and I have nothing to say about it, except I'm glad Mahalo has come this far.

I never thought I was going to see those Balenciaga monster gladiators on her again
, but wonders cease to amaze me.

The rumor is that Rhianna is broke and only has 20,000 dollars left in the bank. She had no idea and confronted her 'money manager' about it, but apparently she shot back that her life style was too extravagant and that's where the money was going. Hmm well to me Riri should be a millionaire, with all her number one singles! If the rumors are true maybe she needs to tone down the designer clothes, expensive condos and trips.



CHARLIZE THERON AND WILL SMITH IN JAPAN. They get movies so late there! I don't mind because it's nice to see wonderful outfits later in the game. Hancock is such a good movie too, much much better then I expected. If you haven't seen it, I highly recommend it!

CHARLIZE THERON IN PRADA. I really love the blue tone shoes that she wore. TREND ALERT: Lace is so hot for fall, take note!

LILY ALLEN IN MIU MIU KNOCK OFF? It's cute though...

Canadian power couple Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling have finally worked things out! It's enough to make me do a jigg around my living room! True love is possible after all!

Now if only other favorite Canadian couple Alanis Morissette and Ryan Reynolds could work things out...he needs to dumb Scarlett stat!

FILE UNDER WHO KNEW? Okay I probably knew a long time ago, but I completely forgot that Alanis had dated Dave Coulier from Full House back in the day. Apparently she wore "You oughta know" about him. That's like the angriest break up song ever! He must have been quite the ass hole!

KIMBO AND RHYS IFANS? Why does she have a thing for Sienna's left overs? First Jude Law (See below) and now Rhys? I'd rather see Rumer Willis then Kimbo's face anyday. Harsh...but true.

BACK TO FASHION. DAWN FROM DANITY KANE. I think wide straps are making a comeback, it's about time!

JENNIFER GARNER. Confirmed, she's sperminated with baby number 2!

KATY PERRY and her boyfriend, the Travis McCoy, frontman for Gym Class Heroes. I love her retro Hawaiian style, she kinda reminds me of a doll.

LALALA LOHAN. Where is your bra?!! How are you comfortable?!! My tits are just as big as Lohan's if not bigger and there is no way I could survive without a bra, especially outside my house! So uncomfortable! The weight, the rubbing and jiggling. She's still a fucking crazy attention whore.

ASHLEY TISDALE. Before she was in High School Musical she was supposedly signed to IMG models with fellow co-star Cobin Bleu. Frankly I don't find her that attractive...well not enough to be a model. Strange. I love the shoes here though, they are a nice color.

ANNE HATHAWAY. I love how carefree and normal she is here. Is her ex still in jail?

TATIANA ALI. Blush pink is everywhere lately! TREND ALERT.

LAUREN CONRAD. I think that's the perfect fedora hat.

ASHELY OLSEN. Matrix style? This is her big comeback? A little unimpressive.

SADIE FROST AKA JUDE LAW'S EX that he cheated on with the Nanny then started doing Sienna Miller. Anyway, Sadie looking rough in the face...she needs a spa vacation. I hear her boutique in London was in trouble of closing, maybe it's taken a tole on her.

AMY WINEHOUSE. Believe it or not I do like her signature ballerina flats.

BRANDY. Buying a doll for her daughter. Can't wait to see what her upcoming music comeback will be like.

BEYONCE. Even she has turned to wayfarers! I'm amazed that they've been able to stay in fashion so long. I guess we haven't found anything better yet. Are the 80s still in?



EVA MENDES. What do you think of her mixing such similar prints?

VANESSA HUDGENS. Love her dress, I want something similar for sure.

KYLIE MINOGUE. She may not always get it right, but at least she has fun with fashion. I feel bad for her that her Album boomed in the US even though she promoted it so much. It's actually quite good, but I don't think the sort of British / Aussie Europop sound will take off there anytime soon unfortunately. Countless have tried and failed...


"I was surprised to wake up this morning and read news of my own retirement. While I am taking some time off currently to rest and enjoy the company of friends and family, I am still very much a (excited and enthusiastic) working model and actress. I'm only 20, for God's sakes."




WendyB said...

I hope for Rihanna's sake that that story is wrong!

Aliena said...

I hate those shoes, no matter how Balenciaga they are! Hope the story is not true, anyways.

I do like the way Eva has mixed the prints... have a good saturday!

Nay'Chelle said...

I hope the rumors about rihanna are wrong.

keira antoia rose said...

I hope Rhianna's rumors aren't true for her sake! Jennifer conolly in Balenciaga never really worked for me. I love the shoes and dress though. Ryan and Rachel will always be my favorite couple. ALWAYS. Those pictures are perfect. The picture of Lohan disgusts me, Jennifer Garner so cute in her dress. Lauren's look is perfect. I have shoes like the ones Ashley's wearing! And the blue dress on Miranda is beautiful and flatters her so well.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

enc said...

Congratulations on 400 posts, Jen. Yours are the most comprehensive, image-heavy posts I've ever seen. I appreciate the effort you put in. Thank you.

Kat said...

I must have been living under a stone but i never knew Rachel McAdams and Ryan Gosling were an actual couple, they are cute though despite me not actually liking The Notebook!
Huh, lauren c's hair looks odd, or is that just me?!
Wayfarers will never stop being cool, me thinks!

1234 said...

OMG YAYAYAYAY YAY FOR RACHEL AND RYAN! they are probably my favorite couple. soo cute. im surprised to hear that about rihanna, ive always thought she was super rich. and congrats on 400! holy smokes thats a lot!

(R)evolver74 said...

Hahha that rant about Lindsay Lohan is hilarious!! and I quite enjoyed that 2nd pic of Amy Winehouse looking very much like a crack whore.

Imelda Matt said...

Happy 400 sweetness, big kisses and may LaLohan whack her sloppy unsupported boobs around your head in celebration.xxxx

Make Do and Mend said...

Well done on 400posts!
Love them.
when are you in London?
Plus love the Rumer comment ref Kimberley!

The Seeker said...

Congrats for the 400th dear.
You always put such effort in your posts that they are always great and I admire you and thank you for that.
We'll look forward for the 800th ;)

OMG Lace, I'm so in love with everything lace. Love what Prada have done to lace, updating the look.


Winnie said...

I say this a lot, but after being away, it is so nice to read your blog again!

Definitely congrats to jennifer garner, and well, can Lilo get any more trashy?

this wheel's on fire said...

ryan & rachel!!!

NewlyInspired said...

YAY for Rach and Ryan!!!

alis said...

Happy 400th dear!
I feel all warm and fuzzy to see ryan and rachel back together. I knew they belong together :)))
Don't know about Alanis and Ryan Reynolds though... Although I love Alanis, Ryan was kind of way too hot...
Ugghhh Lohan. I guess Ronson girl likes her gal all jiggly.
Kiki looks so freshfaced and great.
Eva Mendez isn't that fashionable in my opinion. She doesn't need to be, she's the naturally attractive type.
I think the case with Jude Law was he got together with Sienna and then cheated on her with the nanny. Whatever though, total douche.
Wino's picture should be put on anti-drug posters, very effective.