I know she hasn't been too much int he press lately, but Drew Barrymore is one of my favorite actresses and she's also cute as a button. We've watched her go through many phases from ET to playboy, drugs, flashing her tits to Letterman, marrying Tom Green, but we've always managed to forgive her and get over it.


If I could gave a casual style award to somebody, it would be her. Drew is the original Bilson, just a little less polished and more free spirited.


Breath takingly gorgeous, what else can we say?



You have to give credit where credit is due, Gwen Stefani has one of the most successful "Celeb Clothing lines" out there. You can tell that she puts the work and design into and that her stuff is quality. Although Gwen style doesn't completely mesh with mine, I've always admired bits and pieces of her collection and wardrobe.

I think her black and white designs are her best items, she clearly loves this combination because she wears and produces a lot of it.



I hope I find this next time I'm near an Urban Outfitters, it's a must have for any fashion lover!



I always knew she was mysteriously seductive, but I had no idea she had this fierceness in her!



If you don't remember he played Victor on desperate Housewives until he got impaled during the "storm / tornado". He's definitely a hot young 45 year old Pepaw, I've gotta find pictures of him back in the day.



BLAKE LIVELY. I'm so excited for this movie to come out, I saw the first one on a whim and didn't know anything about it, but I fell so in love with the characters and images of Santorini Greece.

AMBER TABLYN. Another jumpsuit? Ugh, let this trend die already ! I do like the top half of this one though, it's conservative, but also gives you a sneak peak. I'm not sure about her bangs though, they look like they need fixing up.

ALEXIS BLEDEL. I don't think I've ever seen her looking this edgy, she looks like she dropped off a Miu Miu catwalk.

AMERICA FERRERA has perfect style for her figure, I can honestly say I don't think she's ever made a clothing misstep. I don't know about the hair though, it looks a little too poofy on top. I guess she's going for a semi 60s look.





LEIGHTON MEESTER. Supporting Blake! Even though she's wearing black, she kinda looks like a ballerina here. I really like her shoes, all the straps make them very unique.

BECKIE NEWTON. Supporting America! I don't like this look, I don't hate it, but I don't like it. The top she's wearing underneath the vest seems a little too long. I'm also not sure about the shiny vest with the purple bag. All in all, I think the whole is a miss match. She needs to take tips from Diane Kruger, but because she executes this look perfectly.

ANA ORTIZ. She's one of my favorite characters on Ugly Betty. Mark Indelicato who plays her son Justin was also there. With that said, the shoes are totally wrong for that dress.

JURNEE SMOLLETT. I'm adoring this girl so much right now. She's definitely on my style radar.

Just a reminder of how cute she was as Michelle's (Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen) best friend on Full House.

DISNEY BRAT ADRIENNE BAILON. She's currently dating the KKK sister's brother Robert Kardashian. I really like this color on her, It would have been nice if she put a little blue or gold eye shadow on her her eyes or in the corners to set them off.

40 YEAR OLD ALI 'ALIANA' LOHAN. Why is she wearing that awful 90s choker? Is she trying to bring them back? That top she's wearing is terrible too, It looks like one of those ill fitting tops you would get at a thrift shop.



KELLY RIPA. This maxi dress is beautiful, I love the splash of color at the back.

THALIA. I think this dress would have been better with a brown sling belt, but the dress is adorable regardless. I also like the way she's wearing her hair, adorable.

JESSICA STAM. It's nice seeing her so casual. I hate the sunglasses though, they should burn.




IN JEAN PAUL GAUTHIER. It takes a confident person to pull off a couture dress and make it look so wearable. JPG's Haute Couture collection was all over the place!

GEORGE'S EX SARAH LARSON. Poor girl, she will always be known as his ex. On a positive note she can use that and her Bambi eyes to increase her bank account.

CATE BLANCHETT. Normally I would say that I don't like this dress, but Cate looks good in anything. As cliche as it sounds, she wears the clothes the clothes don't wear her.

ALEXA CHUNG. She's one of those people that can pull off wearing many trends at the same time, and that's rare.

MEGAN GOOD. I have to admit, if there is any color I loathe and that you will most likely not find in my closet it's bright red. I just don't think it looks good on my skin tone, I find it way too harsh. I don't like it on Megan either.

BRIT BRIT. As much as I sort of love seeing her screw up and fail for the entertainment value, I can respect that she seems to be getting her life back together. That swim suit is really cute, I normally don't like this style bikini because it can make the bust look weired, but Brit pulls it off.

LINDAY LOHAN. I've seen her in those shorts a few times, they are a great fit.

EMMA WATSON. I love the wide straps on this dress, if I was designing a collection I would definitely bring them back.

MARY-KATE OLSEN. Where is Ashley and what did she do with her?


BAI LING. I always always look forward to this hot mess! Here I am thinking that she actually covered up for once and was looking semi descent (for Bai) until I noticed her dark headlight nipples! It's called a bra Bai, Brr....Brrraaaaaaa!

BLU CANTRELL. I did like a couple of her songs "Breathe" and "Hit 'em up style", but I can't forgive this outfit. She looks like a fucking clown.


BILSON. There's not much left for me to say about Rachel.

KKK's AND AN LC: Celebrating The Big Mac's 40th brithday. Frankly, I don't understand why we should celebrate a burger that's probably caused countless heart attacks around the world.

TATIANA ALI. Besides Jodie Sweetin, she's another 90s sitcom star still cashing on her fame and not doing much for it. I forgive her though because Ashley was my favorite character on The Fresh Prince, I could relate to her the most. I even have that old album "Kiss The Sky".

AMANDA BYNES. Attending her sisters wedding, I love the color of the dresses! This should be inspiration for future brides to be.

LIV TYLER. I don't like this dress, it doesn't seem right on her. Maybe she's too tall, it seems like it would look better on someone more petite.

ZOE KRAVITZ. OMG, where has she been all this time? I've been so Zoe deprived.



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WendyB said...

I'm relieved to see Britney doing better.

Richel said...

i love drew barrymore. she's so versatile stylistically. she can change at the drop of a hat, and so easily, as well!

Anonymous said...

ooo drew is quite chic, always natural, not afraid of color, a cool but not too trendy boho vibe! and her ads are great! you're right she is like a less put together bilson :)

maggie looks fab in that orange

liv's dress isn't the right proportion at all, you're right!

alexa's shorts and boots are great!

ali does totally look 40 haha

adele rocks btw :)

kathrynsky said...

hey, you could order he uo shirt also via internet... i got it like that, and i love it... you could see it on my blog ;-)

this wheel's on fire said...

hey brit brit looks pretty good! and i also love drew. she really pulls off the natural look like no one else!

atelier said...

Drew style has improved a lot. Kate Moss always cool, and I adore Leighton's dress

frankie-lou and tallulah said...

drew is fabulous.
her story is quite inspirational.

love the karl lagerfield shirt.
you must get it if you see it :)

alexa is amazing.
love the over the knee socks and the gum boots together.

Aliena said...

I also lile Drew Barrymore's style a lot!

I'm not one of Britney's fans, but I'm glad she seems to be getting her acto together

Great post as usual!

lara said...

I love Drew Barrymore, she has something special think. The white dress,Emma Watson is wearing is also great :)!

Sharon Rose said...

Drew Barrymore is so lovely and she looks gorgeous in the Missoni ads. Lily Cole sure looks good too!!

K.Line said...

To say I've never left a comment about Britney is the understatement of the century (as far as I can remember, anyway!), but she looks fantastic and healthy in those photos.

Seraphine said...

sisterhood was such a great movie,
i'm so glad they made a part 2. sequels are rarely a good as the original, but i have high hopes.
i like drew too. but how cute is a button?
more pics of maggie! thank you jen!

Make Do and Mend said...

Drew is such a glamour girl.
Slattery was in SATC to as the guy who wanted to Carrie to pee on him!

Carolina Lange said...

I love Drew in the old Missoni ads!
John Slattery looks amazing!
I can't wait to see the new Travelling Pants!

Kira Fashion said...

I really admire Drew, she is unique!

a kiss!!!

Savvy Gal said...

Love Drew Berrymore. She has come a long way and made much of herself and her career. That Karl Lagerfeld tee is so cute. I have to go and check it out soon. As for Bai Ling, I think that's how she get publicity. As we say here in Hollywood, no publicity is bad publicity. She doesn't want to be forgotten.

pinup_girl said...

Whew! You put so much into each of your posts I don't even know what to comment on. Just thought I'd let you know that yours is certainly my favorite fashion blog. I love lots of great pics & some commentary, & that's exactly what you deliver. Keep up the great work!

xo Pinup_girl

P.S-Those pictures of America Ferrera are gorgeous. She's such a beautiful girl.

Penny said...

love mary-kate! how can she pull of such trampy clothes and still look so cool?!

Emily said...

your posts are so inspirational! so glad to see the bit on drew barrymore, i've always adored her and still use that image of her in the petal pink dress as a model for how i want to apply my make-up. it was so perfect that night. and on another note, LC needs to lose the shades that are about 2x too big for her face and bitty nose.

Fashion Tidbits said...

Drew Barrymore is truly gorgeous!

Mrs. C said...

drew is fab, and you're right jen, she is the original bilson. <3 her!

Mrs. C said...

ohhh and i just did a short post on alexis cos she looks really great at the premiere, adore her too =)


enc said...

Drew has blossomed, that's for sure. Thanks for compiling all the images.

I love that Kaiser Karl t-shirt, even though I don't love the Kaiser himself.

Slattery also played the guy who liked to be peed on in SATC, remember? Am I the 50th person to point this out?

fashion herald said...

always had a crush on drew, and way to go Alexis!

keira antoia rose said...

In the first section of Ms. Drew Barrymore I love the middle green dress with the detail around the neck. In the second section of Drew I love the two dresses to the right. Her old Missoni ads were really gorgeous. Blake Lively looks pretty as always, but it's a lil bland. Amber's jumpsuit doesn't look right on her. Alexis and America look absolutly stunning. I love America's hair and makeup, she looks like she shed a few pounds as well. Kelly Ripa and Thalia's dresses i would def be seen wearing. Maggie Gyllenhall (BATMAN :)!) and Emma Watson pulled of their dresses really well too. Adele is a great singer, with a refreshing and unique voice.

xoxo Isabella Clarisse xoxo

alis said...

I love Drew Barrymore but she can look a bit frumpy from time to time. Her looks here and the Missoni ads are absolutely gorgeous though. Still, I like her best with light blonde hair.

I love L.A.M.B. shoes and bags but freakishly expensive!

Karl T, awesome. Lily Coledoesn't look like a little girl anymore, so hot!

Traveling pants - love it. Leighton and Blake look gorgeous, very "relaxed chic". Great hair too!

Ali Lohan- is it me or is she always wearing these weird covered up jacket-y things despite the heat. Like shes hiding needlemarks or something.

Breast cancer saturday- everybody looks great, I love Thalia's hair too!

Maggie Gylenhaal - what a confident gorgeous stylish woman.

Britney and Lilo- They both actually look very good!

Where does Kate Moss find these ridiculousy dressed men? If my man came to me with skinny jeans and a buttoned up waistcoat AND a scarf and a tight jacket, I'd say "baby bye bye"

You are saying KKK, all I'm seeing is boob boob boob.

Amanda's blue dress is so beautiful with the cream-violet-purple bouquet.

Liv Tyler looks devinely beautiful, but not because of the dress.

Zoe - The flower is a nice touch. Her hot dad was in my city last night. But I didn't bother to go coz he would be dressed!

Dana (pron. like Donna) said...

I had forgotten about Drew's Missoni ads...fabulous

Skyla said...

I CAN'T WAIT for sisterhood no. 2, i love blake.
i'm really happy for britney she's doing better.
where do you find the time to make such long, great posts? Do you scour paparazzzi websites alot?
You should do a behind the scenes of mahalo fashion!

glamour girly said...

I love all the girls of the Sisterhood!

Anonymous said...

I like that Karl Lagerfeld Urban shirt.Is it unisex lol ,I would wear it.

James Hince and Kate are my favorite couple.

Secretista said...

Great, great post mi lady.

Drew Barrymore's chin. I love it. I love it. I love it. She's got the face of a perfect painting. If that made any sense?

Siljesfashion said...

I feel bad for Britney, good to see shes doing better! Love your post, so many inspirational pictures. Kelly Ripa looks great, so does Bilson and Gyllenhal!

Jackie said...

everyone looked so amazing.
I especially loved Leighton Meester, Maggie Gyllenhaal, and Emma Watson.

Anonymous said...

I LOVEEEEE John Slattery. Like way more than I should.

copperoranges said...

i have always had a crush on drew! i think she is so great for turning her life around. she also has such a cute mouth!

i fell in love with uniqlo when i visited in June! i wish they had more locations.

i miss alexis bledel now that GG is over. :(:(

Alya said...

I thought Drew was amazing for Missoni..

I also loved Blake Lively and Alexis Bledel's looks for the premiere. They were stunning!