I love watching the Olympics. The first one I ever watched and understood was Atlanta in 96 I was 12 at the time. The opening ceremonies in Beijing were a feast for the eyes and no doubt probably the best ones to date. I will stand by this though: FREE TIBET! Let them be!

My favorite part, the lit up suits were so cool. Apparently they were suppose to be black but decided to make them neon green at the last minute. Thousands had to be ordered in! Great choice though, the black would have definitely not been as nice and eye catching.

"The birds nest"


CANADIAN OLYMPIC TEAM. In comparison to recent years, I predicted that this would be a style mishap and I stand by that. Were normally the fashion leaders, but I guess we've lost our thrown. I can tell that the sentiment is echoed throughout the country, because in previous Olympics everyone would rush to buy the gear and this year I haven't seen one person sporting it. I hope we do well this year, in Canada we have a saying "It's better on top";)

I think the red white and gold combination was a bad idea.

TEAM USA. They stuck with the poor boy hats again. I like it though because it makes this outfit look more casual and fun.

The new high quality performance gear.

TEAM AUSTRALIA. Tie Dye 90s parachute jacket? Although I think this is a bit of mistake I like the way the colors looked, like the ocean. They probably should have worn the Aussie colors of green and gold though. Isn't that what your suppose to do?

Originally a month or so ago, I had read that this would be the outfit for the Australian team at the opening ceremonies, but instead they showed up in parachute jackets. Maybe they will wear it to the closing ceremonies? I'm so confused.



TEAM KYRGYZSTAN. White shoes too! I like the hats!


TEAM AZERBAIJAN. I think these hats are cute also.

TEAM TURKEY. I love this combination of red and white, it would be interesting to see the Canadian team dress that way, but it will never happen.

TEAM CHINA. The combination with the white pants stood out really well.

TEAM SPAIN. I like China's combination better with the white pants, but I like that Spain included cute hats and belts! Accessorize!

I guess China did have cute hats, why didn't they use them? Maybe they would look too much like Spain.

TEAM CUBA. I like the splash of blue, but the look is a little severe for me.

NORWAY. I smile looking at this picture because I think they were probably the sharpest ones there! Look at the fit of the skirt and the suits!

NETHERLANDS. The white piping and orange tie keeps this form looking ordinary.

TEAM CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC. I really love this pale grey color.


TEAM RUSSIA. I really like the gold emblem on the jacket, the outfits are so chic!

TEEAM UKRAINE. Wow they have a lot of athlets.

TEAM SAN MARINO. This color blue is on the back wall of my living room. Love it! It's very fresh looking with the white pants.


TEAM ST LUCIA. I would have expected them to wear something more beacy looking. I don't mind the darker take on the pants and blazer.

TEAM TUVALU. Fun, but still polished. They found a good balance and I like what the flag barer is wearing. This is apparently the happiest country in the world if you check Wikipedia's happy index.

TEAM MARSHALL ISLANDS. I like what they are wearing around their necks, it looks so cool and it seems to represent their country well.

MICRONESIA. I think this is a combination of many small islands in the pacific.

TEAM BHUTAN. I can't really comment on this stuff, it's traditional!

TEAM PAPUA NEW GUINEA. I have a soft spot for this place. My boyfriend's uncle married a girl fromt here. I want to visit someday soon!

TEAM BURKINA FASO. The flag barer looks so confident.


TEAM TURKMENISTAN. Wow that's quite olive green.

TEAM BRAZIL. They look cool and fresh. Relaxed, but put together.

TEAM NEPAL. I love it this color orange, I think they look really good.

TEAM LATVIA. Well they are wearing their countries color!

TEAM LITHUANIA. Umm sorry, not feeling it. It's wayyyy too casual and plain. They could have put a little more effort. At least the color stands out...

TEAM NEW ZEALAND. I'm very fond of New Zeland, I had a great time last time I was there. What is with the dead animal on the flag barer's back though? I'm sure it has some significance, no it's okay you don't have to fill me in.

TEAM GREAT BRITAIN. They were one of my favorites of the night, I would wear this look anywhere.

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Noa1 said...

Thank you so much for your blog..I asked my 9 year old students to choose which uniform they liked the most and why..so now we can come and look at your pics....

I know you didn't want an explanation but please humour me...lol...the cloak worn by the NZ flagbearer is a Maori feathered cloak an honour reserved for tribal chiefs...not very PC with the dead animal but an honour for the team captain nonetheless...don't hate me for the explanation...lol...I liked our uniform...the fern is stylised with our Maori culture and I like the Chinese patterns in red...oh well sorry for the novel...love this blog...

Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-this is a really fabulous post, well done for sorting through and putting it all together in order!! The photos are stunning, particularly of the opening ceremony which was fantastic!!

Imelda Matt said...
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Imelda Matt said...

Jen you're brilliant, I couldn't even keep my eyes open to see the Aussie team...I hang my head in shame...:(

I haven't seen a single thing on the uniforms but then I've been at work and have missed the news. So the first I'm seeing is via my fav Austra-nadianxxx

(¯`·._.·[***Fresh&Fab***]·._.·´¯) said...

woww, love the post...i was watching some bits today, absolutely fabulous

they went all out, everything looks absolutely stunning

we wear things said...

the opening ceremony was beyond amazing!

(R)evolver74 said...

Gahhh I missed the opening ceremony, which is my fav part of the Olympics (aside from watching Michael Phelps and a slew of male Russian gymnasts haha)..great job on the post...it must have taken you a LONG time to finish!

Anonymous said...

another great post, i love the photos. captures the moment!

Anonymous said...

hey, added you to my favourite links on my blog :) x

The Seeker said...

Thank you so much Jen for this post, it's great.
I didn't see the opening, now I'm informed ;)

Thanks for all your work and for sharing it with us.


Dapper Kid said...

I swear I was watching the opening ceremony and critiquing the costumes in my head lol. Totally loved the hats! I thought the French looked pretty cool, and I can't remember which country it was, but one of them had red turn up shorts and blazers, they looked amazing!

WendyB said...

It was certainly an extraordinary show. Very impressive. And hey, at least when they had to order all those new uniforms, at least it was a local order, unlike when the rest of us have to order something from China!

Make Do and Mend said...

Fantastic post and so glad I could get to see these as I'm boycotting viwing these games - for a whole host of reasons even though I love China and the Chinese. So your images were fab as I wouldn't boycott you!! Suppose its cheating though.

Loved team Norway's look and glad you liked my GB design - only kidding!

1234 said...

the olympics openning ceremony this year was amazing! definitely the best one ive ever seen. canada always disappoints...unfortunately.

Anonymous said...

ooo fun post! loved it! i missed the opening ceremonies, but this was a great recap! love the brits (as usual haha) & china!

Catherine Ashley Talks fashion said...

those picture are amazing!!
this year was so grand and colourful..

thanks for this post, jen!

this wheel's on fire said...

haha "olympic trends"...only you could write that and make me laugh =)

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

i always love my country uniform!!go malaysia!!

their wearing traditional cloths..feel free to look at it..

and tell what u feel about it

Fashion Critic said...

Wow, as I fellow blogger I know that much have taken you ages.

Thanks it was a great read.

Team GB let me down. Team USA look great in Ralph Lauren.

Hanna Mathilde said...

hehe, I'm from Norway, and i'm ashamed of the clothes! jesus, what did they think XD

enc said...

The Olympics are always full of such pomp and circumstance and COLOR! This is a great post, thanks!

i think thats hauttte said...

wow nice post! i personally like norway the best, and although i happened to miss it, my mom said that sweden was interesting?

Robin said...

It was a great opening show!

kokostiletto said...

Mahola Fashion - you always have the most amazing posts and this was no exception. where did you find all these pictures! fantastic! I would also like to thank you for giving credit to the fabulousness of the Beijing opening ceremonies - was it a feast for eyes or what???? It was mindblowing. Thank you so much for bringing it to the attention of so many others around the world!

you rock!

Belle said...

I'm not really feeling the Red, glod and white combo either. The jacket might look nice on its own, paired with white pants, but the entire suit together is a bit much.
Go Team Canada.

Anonymous said...

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alis said...

Jen thanks for this, I LOVE it. My absolute favorite is the team USA outfit, neat but still has a sporty vibe. That vibe is important because I think it looks weird and out of place when olympic teams wear very corporate looking suits. I like the color combo of Uruguay, so fresh and fun. I think Canada's outfits would be good in theory but turned out to be a bit unfortunate, they look like they're wearing the previously all white/now blood spattered shirts of decapitated people, sorry :/
The green lit up suits are awesome! So cute and mesmerizing in an alien-ish way!

Seraphine said...

all the olympic pics you show are wonderful. i'm struck how far off the designers on project runway were for last weeks 'assignment' to design opening night outfits.

Carolina Lange said...

Amazing Olimpics post!!!!

GABI said...

Just wanted to thank you so much for these pics. I had been looking for something like this since the 2nd day of the Olympics since I missed the opening Ceremony. It is a shame that the letters of what you wrote kept getting bigger and bigger until I couldn't read any more. I really like your comments.

Quick question, what happened to the design of project runway winner?