STEPHANIE SEYMOUR. She's been looking at all sorts of amazing lately.

MIA AND PATRICK DEMARCHELIER / CLAUDIA SCHIFFER. I find it interesting that they both wore the same dress. Who do you think wore it better? I don't mind the bare legs or the black tights, one style is older and more sophisticated while the other is young and playful.

NAOMI CAMPBELL. Where is her Russian billionaire? I really don't like that pale lipstick on her.

DITA VON TEESE. She's working the 40s hardcore here. I think the veil over the eyes is a little too much though.

EMMA WATSON. Something about the proportions of that tshirt just doesn't seem correct to me. Maybe the pants just are not sitting right...


That first look reminds me a lot of Proenza Schoulder Resort 2009.

These three looks are my favorites.

I wonder how comfortable these "Cage" shoes are...

ZOE KRAVITZ. I'm not sure about Zoe's choice of top in the second picture. Does she really have to have the Chanel logo print on her? There's something tacky about wearing that to the front row of a fashion show.

CLEMENCE POESY. Nice expression.

MILA JOVOVICH. I hate to say it, but I haven't been that impressed by her style in Paris. She has had a few nice vintage/hippie looking dresses though.

ANNA WINTOUR. She's looking ferosh in the second picture.

EMMA WATSON. So I hear the rumors that she's going to be the new face of Chanel are not true? They sure love to dress her though! I do like her choice in this metallic jacket. I didn't think a metallic jacket could look so good.

PRINCESS SIRIWANWAREE NAREERAT OF THAILAND. I'm not really a fan of her style or the way she does her hair, but she is pretty fearless when it comes to fashion. I love it when someone just wares what they want.

CLAUDIA SCHIFFER. I noticed that she's quite fond of animal prints in recent pictures of her, don't turn into Cruella aka Sharon Stone!


I've definitely seen better from Chanel and I'm not blown away I'm not really a fan of the pinks and purples mixed with tweed. I do like the interesting use to two tone tights.


LEIGH LEZARK. I wish I had the courage to ware something so pink!

NATALIE PORTMAN. When is she not perfection? I love her makeup, she reminds me of a bird with her dress in a good way.


Volume Volume Volume!


Her 40th anniversary collection.

What a crazy and fun collection, congrats to Sonia!

KARL LAGERFELD / SONIA RYKIEL. Funny, they've incorporated themselves in their collections.

EMMA WATSON. I think this is one of her better looks in Paris, it would have bee my personal outfit choice.

DITA VON TEESE. Yawn, I think 've seen this look from her a million times.


Beautiful as usual, glamour meets pretty. I like how they've managed to make glitter and sparkle look so refined.

NATALIA VOLDIANOVA / STELLA MCCARTNEY. Sometimes I wonder if Stella has ever heard of lipstick. I admire her ability to go bare faced though, I have no problem doing it myself, but I like having fun with makeup more.


ALEXANDRA GOLOVANOFF. She's got a cool look here, but I don't like the sunglasses.

This has kind of an early 90s vibe meets pastel colors look to it.

Lace is very in this year.




copperoranges said...

i think it's so refreshing that stella mccartney is legitimately talented, unlike most celeb children who just get opportunities because of status. i loved her looks!

also damn i wish i had a contract with chanel to dress me! no fair! ;)

enc said...

I'm pretty nuts about some of those Chanel looks.

WendyB said...

I'd love to try out those cage shoes.

LML said...

the ysl shoes are to die for!

Penny said...

no! dita can do no wrong!!
i feel like naomi is about to eat me....

Make Do and Mend said...

Great selection and post as usual!!

coco said...

I love this post, these are all the pictures I have wanted to look at online but haven't had time.
You always do the best round-ups. There are some amazing looks, I feel really inspired now.

Grace's said...

I love Natalie Portman, she's my favourite on these pictures. Clemence Poesy and Emma Watson, they've chosen good clothes in this fashion week

Wendy said...

I've missed a bunch of your excellent posts. But I'm catching up.

deexdeexdreamer said...

So great to come back to your mammoth posts- it's been a crap weekend :(

Even though zoe kravitz always gives off the sense of she's beem going through MK's laundry, god she looks good!

And Clemence Poesie has the most adorable expression haha!

Great to have you back,

Juliet said...

For a moment I had no idea why Paul McCartney was there, stupid am I not?
Emma looks still SO young! She doesn't look like she'd be my age, more lika a 14-year old.

juliet xxx

Diana Coronado said...

Oh my God !!

I ♥ Luv all ur collection !!

Specially the shoes !!

NewlyInspired said...

Oh Clemence! So adorable!

Petra said...

Amazing post! It's so exciting to see so many beautiful and inspiring looks all at once :)

I'm completely in love with the cage heels! They are increadible!

And Clemence- She is so stunning

Tala said...

omg did you see the guitar cases at the chanel show?? perfection. if i was a rock star, i would def carry that around. thanks for this post! xoxo

Aliena said...

wow, i haven't visited you a couple of days and I find pics galore! great posts!!! you are a really hard working girl!

yiqin; said...

I would DIE for those YSL caged boots!!! & dita always looks amazing.

alis said...

^^I would die IN those YSL cage boots. In onw of the pictures the model's little toe is sticking out of one of the holes. Ouch. They do look great with the outfits though.

-The leopard dress looks great on both women, I can't choose. It may be a good investment piece after all!

-Zoe Kravitz is just one of those people who pile on a bunch of stuff and look cool, regardless of what the individual pieces are. So her CK-boxers-waist-look-alike top is not important.

-Anna Wintour change your ugly hair already, it isn't pretty in the first place and you have had it for ages!

-I'm LOVING Emma Watson's, Clemence Poesy's(I want her tights!) and Claudia Schiffer's looks. They're all perfect!

-Chanel runway; I like it, even though the colors are a bit boudoir.

-Natalie Portman's make-up is amazing, I should bookmark it!

-Sonia Rykiel; another lady who insists on her ugly hairstyle. Collection is cute but I can't think of how to translate it to real life. Certainly not by wearing a Superman tee, nooo,no.

-Love your picks from Stella McCartney. Maybe she doesn't wear lipstick because it isn't vegan(or is it?)

stilettostetico said...

I am always astonished by the Fantastic Stephanie Seymour, just like a stainless Vertigo !!! Clemence Poesy is . . . nicely expressive here, scary mischievousness !!!
ps: I would really like having your opinion on my last article, it could be very constructive . . .

A Bientôt, Antoine

Seraphine said...

i'm not a big fan of veils either. for a wedding maybe, or a funeral, but they are pretnetioous anywhere else.
emma watson is beautiful. nothing flashy, simple beauty.
the superman thing, though. ugh. ugly ugly. even if it was presumeably meant in jest.

Mimi said...

Clemece,Zoe and Emma looked breathtaking at chanel!

Isa Han said...

love the updates...it takes me quite a while to read them because i just stare at the pictures but i enjoy it very much :)

fashion herald said...

that yellow dress is so interesting for Stella, and the G. Valli, beautiful!

Juaи + said...

WOW you did an amazing job here!

i love the picture of Stephanie arriving at YSL!
How Funny the Clemence Poesy expression
Oh I'm actually a fan of Mila, But i have to admit that ihave liked only a few of her looks this past week in paris
Anna, can she be more ferosh ? hahaha
Dries Van Noten for me plzzzzzz

I need a that "Holy Sonia" shirt hihi !

Fashion Tidbits said...

the Valentino collection was gorgeous!

Trendy Gourmandise said...

very funny the SR dress !