Olivia Palermo. My fashion heart just melted for this look. Who knew so many trends could look so good and so simple.

Lauren Conrad. How very Oliva Palmero of her.

Demi Moore. She looks stunning in this color, this look is perfection and timeless. How does she do it? I never imagined her a few years ago that she would become such a fashionista.

Gwyneth Platrow. I wonder what she's staring at? Nice shoes.

Eva Mendes at Miu Miu the other day, not too much celebrity coverage was released of this show. I wonder why? Jessica Alba was there too...OMG, could she be the new face of Miu Miu? It's a wild thought...I'm probably wrong...who knows. I do wonder why she would go to this one show, when she hasn't be at any others?

Update: I added the picture of Jessica leaving the Miu Miu show.

Sarah Jessica Parker. Her hair is a little flat, but that dress totally suits her. She took the whole runway look quite literally!

Nicole Richie.

Solange Knowles. Her style has improved so much this year, she learned how to make it her own without being too outrageous. Congrats!

Cate Blanchett. I've seen that top before...maybe it's the fabric...I don't think it's runway. Retail, I've seen it in a store in Australia, Portman's maybe?

Lucy Liu. I'm going to do a Celeb Style post on her soon, she's so fabulous.

Liv Tyler at a Burberry party. I've really been liking this shorter hair on her, looks so much better.

Kate Moss at a Fendi party rocking out to Beth Ditto's band.

She's still wearing the Chanel fall 2009 rings that were given to her.

Penelope Cruz. She looks amazing, I bet someone just mentioned "Oscar" and she smiled.

Jamie King. Too cute, I love it all, it's sooo me.

Mischa Barton. She can be such a try hard, she needs to eat something that much weight loss is not looking good on her face. You shouldn't be able to tell a person's skull structure like that, creepy.

Update: Mischa last night, much improved. I like this look, it's quirky but still clean cut. It reminds me a lot of Charlize Theron's Narciso Rodriguez dress that she wore to Letterman last year.

Morning ciggie!

Jennifer Lopez. A little too much makeup, but otherwise she looks good.

Catherine Zeta Jones.

Rihanna has surfaced. Is it me or does it seem like every TV show is doing a segment on abuse? Anyway Rihanna was celebrating her belated birthday with Jay Z and Beyonce as well as Brandy. That's sweet of them to gather around her during her first public appearance, well done.

Mandy Moore. Congrats again on the marriage.

VB and her usual fierceness.

Fergie. Nice shoes, what do you think of the new hair?

Pharell Williams. He was working the skater hipster look before Kanye was, although I love both their styles. I never thought I could admire male style until those two came along.

Rachel Bilson.

Lindsay Lohan.

Leighton Meester. I'd give half of a quarter of my wardrobe for that jacket.

Lady Gaga. Only her.

Kate Bosworth. She's been very quiet during this fashion season, maybe she'll make a comback for S/S 2010!

VB last night in London, work it.

Whitney Port hosting at Tao looking very Alexander Wang. I love that skirt.

Reese Witherspoon & Jake Gyllenhaal. What a cute couple.

Dreama Walker. Talk about seriously unflattering pants.

Mena Suvari. She's also wearing Christian Siriano for Payless shoes.

Emmy Rossum raided Beyonce's closet.


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Chelsea's Girl said...

Love Jaime King's look & Rihanna's! Great choices and pic!

Rhianna Joy said...

ahaha you can always trust lady gaga to go to extremes. but i love mischa barton and nicole richies style. put together but casual at the same time (: btw nice blog

Swell Vintage - Frankie said...

Liv Tyler looks amazing. I'm not too sure about Fergie's hair personally...now really have a fan of centre partings x

TheSkinnyGeometry said...

love mischa barton style here!! i love her skinny! ;p

sas said...

what you were saying about mischa. you're absolutely right! she looks awful...
But Cate and Liv: SOOO gorgeous!

Anonymous said...

jessica alba looks suspiciously like victoria beckham attempting to be mary kate olsen


S.Elisabeth said...

yuckk hills/city stars. i'm seriously averse to them (lauren conrad may be the only exception, still on the fence).
And Demi Moore! I hope I can look as stunning as her when I'm at that age. Heck I wish I could look like that period the end.
And ehh to Fergie's hair. Maybe if it was parted in the middle and hyper straightened?

Kim said...

I just read your post about Hillary Duff and I didn't know that Ottawa was your city, I live here also. Do you work in the fashion industry here? I love your posts.
my blog: gascoigne-addict.blogspot.com

Hot Bot said...

So looking foward to Siriano dominatrix shoes invading Payless :)

Siljesfashion said...

Great post! Mischa sure looks scary. Leighton looks good in that leather jeacket! And Demi looked amazing in that yellow dress.

Paul Pincus said...

i can't help loving whitney port. love the liv tyler shots ... she's perfection. i love gaga and hate gaga and love gaga?!?!

lucy liu is a goddess! ... kate moss ... she can't do wrong in my mind : )

Denise said...

am baaack and i miss your posts. hihi.

i love fergie's shoes, am gonna find something like that here.

again, great post!

Diabolina Da Fashionista said...

as always an A+ from me to you ;)

Alya said...

What happened to Mena Suvari's hair??

Oh and I looove Jaime King's face. She's adorable!

ellesappelle said...

loving whitney and liv's outfits, they look amazing.

great post!

copperoranges said...

christian siriano for payless?!!?!?!


alis said...

Some amazing outfits / weird hairstyles going on. Too many good looks to pick a favorite.
I don't think Fergie's new hair suits her. It looks awful actually, her hair had such a pretty color. Mena Suvari is also sporting bad hair.

Isn't Emmy Rossum's make-up just gorgeous? If I ever get married or something that's the make-up I want!

Anonymous said...

great photos--you've got some amazing style inpsirations here!

Delmy said...

Love Penelope's shoes and Leighton meester jacket!

Make Do Style said...

Ah just caught up on all your great posts! So Mischa is still in the frame - what does she do you need to find out!!

fashion herald said...

i must admit I am looking forward to the christian siriano shoes in payless, cute!
and pharell is my favorite.


Mischa's dress is a dream!


TLT said...

LOVE Olivia's yellow dress and sharp jacket and statement necklace! She looks like a ray of sunshine in it...it's perfection :) My other favorites are Jamie King...the top is amazing and the beret balanced on her head. And then Leighton Meester...somehow she can pull off anything. Her makeup is impeccable too!

Rachie-Pie said...

OMFG!!!gaga - lovvvv ittt!!! i cant beleiev she rocked the bubbles dress! i absoluutly adore it, i saw it on another blog - i forget who the dress is by - but i nearly jumped out of my skin in excitemnt! i love bubbles