I still haven't filled the picture sheet I got from Urban yet...I'm lazy

My tree is so pathetic, I call it the throw up tree because we just threw things on. Nothing compared to the usual elaborate display at my mothers house.
We haven't wrapped any gifts yet because I like doing that on Christmas eve.

My command zone and crappy laptop, though I have a feeling I might be getting a new one for Christmas. It's not fancy like my boyfriend's Sony Vaio above.

I love these pictures they represent my three loves, Hawaii (well sun, surf and sand), Fashion / travel and music.

We don't have too much furniture in case we might be moving back to Australia sometime soon.

I guess I'll watch Rudolf...

Or Dr. Phil...I'll shake Buddha for some answers, he doubles as a magic 8 ball.

Also with Christmas comes Christmas bills, they should abolish bills during the holiday season don't you think? ;)

My I'm sorry gift for a disagreement me and my boyfriend had the other night was a bottle of Evian haha...upon closer inspection I noticed that it wasn't just any bottle of Evian, it was designed by Christian Dior Lacroix. I had no idea they had a designer bottle series...does the water make you extra fashionable?

I finally put up the album frames I got from Urban Outfitters last week. Part of the little updates I'm trying to do around our place. I want it to look clean, but artsy at the same time...very hard to achieve.

My boyfriend had the freezer open so I took a picture, I can't believe how packed it's gotten. That's what happens when you are always on the go. About the weight watchers bread, it's 100 calories for two slices, but if you buy it, keep in mind the taste is average.

My current reads at the moment, The Go Fug Yourself Awards. So funny, but the conversations can be a little confusing and hard to read when you have little patience like I do.

Some other stuff I'm trying to plow through....

The book on the top right is A Fine Balance by Rohinton Mistry, and it's the best book I've ever read and my favorite book. I highly recommend it will change your life. One guarantee is that it will make you cry and shake you to the very core of your being by the time you get to the end. I read it years ago in High School and I just finished re-reading it. This book is haunting, if you read it you won't forget it as long as you live, anybody that has read it know's what I mean. And if that doesn't make you buy it, it's on Oprah's bookclub list and don't forget it supports Canadian/Indian literature. Amazon.com reviews.

"I wished that this book would never end. Never have I met such rich characters, never have I been so absorbed in a book, never have I cried so hard when a book was over. Rohinton Mistry is truly one of the greatest writers of our time. Read this book. It will move you and haunt you forever. "

"Breathtaking.......rips your heart out and then stomps on it. Loved every page. Mistry is a genious.... he has the ability to write beautiful prose and memorable characters on every page. "

I admit it: it was almost IMPOSSIBLE to put this book down -- or get it out of my head. A Fine Balance, a novel that underscores the balance in life between hope and despair (everyone and every nation goes through it to some degree) is truly a work of GENIUS. From its opening pages to its final word this is a book MOVES as quickly, joyously, and brutally, as life itself. You're going to learn some lessons....and think about some issues.
The plot SEEMS simple enough. Four people from different walks and rungs on the pecking order (called the caste system) are linked together by fate (or is it something greater??) and this bond will never be broken. No matter what happens -- and a LOT happens in this novel -- some giant magnet pulls them back together."

"This is one of the best, if not the best, novels I've read. The lives of the characters is portrayed in exquisite detail and something is always happening. I found it difficult to put the book down! A Fine Balance contains a story that could never end and remain lively and wonderful. If you haven't read it yet, what are you waiting for? "

"Mistry's characterizations are brilliantly well-defined, especially the four main characters Ishvar and Om Darji, Dina Dalal, and Maneck Kohlah. The author has the ability to completely immerse you with their lives. You'll find yourself sympathizing with them as they try to make ends meet, laughing at their escapades and hilarious one-liners, and crying at the needlessly heavy injustices inflicted upon their lives. Through getting deeper into the story, you will find yourself developing feelings of initial indifference and skepticism, to trust and fondness for its characters - much akin to the manner in which they themselves grow close to each other. The crazy hair collector, Monkey Man, Beggarmaster, and Shankar, despite being relatively minor characters, will undoubtably stay in your memory, thanks to their uncanny and almost satirically funny existence.This book is not just a good read, but an experience you'll likely never forget (I'm already regretting that it's over). "

This is one of the most astounding books I have ever read..I wept and cried with the characters and suddenly I miss them..I just finished the book about 2 hours ago but my heart aches and yearns for them..Do yourself a favour..READ this book ..you will actually live with the characters..Dina, Om , Ishvar and Maneck..I did..and as I put it down ..I wondered..Did I experience this or read this? Rohinton Mistry..where have you been?In case you ever read this...I salam you! "

"Do not miss reading this book. I was completely immersed in the plot and characters of this book from the beginning. I rarely think that a book merits a five-star rating, but this is a real treasure. I learned a lot about India and its politics as an adjunct to the lives of the characters - there was no sermonizing, moralizing or self-pity. The characters dealt with things as they were to the best of their abilities. Our limited understanding of the conditions under which they lived made their actions and reactions very real. I found the writing to be tight and just right for the tone of the book - no spare sentiments that weren't necessary to achieve the insights required. The ending is superlative - it is the way the book had to end in order to complete our knowledge of the lives lived. The utter despair is beyond comprehension for those of us who live with a sense of security that we seemingly take for granted. It will be difficult to find a worthy successor to read now that I have finished this book. "


I painted the bedroom last Friday, must better then that yucky green color I had up. What was I thinking?

My boyfriend and his Aussie flag, I tried to convince him to put up the smaller one, but it's the least I can do to make him feel at home.

Special treat!
Lily Allen - Cover of Britney's Womanizer
I like it much better without the digital fuckery as Brit would say.


K.Line said...

Where did you buy the Evian? I love that bottle! And your freezer is a riot!. Mine is filled to the brim with frozen loaves of bread. (My husband has a problem...)

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ He got it Loblaws!

Victoria said...

OMG! That is sooo cute! I love the water bottle! I'd be shock if someone gave that to be as a gift! I'd be like "WTF?" I seriously be shocked, but after I would find out it was made be Dior, I loved the person to pieces. That's super cool your boyfriend gave that to you :]


(R)evolver74 said...

You have the "A Year In The Merde" book!!! And I also see a Shopaholic book...damn, I was gonna do a blog about my bookcase, but you beat me to it!!!

keira antoia rose said...

I love the tour of the flat. And your festive attempt at decorating! I should do that to my unfestive room. The Womanizer cover is interesting. I can't decide which one I like better. I don't really like the song, but I kind of like Lilly's.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

1234 said...

aww your place looks so cozy!

Paul Pincus said...

i loved the tour of your home!

it's always nice to see bai ling still working at it ; )

love your tree!



thanks for sharing jen, ur place looks cute :)


thanks for sharing jen, ur place looks cute :)

kokostiletto said...

i love lily allen's cover! awww i think your tree is cute!

Aliena said...

lovely flat!!! thaks for sharing it with us!

Hot Bot said...

Hey, our Christmas tree is small like yours too. I think it's quite charming :)

Make Do Style said...

Love you flat - brilliant! My tree is going to be gathered twigs as I've no time to buy tree and we are visiting paretns for Christmas so no real point!!

alis said...

Cute little flat, you are doing the right thing by not buying a lot of stuff. Living light is liberating, and also stuff tends to pile up without showing any extra effort anyway.

Penny said...

you apartment is cute!! i wish me and my boyfriend had our own place!

Candace said...

aww i saw that nylon magazine with lily allen on the cover at a borders recently and thought of ur blog :)

WendyB said...

I like your blue walls.

Siljesfashion said...

Cute flat, Jen! Love the water bottle, thats to funny!

dapper kid said...

Aww that little tree is cute! And I love that Evian bottle!!

Miss Woo said...

JEN! Long time no speak, I'm sorry I lost touch. There is so much to do in real life (boo) these days sometimes I forgot old favourites! Love the pictures of your flat, looks lovely!

Also, do you wanna trade links? This is such a funny request I know, considering I've been reading your blog for a year ;) Hehe x

issa said...

your flat looks cozy!!! i love it

MOLLY GRAY said...

OMG! you have the perfect flat.. can i go live with u?? hahaha...

Eyeliah @ stylesymmetry.com said...

NICE TO SEE PICS OF YOUR PLACE, i SHOULD DO SOME SIMILAR. oops, caps. :-) Your tree is so fabulous too!!

Ediot said...

it looks really nice.
btw- you could enter my competition to win another tshirt- check into my blog..

im posting your tshirt today.
hope you'll LOVE it.
take care darling!


Interesting post and many books to read -and I realize you read them!!!- Cute apartment
kss from Spain

Mode Junkie said...

awww the bottle is such a cute peace offering. looks like someone made real thoughts about the gift.

The Seeker said...

Oh my dear thank you so much for sharing with us your lovely flat.
It's soooooooo adorable with the decorations.

Enjoy it, sweetie.


Puebla Chic said...

thanks for letting us know more about you whit your flat, it was nice...

jayne said...

omg the lily allen cover is amazing!!


darling love these! great seeing your place and those fab books.
hope your well.
muah x