British signer Alesha Dixon. I really like the combination of gold and pink lips. Unexpected, but she pulled it off.

Nicole Richie. Cuteness of the day: Harlow could give some competition to Suri Cruise for cutest baby. Though Suri isn't really baby anymore more of toddler.

Christina Aguilera. I know it's probably Missoni, but I don't like this dress. From far away it looks like something I could find at Giant Tiger.

Claire Danes. Risky...
Yay or Nay?

Lindsay Lohan. I really like those particular latex leggings.

Velvet boots? I'm adding this to my velvet folder, because I know it's so trendy right now.

Kerri Russell. Perfect dress for her delicate frame. I'd like to see her in something from Erin Fetherston.

Cate Blanchett will never do wrong.

Jennifer Connolley. Is Balenciaga still paying her to wear their stuff?

Diane Kruger. While not a complete faux pas (Which would be rare for her), I'm not sure about this look.

Canadian Model Coco Rocha. She totally blows the runway model away here. She doesn't even look real, this is pure perfection.

Paula Abdul. She's been doing the Americana military thing one too many times lately. Someone needs to pull her aside and tell her that It ain't right!

Zooey Deschanel. That dress was made for her. Does she ever wear pants? Go girl.
Michelle Williams. I think she has the best collection of cute coats I have ever seen. She clearly has an obsession;) Matilda is really bundled up, I wish I had something like that and someone to push me around in a stroller in the winter. What a nice life that would be for me.

Vanessa Hudgens. Trying. Too. Hard.

Stella McCartney. I really like this look, how very Kate Moss of her.

Mary-Kate Olsen. That hat, yay or nay?

Who wore YSL better? Becki Newton or Kylie?

Margherina Missoni in what else? Missoni. Must be nice to have access to all these wonderful clothes.

Beyonce. She's got her Sasha Fierce hair in check.

Beyonce. Yay or Nay on the fur thing?

I love the color and the shape of the dress, but those white shiny tights she's been wearing lately just don't go.

Paparazzi lover Shenae Grimes in Genie pants. I saw similar pants when I was at H & M in Montreal last week. I was really tempted, but I didn't know how much use I would get out of it during the winter weather and who knows if they will still be trendy in the Summer? I suppose they would have been nice for the gym.

I really like her friend on the Lefts outfit.

Diana Ross performing at the Nobel Peace prise concert in Oslo. It looks like it's going to swallow here. There is such thing as too much tulle.

Ashley Tisdale. Those boots...:(

She's such a label whore, I thought she was getting better. Does she really need logos plastered all over the place? I use to be like that in 9th grade when I was trying to fit in, but she's 23.

Lily Allen. We can see your undies.

Agyness Deyn. I rally like this whole look, I just hope that fur is fake.

Drew Barrymore is blonde again. Looking a little fried from the bleach...

Airbrusing at it's finest. Khloe Kardashian for Peta.

Nicky Hilton. I've accepted it, those YSL pumps will never stop their world domination.

Ciara. Maybe a little too short on the dress side of things, I'd like to see her sit down and stand up without it rising up.

Rihanna. Wow, she looks amazing. She's one of those people that has the rare ability to pull off any look.

Rihanna. I'm not sure if this is Isaac Mizrahi or not, but it looks very similar to this strapless top in his Pre-Fall 2009 line.

Jennifer Morrison. Great look for her, looks like she could be going to dinner on some upscale resort island.

Teyana Taylor. I really like the colors of this Herve Leger dress on her, and the heels are great.

Mandy Moore. I like it, but then at the same time something about it seems off to me. Maybe it's too much black with that strange mustardy yelllow green color?

Matthew McConaughey and Camilla Alves. Baby Levi is sooo adorable.

Ivanka Trump and Star Jones. Just No all around.

Lauren and Lauren. Those boots are a bit strange on Lauren #2

Lauren and Audrina.

I love Lauren's boots. I see a red sole, but I'm not sure if they are Louboutin or not.

Aubrey O'day is never without her pale lipstick. She's got that upsacle trashy look down pat.

Jada Pinkett Smith. This is such a great coat.

Hilary Duff. How long is it going to take before she gets my memo about dying her hair dark again? Take a cue from Mandy Moore.

Katie Holmes. Brown late leggings? Hmmm...She looks cute overall.

Kimbo Stewart. The more I see them, the more I want a fau fur chapalet like this.

Bar Rafaeli. Those shoes look great with that dress.

Rihanna. This two piece is so cute.

The Veronicas. That Jessica get's more over the top as the years go on. (Not that there's anything wrong with that)

Leona Lewis. Too cute.

Brandy. She's got an interesting sense of style that girl. I like the pants, but I've never been a fan of those sorts of tops.

Katy Perry. That is such a sweet dress. I'd love to know where she shops.

Ashley Tisdale. Nice hair.

The H & M lounge. I always get annoyed when these celebrities get swag bags and free stuff. I know this is a way for companies to get the word out and promote themselves, but at the same time why give away free stuff to people that can clearly afford it?

BUTTON SCREENING Mary-Kate. Have I seen this before?

Designer Rachel Roy. That jacket looks stunning over those pants.

Taraji P. Henson. That color is stunning, way to blow them away.

Ciara. I wish she would dress like this more often, so polished.

Audrina Partridge. What I like about Audrina is that she always has good and well put together red carpet style.

Tori Spelling. Surprising look for her. I really love the lace, the shoes and the side braid.

Bai Ling. I love this girl, always entertaining. She doesn't even have to speak.

Laura Linney. I love this brocade dress, brocade is one of my favorite fabrics because it's so luxurious.

Salma Hayek. The proportions are a little interesting, her hair looks like it got messed up a bit, but she still works it.

Goldie Hawn. She and Kate Hudson really look alike. Goldie looks stunning in white.

Jennifer Aniston. What a dress, what cute shoes. And that GQ cover...

Katherine Heigl. Another day, another old Hollywood look for Katherine.

Kristin Cavallari. Who invited her? Why is she around? I'm confused.

Laura Nativo. I really like the combination of the colors esepcially with the shoes.

Courtney Cox. Getting younger by the day? She must be on the Demi Moore regime.




Hot Bot said...

Jen, it amazes me that you have the diligence to put all of these entries together in this manner.

I want to steal that jumpsuit right of Rihanna. Like, this instant.

MOLLY GRAY said...

So cute Nicole and her little daughter and i don't know why but i don't like vanessa with bangs..

WendyB said...

Jennifer Aniston has amazing legs. Diana Ross has an ...amazing... costume.

Cate said...

Suri: Looks way too old for her age. I'm still waiting for the secret to come out, that she isn't Tom Cruise's baby after all.
Xtina: Oh, she has abandoned her pin-up look and I think now she's gone back to looking like she looked in the late 90s.
Claire Danes: Maybe yay if she had ironed her dress.
Lindsay Lohan: I'm all for latex leggings (but not Katie Holmes's brown ones!!!), but not sure about velvet boots. I want some velvet skinny trousers though, and a velvet blazer.
Haha, Jennifer Connolley never seems to wear anything BUT Balenciaga. Did they really pay her for wearing their stuff sometime?
Diane Kruger: No. Not my cup of tea.
Coco Rocha: I wouldn't have recognized her in this picture, but she looks a hundred times better than the runway model. The runway model looks like a homeless person who has already been dead several days.
Paula Abdul: Naaaaahhhh....
Zooey Deschanel: I'm in LOVE with that dress, and I like it paired with the black tights and accessoires.
Michelle Williams: I do like her coat! But Matilda looks like she's about to fall out of that buggy.
Vanessa Hudgens: I can only agree with what you said here. She looks a bit like Zac Efron in those photos.
Stella McCartney: Even her posture in the photos is very Kate Moss. If you replaced the face and made the hair blonde, I would think it was Kate just by the posture, the head tilted to one side and looking down etc.
Mary-Kate Olsen: I'm all for hats (I wanna find a Trilby now), but that hat is kinda weird. She pulls it off though.
Becki Newton wore YSL better, in my opinion.
Beyoncé: Horrible hair! I don't have anything against fur, but that fur thing is weirdly placed, so nay.
I think the white shiny tights would be okay, but they don't fit her complexion.
Diana Ross looks funny ^^
Ashley Tisdale - I can't believe she's 23. She shouldn't change, though, she amuses me ^^
Khloe Kardashian: She looks WEIRD in that PETA shot.
Rihanna: In her day outfit she looks OK, but her stage costumes are the worst ever.
Mandy Moore: Does look weird.
Ivanka Trump: She just stopped time in the 80s.
The dark haired one of the Veronicas is trying to be all Amy Winehouse. ^^ I like their music, though.
Katy Perry ALWAYS has cute dresses.

Fashion Tidbits said...

Lauren Conrad is looking goood! love them boots

Seraphine said...

you have the most amazing blog. i don't know how you find so many things to write about!
claire danes. she's gorgeous. but the bright purplr doesn't flatter her.
nicole ritchie. looks beautiful and happy.
lindsay lohan. doesn't look happy, although those leggings make her legs look longer. i want them!
brandy. has her own style. it works for her.
companies give swag because celebrities are seen. everyone wants to wear what ashley or jessica wears.

Juliet said...

Holmes hasn't looked that cute in a long time. Robot is gone for a second.

juliet xxx

enc said...

Jen, you produce more material than I can keep up with! ;)

I like Kate and Jennifer in Balenciaga.

I like Kylie in the YSL.

ginny said...

beyonce really needs to ditch those tights...possibly for her health. they're disgusting.


thx for ur comment!! Every day I see your blog!!

michelle said...

Nay for Claire Danes. And lindsay lohan's face looks like crap :/ And Vanessa Hudgens IS trying way too hard.

LML said...

katherine heigel always dresses like a 60 year old!

this wheel's on fire said...

1) i would marry death cab if i could...yes, the whole band :)

2) that's so weird that you posted about the veronicas! i was just thinking about them from a couple of years ago

3) Ivanka Trump and Star Jones look so awful. i wonder how many animals they paid to have killed...
with those two you know it's real.

copperoranges said...

yay for claire danes!

i like it ..

twilight isnt so gruesome! it's very romanticized.

Winnie said...

Oh so many things to comment on! Rhianna never ceases to look amazing and I actually really like how Lily wore the dress with the tweed looking blazer in that first pic of her!

(R)evolver74 said...

I agree with you...Coco Rocha looks amazing!!

Aisha said...

Claire Danes' dress it's not making it for me, looks like it needs some ironing.

I really dislike Ashley Tisdale's fashion picks. Usually like Vanessa's better, but yeah, she's trying too hard lately.

kokostiletto said...

what a great post!!! i love how you called ashley tisdale a lable whore!

*Lady D* said...

Thank you for the really sweet comment on my blog! I really appreciate it!
Now for the good stuff:
I love this post! you're so funny :-D

drinkupthefashion said...

this entry was so entertaining. love your blog. and yeah, why do incredibly rich celebs get swag bags?! i need a swag bag. i barely have enough money to do anything.