. I like the contrast of hard (hair & makeup) and soft, it's one of my favorite combinations.

Stella McCartney. I think her shoes are from a few seasons back, but I love them just the same. She could be one of her models here, looking good.

Alicia Silverstone. That blouse doesn't even fit her! It's just a bad look all around. I know she's conscious about that she wears, but I'm sure there are plenty of cute Vegan friendly dresses out there.

Sofia Coppola. Nicely done, probably what I would have worn.

Nadia Comaneci and husband Bart Connor. I saw a documentary on the story of her life a couple months ago, it's quite fascinating. She's looking great in this summer dress.

Bai Ling. What's going on Bai? I actually didn't cover my eyes when I saw this outfit.

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Champagne said...

Ooo, I think I know the answer to that question(though I know it was a rhetorical question) maybe its because Bai for once isn't wearing something that makes eyes throw up?

Its not good, but its not horriable either.