There were definitely some interesting looks at this event, some I could not even post, they were just that far gone.

Amy Poehler. I like the shine and the color of the dress, but she seems a bit washed out with her hair like that. She's also looking older, this look could have been better with a few modifications.

Keke Palmer. It's nice to see someone dressing their age in young Hollywood.

Mariska Hargitay. This is a great dress for her, but it would not work for everyone.

Stephanie March. Another trash bag dress, it's ok.

Niecy Nash. I don't normally like these kind of promish dresses, but she looks nice.

Jean Chatsky. I actually really want this dress, it looks flattering and comfortable.

Lisa Salters. I'm going to assume she's wearing Herve Leger.

Alex McCord. This is one of those perfect little black and white dresses.

Kathy Griffin. Even though she's always shooting her mouth off at everything, Cathy CAN dress.

Jill Zarin. She definitely wanted all eyes on her in that dress!

Julia Allison. I probably would have lost some volume on the dress because the event seems a little casual, but I still love this dress.

Rachael Ray. She can do better.

LuAnn de Lesseps. Safe, but nice.

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M said...

Wow, you're not kidding about Jill lol but I love her and she looks great in that dress!

Mariska looks lovely, I would actually try that dress myself