CAMILLA BELLE. She never disappoints. I'm crazy for that dress...I might have to look around for something similar. Brocade is very in this fall.

DIABLO CODY. She sure cleans up well.

JEMIE KING. This look is a little too summery for me.

MARISA TOMEI. I'm assuming she's wearing Prada. I don't think she needed the Perls but it sort of ads a nice touch. I like the hair too, it's like 40s style, but with a modern touch.

ANGELINA JOLIE. In black as always, I feel like she's always in mourning.

AMY ADAMS. She could have picked some better nude heels, I think those are ugly with that dress.

JENNIFER LOVE HEWITT. WOW, major points. She has not looked this good in a long long long time.


KAT DENNINGS. She reminds me of Nora Jones meets Emmy Rossum meets Natalie Portman haha.


Jennifer Stoddart said...

Kat Dennings is really beautiful. I love that black dress, it's gorgeous.

Make Do Style said...

How gorgeous is Kirsten Scott Thomas!

Seraphine said...

ouch! i would never pay $350 for a pair of shorts. i close my eyes when i pay even $75 for shorts. but at least i'd have enough money left over to buy a nice top or a pair of shoes to wear with the extra money. it's not like shorts are timeless, like bags, or even vintage like a skirt or a dress. shorts are shorts.


omg i can't wait for "confession of a shop....." to come out
i am reading the book at the moment and it's so funny!!i just hope that the movie will really stand up to the book !!plus i can't wait to see what pat field as under her sleeves style wise!!kiss hun

Mel said...

wow to hewitt! she looked so good in that infamous movie that i can't remember the name of with susan saradon - she looked her best then. but she's so awesome and inspiring in everysense, proclaiming to just be happy with yourself and your body. amazing. i love this post xx

alis said...

-J love hewitt, way to go!
-Marisa Tomei is dressed too grandma-ish. That dress is too long for a lacy crew-neck long-sleeve dress. The pearls and hair just add more age.
-Angie looked better on TV, I guess when you are the most beautiful woman on the planet you don't care what you wear and just put on a random black dress.