The rolled up jeans are back, I really love that Chloe bag, how long till we start seeing some knock offs?

KELLY OSBOURNE AND HER MODEL BOYFRIEND LUKE. Her looks so young, no older then 14! I'm glad Kelly seems to have her life back on track. I still can't stand those awful tats on her feet, but she seems to have banished that awful pink hair.

LL AND SAMANTHA RONSON. I'm really loving LL's mini minnetonka's. There's so hard to find in my city.

PEACHES GELDOF. According to The Daily mail she got paid 5000£ to make this appearance and Dublin and was a miserable spoiled brat the entire time. Some people just have it way too good...

BEYONCE in Bermuda. I think she would have looked sexier in a simple black well fitting swimsuit. While I don't hate it, I'm definitely not loving the neon.

HSM3 CAST. I'm kind of annoyed that HSM3 is coming to movie theaters because I want to see it, but I don't want the embarrassment of having to go to the theater and paying for a ticket. Guess I'll have to wait till I can download it.

I love the stirrup tights, normally I'm not into Ashley's style, but she is looking better then ever in my opinion. The darker hair really goes a long way.

Vanessa Hudgen's outfit is so wrong. the gladiators, 40 flapper dress and fur bolero yuk.

She's looking a lot better here, is it just me or does she seem to have developed a smug attitude? I'm digging Zac's skinny tie, I wish I could get my boyfriend to wear one too.

LAUREN CONRAD. I think she studies pictures of the Olsen's because she's really influenced by them. I totally saw this exact look right down to the sunglasses on Ashley Olsen two years back.

WHITNEY PORT. You really have to get the proportions right with this skirt and vest to pull off such a look. Sometimes I feel like Whitney doesn't have the personality to pull off her edgy waredrobe.

Such a cute wrap dress and studded bag, I really love this look. Mellow yellow is one of my favorite colors.

GOLDEN BROOKS. Enough with the YSL tribute pumps! I've seen them just one too many times. The bare back on Golden's dress is just awful and the proportions don't seem well cut. She does look 'ok' from the front, but I would still rate it a fail.


LEIGHTON IN BRIAN REYES. This is the kind of dress every girl should have in their closet. It never goes out of style and you can dress is up or down.

JUSTIN LONG AND NEW GIRL? She looks like a Rachel Bilson knock off. Candy Cane!

MARK RONSON. Goodbye Daisy Lowe, hello new girlfriend Tennessee Thomas, Alexa Chung anyone?

MELODY FROM PCD had a birthday. What's Eddie Murphy doing there? Melody needs to stop wearing her hair up like that, doesn't help to cover up that mug of hers. haha.

KERRY WASHINGTON. I'm in love with this dress, the entire look is perfection she really has pulled out all the stops. Normally I'm not into purpleish pink, but I'm crazy for this look.

HAYDEN PANETTIERE. OMG, wasn't the whole silk belt thing 3-4 years ago? God, I thought that turned was dead gone and buried. She's lucky that it does look ok with this outfit.

LILY ALLEN. That scarf is from Topshop, I'm pretty sure I have the same one that I bought in London. I could be wrong though....

Great little tweed coat, I have one but some of the buttons came out I have to change them so I can start sporting it again now that the temperature has dropped.

SHENAE GRIMES. I don't understand this girls style, actually from what I've seen she doesn't have much style sense. Maybe she needs a stylist to put her in the right direction? It just looks like she's trying too hard, there's something not effortless about it.

BABY AND GINGER SPICE. I can't believe how fresh they are looking, they must be doing the snake venom treatments.

PINK. Wow she actually looks like she's trying style wise. I would love to see Pink with long hair. Just out of curiosity.

BRITNEY SPEARS. The weave is under control, Brit's been looking better and better. I kinda missed the old days, at least she was entertaining. Where are Sam Lutfi and Ali Sims when you need them?

ROSE MCGOWAN. She's so pale, like death came and drained everything from her... I'm lost for words. The words are back now, maybe she hasn't found any new blood to suck lately? The girl reminds me of a vampire, she did use to date Marilyn Manson afterall

PAULA PATTON AND HUBBY ROBYN THICK. I still can't get "Lost without U" out of my head, that song is so sexy. Robyn has a new album coming out, yay! These two are such a hot couple.

NICOLE RICHIE. My mom loves chubby babies because you can grab their rolls. She would go gaga for Harlow.

IMAN IS 53. She gives me hope for the future.


SOLANGE. Wow is she looking sort of normal? Bring back her Christmas tree style with extra crazy!

VANESSA MINILLO filming a movie. This dress is adorable, I wonder what it would have looked like with a lite yellow band around the middle instead?

GWEN STEFANI. Gwen looks beautiful, I love her "Z" necklace for Zuma.

JESSICA SIMPSON. This dress tries, but it just doesn't live up to expectation. It looks like something I would by on Swanson street in Melbourne Australia for 14.99. Maybe it's the strange sleeves that are doing it...

SJP. I've got to get the Sex And The City DVD.

RACHEL ZOE. I don't know what she's had done to her face, but it's working.

LOENA LEWIS. Yes she's still my girl crush and obsession. I think we could be best friends, holding hands skipping around the park...maybe I'm taking it to far hehe.

ZOE KRAVITZ. She loves the spotlight and those two tone Chanel tights.

PIPPA MIDDLETON. Wow kate's sister looks just like her. The stripe coat is quite interesting, I'm not use to seeing that, but it works and it's simple at the same time. Now if only we could do something about Wills' balding head.

MISCHA BARTON. That's an interesting shade of blonde...

MILEY CYRUS and her 20 year old boyfriend. When I was 17 I was dating a 20 year old guy and my mom thought that was much haha. He's quite cute though, but what would a 20 year old guy with raging hormones want with a 15 year old girl that has to go on shaperoned dates?

JENNIFER LOPEZ promoting her new men's fragrance.


enc said...

The black version of that Chloé bag is brilliant.

5k is an awful lot of money!

Diana Coronado said...

Solange is the best !!

♥ Hugs !!

Hailey @ stylesymmetry.com said...

J.Lo look so off lately, and too much makeup. I'm sure she is due for a comeback thou.

Anthea said...

Love the Chloe bag! I agree with Hailey that J.Lo is off..she is just so boring now! Eek for Jessica Simpson and Rachel Zoe is scary skinny! I think everyone is rooting for Britney! Great post :)

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ I agree guys, jlo is wearing too much makeup!

alis said...

Wow awesome post, you never fail to deliver.
-Katie's first look; so cute.
-I would be a brat too if my name was Peaches.
-Vanessa Hudgen's furry outfit and Whiteney's ill-fitting vest outfit are both horrible. And you are right about Jessica Simposons' dress.
-I was gone for a week and Mark Ron is with that new chick? Plain Jane compared to Daisy, sorry.
-PCD Melody, lovely dress, ugly hair.
-Kerry Washington:she is like the new Diane Kruger, always perfect.
-Hayden what's up with the red lippie??? Lose it asap.
-Lilly Allen looks so cute with the red scarf I want to give her a peck on the cheek. Now THAT'S taking the girlcrush too far.
-I WANT Pink's leopard booties!!!!
-Gwen; she looks fat in one pic, skinny in the other. Love her look nonetheless.
-Rachel Zoe, now that your face looks human, move on the your chest and do something about it, inject something in it, anything..
-15 year old vs. 20 is weird. But this is no normal teenage girl...

Jennifer Stoddart said...

I just can't not love Whitney Port! You're so right about the LC/Olsen thing.

Love Gwen's Z necklace too.

God, I love your blog so much.