A great way to have instant style is with a good woven bag. I can be pretty picky when it comes to purses and bags, but it's very rare that I'll turn way from a woven piece. I still cherish the one I bought at sportsgirl last year even though the strap is half broken.


The black one from FCUK, is perfect for a night out to dinner or just going out shopping.


It's too bad there not selling the Gryson for Target collection anymore (See more below) because it was truly perfection.



1. Chloe 2. Chloe 3. Lover

I'm looking for a great cute sexy little one piece for when I stop in Barcelona.
All the summer stuff is being liquidated right now, so this is a good time to shop.

Emilio Pucci 2. Melissa Odabash 3. Bogetta Veneta

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Shannon is an Australian aboriginal model from Perth currently signed with Scene models. She's so gorgeous and exotic but the truth is it's not easy being aboriginal in Australia (Although progress is being made). I thought she was great on the show (Thank God for those FT reruns) and had a sweet personality, though I didn't like the short hair cut they gave her, it was brutal! Glad she grew it out.



It was so beautifully shot, I love it when they mix sports and fashion. Lucy Liu is positively ageless!



Thank God Zoe is back because I was feeling deprived. If anyone knows how to accessorize besides an Olsen it's her.



ZOE KRAVITZ. I always wonder where her clothes are from, but I think she shops in more unique one off shops.

LIV TYLER IN OSCAR DE LA RENTA. I have to say I prefer this look on Irina it just doesn't seem to suit Liv.

MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL. I'm not into the shoes, some white heels would have looked pretty hot.

MENA SUVARI. Ugh, what's going on with her hair? I don't like it pulled back like that with that dress. It would have worked if she was wearing a more casual outfit.

LEIGHTON MEESTER / EMMY ROSSUM. I love what Leighton is wearing, but I don't really like the print on the side of the dress.


LAUREN CONRAD. Why is it that Lauren always looks so simple and casual even when she's trying to be edgy?

Lauren showing her line. I wonder if it's true that Heidi's line is doing better then hers? I hope it's not true, because it seems like that Lauren is putting a real effort and really loves what she does. Heidi however is just doing it for the fame, and possibly just to spite Lauren? She should be grateful to Lauren for making her so famous.

Lauren carrying a woven clutch, it polishes off the look so well.

Urban Outfitters plaid shirt

It's hard to tell unless you click on the picture, but I love the detail on the bodice of this dress.

Ahh to be so famous!

AUDRINA PARTRIDGE TAKES HER NEW TITS OUT FOR A WALK. I really like this dress, it's totally my style.

HEIDI MONTAG. Too many colors?



BIJOU PHILIPS IN ZAC POSEN. It takes a confident girl to pull off this look.

LALALA LOHAN IN YIGAL AZROUEL. She manages to make this dress look a little hooch.



BILSON. Rolled jeans. Oh God make it stop! it just seems like too much at one time. (Note she's also using a woven bag, see more at the top)

I love everything about this look, one of my favorites from Rachel.

NICOLE RICHIE. Could she finally be going back to her old ways? I haven't been really 'wowed' by her in so long.

RUMER WILLIS. I remember just a year ago her style was very emo, now she's trying to dress all girly. This look just seems so weired for me...

MOLLY SIMS. She always seems to have such a warmth and glow about her. This is a great little dress, I really like the combination of the pattern with black and white.

RHIANNA AND DUFFY SHOPPING AT BARNEY'S. I use to like Duffy's song "Mercy", but I think it's over played it just gets on my nerves.


TOCCARA JONES. She's so gorgeous. Probably one of the most famous and successful contestants of ANTM even though she got eliminated relatively early.

MYA. A new album anytime?

CAMILLA ALVES & MATTHEW McCONAUGHEY. Apparently she's coming out with a handbag line, what else is a girl to do? I can't believe how trim she looks after just giving birth.

SIENNA MILLER & BALTHAZAR GETTY. Wow they sure have a lot of guts being seen together so soon after their scandal. You know Sienna she doesn't give a fuck.

HAYDEN PANETTIERE. Her love affair with red lipstick continues. Hayden is trying to pump up her music career, I personally find her voice annoying.


KRISTEN BELL. That color is amazing, it reminds me of a watermelon.

NEW DISNEY BRAT: DEMI LOVATO. So what is her style suppose to be?

JESSICA BIEL. She looks pretty cute in the first picture, but no matter what she will always remind me of a man in a dress.

ASHANTI. Her style is up and down. This is definitely one of those down moments.



What's going on this week?

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Ps. Who wore it better results way below.


Fashion Addict said...

I love Lucy Liu's editorial! I really think she captures sports with fashion and that's hard to do! And it's great for the Olympics.

In Yr Fshn said...

Lucy Lui looks amazing! Rumer Willis is incredibly annoying. I wish she would go away. As always, great post!!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^^ Lucy does look amazing, love her!

WendyB said...

I like the Lucy editorial too.

Anonymous said...

rolled jeans are disgusting, end now! buy a pair that fits please lol

i love the bags, I have a gryson for target bag, its awesome!

rachel's dress is great, hippie chic!

Nay'Chelle said...

The opening ceremony of the olympics was crazy. And yes, the gryson for target collection was perfection.

miss vintage love said...

I am so in love with that Bogetta Veneta bathing suit!

this wheel's on fire said...

whoa holy shit! kate/katie wearing unrolled jeans!

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

fantastic katie!!love the jeans!

Aliena said...

I love those woven bags, they are really beautiful! Just as Lucy Liu, she's amazing in that editorial.

emsie said...

i'm glad to see kirsten's style again. i like rachel's second look. & i do quite like that alexander wang outfit - not so original after erin though.

Kat said...

Ah i want that alexander wang sequinned waistcoat so bad!

I really like nicole's look with the black skirt and white shirt, simple but cool. Oh and love kirsten's headband.

Duffy is sweet but I totally agree about Mercy!

Urghh, when did Heidi from the hills start to look so strange and almost alien - esque?! hate that outfit!

You know what, i don't condone what sienna did, but the whole media on its high horse was just ridiculous as was the media acting as though he was entirely innocent in the matter.

Anonymous said...

I love lucy luis editorial.. so fab.. katie holmes looks amazing... as do toccara and rihanna... i actually like heidis outfit as well.. fab post.. rip to bernie mac and isaac hayes...

Seraphine said...

i love lucy liu. i think she has more fun than anyone acting in hollywood. she always has tantalizing roles, and she plays them perfectly.

Make Do and Mend said...

Ok you've sold woven bags to me! Good work on keeping the Rumer on her toes - she needs to listen!

Carolina Lange said...

Great post!!!
I love the Miu Miu woven bag!
And I agree with you about the rolled jeans. Oh God make it stop!
Love Lucy's editorial! She looks amazing!

Daphné said...

Great post! I love Lucy Liu's pictures, she look so good!

keira antoia rose said...

I really like the Gryson for Target bags in all the colors except for the green. I just purchased a new one peice this year from Target. I tried it on, but it still fit weird... but I love the first chloe and the Lover. Lucy Liu's photo shoot is genius. I think she is gorgeous. And in these photos she shows a strength that some people may believe lacks in women. Emmy Rossum is one of my role models and seeing her and Leighton Meester together looking gorgeous made my day! Suprising me, yet again, Lauren's plaid shirt, Audrina's dress, and Heidi's outfits really inspired me. Except I think Heidi needs to go more out of her comfort zone with her makeup. The dark black eyeliner is getting a tad old. Rhianna and Duffy look great.

Miss Woo said...

I see Kirsten Dunst is doing a Mary Kate with the headband! Still love her style tho..hehe.

stilettostetico said...

The delicate Shannon Mcguire really seems to have a lot of presence, a delightful charisma . . . Mmmmh AND Leighton Meester has a true (above suspicion) "BOMBshell-esque" potential !!!

A Bientôt, Antoine

Mrs. C said...

hi jen, i've just tagged you as one of my winners of a blogger award, check out my site for the 411 =)

ps. lucy liu's olympics spread is AH-MAZING! olympics in china and an asian fashion spread? too cool!


(R)evolver74 said...

Hahaha Jessica Biel looks like a man in a dress!! Epic!!

The Seeker said...

Love those bags! And Lucy Liu in those shots... gorgeous, only the j-suit is a bit scary ;)

LOL you made me laugh with Jessica Biel looking like a man in a dress ;)


Penny said...

i love the fashion spread with lucy Liu, especially the one of her in the red dress at the top

rosie. said...

you can still buy gryson bags online at target.com for insanely cheap:

they're all at 75% off.

Jennifer Stoddart said...

I really love LC. I sure hope her line's killing Heidi's lame one.

Rachel Bilson can really do no wrong too- she always looks just perfect.

NewlyInspired said...

Nicole!!!! I hope she brings it back :)

Anonymous said...

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