PRE-FALL 2009 (PART 4)



I love Rachel Roy, she has great style and it reflects in her fashion line. One of my favorite pre-fall collections so far.

My second favorite pre-fall collection. Ever since his amazing resort line I've been obsessed with his work. I see the stuff her produces for his cheaper line at Fairweather here in Canada and I can't believe it's the same designer.

I love these belts, I hope the local stores come out with something similar soon. It always takes a year for trendy fashion to come around here in Ottawa anyway.


Those pants are genius aren't they? If someone had described them to me, I would say that it would look terrible, but when you see it, it so functional. Doori Chung is so talented.


I would definitely want all those dresses in my work wardrobe.

I'm loving the colour pallet he chose for this entire collection. Fall is always interesting in terms of color choices. I like how he didn't try to make the 40s look too modern, it seems very authentic and well executed.

Leopard is huge for fall!


Seraphine said...

i love the classic vera wang and calvin klein styles. you can never make a mistake choosing either one.
but the zac posen is really interesting and fun and looks a little bit younger.

Anonymous said...

omg rachel roy is beyond fantastic and zac posen is wonderful too, that orange dress w/ the fringe is perfect

Hot Bot said...

Ooooh, love the Rachel Roy prints :)

Ediot said...

hi darling! i wonder what size you want?
im wearing large- contact me at etsy please- and add your adress as well.

keira antoia rose said...

Zac Posen always my favorite and such a genious. His work is always classy and always beautiful. The purple gown and orange dresses are lovely. Rachel Roy's collection is ahmazing. Love the stripes. and the model!

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

saray said...

Great post!

Cate said...

Hi Jen!
Thanks for your comment!
I really like the black with the florals at Roberto Cavalli.
The pants with the ruffle are a cute idea ^^ I think had you described them to me I would have said it looked terrible too, but it looks pretty cute.
But what I love most is definitely the Zac Posen collection. I just can't get enough of 40s glamour. I also love that he didn't 'modernize' the 40s.

ginny said...

i thought zac's collection was so fun, but it was not exactly original

but mucho love from me to zac. :)

donna AND navaz said...

mmm, yes to the Rachel Roy silk pyjama suits!

kokostiletto said...

gosh i love zac posen!