Italian company Uroads makes these amazing shoes that they refer to as "Recycled souls", which makes sense because the soles of the shoes are made out of tires. They use vegetable oil tanning and by packaging their products in 100% post consumer paper making them some of the best eco shoes around. Both men's and women's styles are available.






I love the (bullet style?) spiky necklace.




Love my new bag from Aldo. I initially saw it at Aldo accessories and decided against it, but then five minutes later I saw it on the arm of a girl in the mall and it looked so good I had to get it. I have to give Aldo credit, they make amazing bags at reasonable prices.

I got this tie dye style Tshirt at American Apparel, I've been eyeing it for a while so it's about time. It fits amazingly and comes in many colors, I definitely suggest it.

Oversized ruby cardigan from Old Navy. I meant to get it smaller, but they had like no sizes left and I liked it so much.

Sears dress. Strange I know, the only reason I was at Sears was because the rest of the mall was closed. I love this navy dress, it's comfy and it only cost 20$



I think this dress is amazing, and it fits everyone so well, but I am sick of seeing it everywhere. These people are rich rich rich, can't they shop elsewear?



Yeah I know I only posted about this a couple of days ago, but as long as robot Katie keeps wearing them I'll keep posting about it. Maybe she has malfunctioned? Tom needs to bring her to the repair shop and give her a reboot stat, she's stuck on repeat.

Love the baggy jeans, they must be mens!



She's sure done a lot of magazine shoots the last few years, I think she likes the fame despite the fact that she wants us to believe that she doesn't and hates the paps. Let's face it, Paps make people who they are in Hollywood or my blog would not exist.



One tip for Kate: Stop exposing your young child to so many men ( ei. Dax Sheppard / Owen Wilson / Lance Armstrong / Others) so soon, especially if your not sure the relationship will last. I hear she's already moved on to the next, why am I not surprised? She's like the American Sienna Miller. This is my opinion, so don't get all bent out of shape.









She's been everywhere lately promoting Vicky Christina Barcelona. You know the movie where she makes out with Scarlett Johansson.




IN HERVE LEGER BY BCBG. This color is very flattering on her.


I was freaked when I initially saw Petra's bangs (To the left), but then I was informed by Wendy that she had seen her at a premiere in LA (Right) and that her hair was under control. I agree, much improved. As much as I dog her fashion sense, I have a soft spot for my little tsunami survivor.



Big boobs vs small boobs in a suspender dress? I like Kim's dress better, but I think it looks strange with her large chest, it just doesn't sit well.


Word is Agyness is engaged to her boyf of one month. Can you believe? I kinda hope it's true just so I can see what this hipster wedding will look like.



SAMRO recently posted this picture of she and her lady love on her myspace.

I love La Lohan's look with the oversized Chanel bag and the graphic Tshirts.

A couple of weeks ago Christina Milian was seen carrying the bright pink Marc Jacobs Stam bag and now I see it again on La Lohan. I'm not sure if it's Marc Jacobs or not, but I love the color and the extra long strap.

I thought Mary-Kate may have killed her and hidden her body after Spencer said that Ashley was the Prettier Olsen. I see that I've been proven wrong, maybe she just locked her up for a while?

LILY ALLEN. Looking tanned and hot, now how about that second album already?

SIENNA MILLER. I must have that belt.

SJP. I hope they are really working things out. One of the few long lasting marriges in hollywood!


SOLANGE KNOWLES. Good luck in your career, don't let the Beyonce curse get you down *tumbs up*

RACHEL BILSON. That skirt! It's a must have.

WHAT HAPPENS IN VEGAS - JAPAN. Wow they get movies real late over there? I just noticed that since they are currently promoting Sex and The City.

NICOLE RICHIE - DRIVING SCHOOL OR SOMETHING. Well at least she's serving her 'sentence'. Love the color of her top!

RUMER WILLIS. I thought she looked okay from far, but it's the close ups that scare me.

LAUREN CONRAD & HOLLY MONTAG. First Stephanie Pratt, and now she's hanging out with Heidi's sister! Can't wait to see if this ends up fitting into The Hills.


JENNY ANISTON. I Always appreciated her simple style.

GEORGINA CHAPMAN. Marchesa front girl always looks AAHHmazing.

LIONA LEWIS. Yay to my girl crush. It takes a confident girl to wear that dress.

CARMEN ELECTRA. I always admired her casual style.

THE SISTERHOOD GIRLS AT TRL. Blake always makes everything look so effortless. America Ferrera is getting really tiny! Wow! I wonder how they played that into the movie because she had put on quite a lot of weight for the first one.

TAYLOR MOSMEN. I don't know if this top is Chloe, but it reminds me of their collection a couple of seasons back.




They've got mommy's lips, but they look a lot like brad.

PREGNANT 'DUDE' HAS A BABY GIRL. She looks cute and normal. I'm glad they are happy.



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WendyB said...

That's the right premiere for Petra, though I should say that it was in NYC. BTW, she spoke very movingly ahead of this movie against child sex trafficking, and the fact that she felt so strongly and spoke so well certainly made her look beautiful.

Aliena said...

Those Uroad shoes are really good! Wish I could get them in Spain. That Aldo bag is really nice...

Sharon Rose said...

The Uroads shoes are very stylish indeed!! Like your buys-the cardi is something what I would like too! Good luck to SJP too-hope she sorts her stuff out!

Make Do and Mend said...

Love the uroads shoes - where do you get them,I must explore.
Laughed a lot at the Rumur W mention - how amused was I.
the Mary Kate shoot in Elle has a day of shot back fill and notes how she didn't want to stop for lunch and worked for six hours. Ok did anyone really think she ate lunch!

Oyinkan said...

Does anyone know where Rachel Bilson's skirt is from? I like some of the bags from MIscha Barton's collection but I have trouble spending money on something designed by her because i dont like what she's about.

penelope said...

I'm loving the harlequin dress and even though everyone is wearing the D&G dress; i'm STILL loving it!

penelope said...

I'm loving the harlequin dress and even though everyone is wearing the D&G dress; i'm STILL loving it!

alis said...

-Wow those shoes don't look like they're made of tires at all!
-I love your new purchases! Esp. the AA t and old navy cardigan.
-Katie Holmes is getting better and better at rocking the boyfriend jeans.
-Kate Hudson, Sienna Miller, so hot!
-Penelope, gorgeous. Your blog makes me develop an unhealthy amount of girl crushes! With this rate I will convert soon!
-Petra Nemcova, sorry they still look awful, like clip-on bangs on a poodle.
-Lindsay lookin' good, I hope she lets the red hair grow and ditch the blonde!
-Are you sure that isn't MK in Ashley disguise? I wouldn't bet it's Ashley!
-Leighton and Rachel rocking royal blue, where IS that skirt from?
-Jen Aniston in green? This is new(that's how boring her style usually is).
-I LOOOVEE Carmen's hair and Blake's cute playsuit!
-Jolie babies are cute but that lil' Zahara is cuter! So adorable!
-Why is the "woman" posing like she gave birth? The dude should be wearing a pink headband.

alis said...

OOokay that was a comment with too much snarkiness in it. No offense, anybody, I just love the juiciness of this blog and let out the mean beyotch inside of me.

Juliet said...

Maybe Katie is hiding her tummy?

juliet xxx

Seraphine said...

awww. i'm glad you showed the babies at the end. gorgeous.
love the also bag you bought yourself. it slouches to give a relaxed look, but really you can wear it almost anywhere.
kate hudson is one of my favs. her face has changed so much, i didn't recognise the magazine cover. maybe it's maturity. i hope she finds the man of her dreams soon.
i like penelope cruz too. she was on letterman last night. she has a great voice. it seems like she's dated a lot of different people too.

fashion herald said...

the uroads are awesome, thanks! and i'm kind of loving it that katie has been wearing the same jeans for days in nyc! sometimes i get stuck like that too and it's kind of comforting! great post as AlWAYS!

i think thats hauttte said...

haha AGYNESS IS ENGAGED? if she has a wedding i wonder what she wouldwear. definitely not the typical white wedding dress..

pinup_girl said...

Oh la la. Love all the pieces you bought, especially the cardigan. I bet it'd look fabulous on.

Siljesfashion said...

Great post! Love Laurens looks.

Vain and Vapid said...

I love those shoes, I would totally buy them, it's about time they started making fashion forward shoes in alternative materials...

Kira Fashion said...

love the shoes!!

a kiss!!

Penny said...

when is she going to WASH those damn jeans?
i think it is a cry for help for someone to rescue her from her crazy husband.

isabella said...

i love the mk spread! so simple and chic. haha of course sienna is topless

copperoranges said...

i totes agree with you about MKO ... how stylistically influential would she be if no one took her picture?!

enc said...

I'm not sick of that D&G dress, this is the first time I've seen it. Is that pathetic?

Becca said...

i have that same old navy cardi in beige and i LOVE it!!

Fashion Tidbits said...

i love MK's shots...they look amazing!

Savvy Mode SG said...

-like the recycle shoes idea but need to work on the design.
-Kate Hudson, not so savvy with her look.
-love MK's style, she's so savvy!
-just adore P. Cruz. She's so stylish.

Anonymous said...

I love Taylor Momsens top.Very cool.

That AA sweater is nice, I kind of want it.

Liv Tyler!

we wear things said...

i've been on the hunt for an oversized 'boyfriend' cardigan.. the old navy one looks great!


The Seeker said...

I'm very happy about those shoes, it can be a step to help the planet.

You're right everybody is wearing that dress, why?????


The Seeker said...

Oh, and your stuff is great :)

this wheel's on fire said...

hhhmmm...let's see what i remember. this is hardly a new question, but wtf was ashley wearing? oh and i really hope sjp & matthew brod. work it out! her hair was looking extra cute!

this wheel's on fire said...

hhhmmm...let's see what i remember. this is hardly a new question, but wtf was ashley wearing? oh and i really hope sjp & matthew brod. work it out! her hair was looking extra cute!

kokostiletto said...

great post ! recycled shoes?? fantastic! haha I knew i saw that D&G dress everywhere!

Carolina Lange said...

Another great post!
I'm in lone with Nicole's red top!