Random note: I have midterms so you'll have to bare with me for a little bit.

All Runway looks are YSL.

Mary-Kate Olsen this is like the sophisticated version of the vampire look she was working a couple of years ago. She's wearing her usual kimono style dress, but I'm really loving this curly hair on her.

Diane Kruger. Handsdown best dressed that night, this girl does everything to the max casual or dressed up.

Becki Newton. Yessss the YSL cage shoes in action. I wonder how comfortable they are? She's taking a cue from Victoria Beckham, pain for fashion!

Emily Mortimer. I'm liking this look on the model better, the belt is up too high on Emily.

Zoe Saldana. She looks great, giving Diane some competition in that number.

Valerie Hermann CEO of YSL in YSL Fall 2009. This collection was pretty disappointing, although I do like the quilted pieces, I'm not sure about the look on Valerie.

Claudia Schiffer. This is probably what I would have worn.

Amber Rose. I like this fresh makeup on her, I think she looks great. Kanye's girl is actually starting to grow on me.

Brooke Sheilds.

Ginnifer Goodwin. I like how this dress accentuates her curves in a good way.

Claire Danes. I like that this dress looks classic, and it's definitely an investment piece that you can pull out whenever you have a major event. I definitely want to look at investing in a gown similar to this in the coming months if my budget will allow!

Parker Posey. Unfortunately she has a habit of messing up her outfits.


Chelsea's Girl said...

Loved MK, Amber Rose, Ginnifer Goodwin, & Becki Newton's looks! And I sorta like Parker Posey's, she's always a little off and quirky and it makes her stand out. haha

copperoranges said...

i LOVE claire and ginnifer's looks!
and MKO looks so glam here. .. nice change!

Pretty Little World said...
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Pretty Little World said...

I adore Claire Danes and Becky's YSL sequin jumpsuit is to die for!!

I actually don't mind Parker Posey's look - maybe it's just because she's so fabulous though!

AndriAn said...

I definitely want a dress like Claire Dane's or at least simillar to it- can anyone help??
Thank you