Stephanie Pratt. Wow is her hair blonder? It suits her, she looks stunning.

Speidi. What's going on with them? Are the paps tired of them or are they actually attempting to stay out of the spotlight? If they go through Easter without their usual candid pictures then I'll be surprised and impressed.

Holly Montag. Sorry hun, but the edgy look isn't for everyone.

Katie Cleary.

Caroline D'Amore.

Wow, it appears that Katie and Caroline wore the same dress to this event. See Who wore it better on post #2 which includes Maggie Grace.

Kristin Cavallari. Why is she still relevant? I guess she came to LA after Laguna Beach to try and become an actress? I'll never forget what a bitch she was on Laguna Beach, she seems approachable, but I don't believe for a second this girl is a good person. I realize she was in high school then, but deep down some things about people never change. See Who wore it better for this dress on post #2

Jewel. I love how she's never gotten her teeth fixed, it's a cute quirk about her.

Anya Monzikova. This is the prairie look gone wrong, someone take this girl shopping for decent clothes! she's so pretty and she has such a nice body she could do 10 X better.

Ashley Benson. I think this is a little too much boob for her, but I like the dress very Narciso Rodriguez.

Brittny Gastineau.

ANTM winner Eva Marcielle. That eye makeup is too cool.

Kourtney Kardashian.

Andrea Bowen. I wish she would get an edgy haircut, her hair always looks the same and I think it makes her seem a little plain jane.

Tamara Mowry. How come the twins don't go to events together anymore? It seems like ages.

Bai Ling. Where did you get those boobs from? God lord! If those are your natural ones then they must be suffering in that extreme push up bra.

Nicole Richie. Oh she's got a cute little baby bump now. You know what's strange? Even though Nicole Richie dumped Rachel Zoe as her stylist ages ago, she still dresses in the same style that she did when Rachel had her hands on her. That 70s esque floral dress is such a Rachel Zoe touch! I'm wondering if Rachel is styling her again, because when Rachel stopped styling her Nicole totally changed her style (Her best style was then in my opinion) and now she's back to wearing Kimonos and 70s style dresses...not to mention they were seen together at a party recently...

Kerry Washington. This is a bit of a different look for her, but it still has the signature Kerry sparkle.

Jenny McCarthy. I'm loving the dresses with the matching side belt lately, I think I feel a trend coming on;)

Rosario Dawson. Although not bad, it's not really working for me.

Angie Harmon. Definitely the best dressed at this event.

Vanessa Carlton. She seems like an odd pick, but I've always though she's had fun quirky style.


Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

Jewel was worried how it would affect her singing voice. I <3 her forever.

M said...

kerry's sweater is great! I want to know who it is!

Fashion's Darling said...

Ok..my rundown lol:

1. Steph pratt: lay off the tanner. you're orange. I don't like that super blonde

2. Speidi: same as what you said

3. K. Cavallari: I love her still lol. I was always on Team Kirstin haha.

4. Holly Montag: Go home. The red lippie is wayyy too much and like you said...edgy ain't for everybody.

5. Where is Tia Mowry??! lmao I wanna see the two of them out.

6. Nicole is secretly being styled by rachel Zoe.

7> Kerry = love

Brandy said...

H Jen! I've never left a comment on a blog before and I have a list of about 30 that I read daily. Yours is my absolute favorite. I am obsessed with you- and your blog is how I found alot of my other favorites (like Olsen's Anonymous).

Anyway, I felt compelled to say that I think you should reconsider how you feel about Kristen Cavallarri. Honestly, she wasn't really a bitch on The HIlls, she just wasn't as good at being fake as Lauren. MTV initially wanted the spinoff to be about Kristen, but she didn't want to do reality tv anymore so she turned it down. And even through all these years, they still beg her to do a show every single year and she refuses. To me, that says something about her character. She's not a limelight hunter. She's cool. I'm sorry she came off to you like a big ole' bitch on The Hills. She was in high school and I think she got a lot of pressure from the producers to play that character.

I know this comment is ridiculous, but I LOVE Kristen Cavallari and I love your blog, so I just had to say this.

xo- keep up the awesome work.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ I understand she was in high school, I had no idea she was turning down other projects, but I'm not surprised now that I think about it. I don't really post that much on Kristen so I don't think I'll have anything more to add. But there's no denying she was pretty stuck up on the show from what they showed, but I realize these things are edited to the max. who knows? Thanks for always being a dedicated reader and commenting x