As I briefly mentioned in previous posts I'm off to Europe in September for a few weeks. I'll be going to the UK, Ireland, Spain and France. I haven't been to Europe in an age so I'm really excited. Of course being me, I'm checking out all my retail options, though can't splurge much due to the horrendous dollar difference 100CAD$ = 49 £ or 63 €! I'm still planning on getting some good pieces, Coat, Jacket, Shoes...essential stuff! Here is what's new around the world, the stores are organized according to their country of origin.



I went to this store a couple of times last time I was in Paris, I didn't buy much because it was so crowded and the line up for the fitting room was way too long. They remind me a lot of forever 21, not the best quality, but nice trendy pieces.

I've only gotten one top at Etam, but I remember getting loads of compliments on it. Unfortunately I've gained a bit of weight since the last time I was in Paris so with any luck at the gym I'll be fitting right back into it again soon. This store I found was mostly for teens, sort of like a large version of LaSenza Girl but they do carry 'older' stock.



I once went for an interview at Club Monaco, I have to say it was probably the second worst interview I've ever had. I hate group interviews, people always steal your answers! Needless to say I didn't get the job ever since then the place has left a bad taste in my mouth. There is no doubt that the clothes are amazing, I just wish they weren't so bloody expensive, worse then Banana Republic!



This was one of the first stores I gravitated towards when I moved to Australia. I found it grossly ever priced for a 'teen store', but they do have amazing pieces, the kinda stuff you lust after for months! Every time I went in there I wanted to buy the entire store, be careful going in you might max out your credit card!



To be honest I've never gravitated toward Mango even though we have stores here in Canada (Not my city though). I've always just walked in and out. My mind could change though if I find some great pieces.


Now here is a store with great prices, their clothes are trendy but in more of a fun quirky way. I still have a couple of tanks from there that I love, I look forward to visiting again.



I love French Connection because their clothes are usually worth it and quickly become your favorite pieces. No I won't be going here while I'm in Europe, I'm too use to the store and it's nothing exotic for me because I can get it back home.


This will be one of the highlights of my shopping experience on my trip (I hope) because I've never been to Topshop even though I've written so much about it. I'm planning on getting a couple of dresses, because they seem so cute and hopefully a nice top and cardigan.


H & M
I'm a bit iffy about spending money at H & M when I'm in Europe because of the conversion, especially since we have stores here in Canada (not in my town). I will probably go anyway, you know me.



Love love love their Tshirts, I use to be obsessed with Astroboy and Astrogirl when I was younger.

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K.Line said...

I hope you have the most fantastic time. How I'd love to shop my way through Eur this summer. (The exchange is awful though...)

I used to have a couple of NafNaf pieces in the early 80s (if you can believe it) and I still remember them fondly. I'd totally buy some more if I had access.

pinup_girl said...

Ah you are so lucky! I'm incredibly jealous. Have an awesome time, though!

WendyB said...

I had fun shopping at the Acne Jeans store in Sweden last year.

Anonymous said...

oo have fun! lucky girl! from personal experience i would visit H&M, they tend to better in europe actually and topshop is heaven, enjoy, the shoes are fab too :) and love everything FCUK...they're genius!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ Yeah you are right, the H & M in europe is probably much better, I've been to the ones in France but I don't remember much.

WendyB - Don't think I've heard of them, luck you in sweden!

pinup_girl - Come with haha!

K.Line - I remember hearing somehwere that naf naf was very big in the 80s!

enc said...

You're going to have a lot of fun shopping! I'm going to stow away in your carry-on!

michelle said...

So fabulous! :D

Skyla said...

you'll have an amazing time. make sure to stop by Topshop Oxford Street, it's so great even though it is a combination of heaven (several huge floors of Topshop clothing,a vintage section, a cafe etc) and hell (huge queues and really crowded) it's a must stop. Strangely though the clothes in there do seem more expensive than the standard small-town Topshop, even though this isn't true. If you can fit in a trip to a smaller Topshop when the sales are on, you won't regret it. bon voyage!

we wear things said...

ooh i just had a holiday in london and paris.. i kept my paris shopping strictly to the vintage shops though.. you'll have a fab time!


Skyla said...

p.s if you like vintage, a place i've got at the top of my list for when i'm next in London is Absolute Vintage. Google it and do the virtual tour, looks amazing.

Aliena said...

You'll have great fun!!! Also in Spain, don't miss Pull & Bear and Stradivarius (they are the same company as Zara and Bershka), I think you'll like them. If you come anywhere near Barcelona and fancy a drink, just let me know!

[also, I don't know if you read me regularly, so just in case, I'll let you know that i'be awarded you a blogger award in my blog, you just need to visit, copy it and paste it on yours, if you want, that is, and award it to whoever you want]

this wheel's on fire said...

o my god you are going to have so much fun!! overspend for me <3

Make Do and Mend said...

Naf Naf was the label of choice for the fashion explorer in the late 80s!
H&M in Sweden is fab. Better stock.
Topshop is really worth it and French Conection in UK has lots of different lines and choice.
I know bad luck about exchange rate and yes how come Club Monaco is so pricey. Material is often appalling!

Sharon Rose said...

Yes, I would recommend Topshop in Oxford Street and check out Miss Selfridges a few doors down too! There are Uniqlos in London as well-I got 2 great tops and some leggings a few months back!

Alya said...

I know what you're talking about when it comes to the Euro. Its absolutely ridiculous how expensive it is!

When I travel, I stay away from stores that we have back home because its much cheaper at home than abroad. I usually go find places that are new to me.

Have fun!!

Guerreira said...

While you are in London, there is another gem! It's called The East End Thrift Store, where most of the amazing vintage stock costs less than 10 pounds! Cheap in any currency!
Here is their site...
It's one of my favourite shops! Happy shopping!

Imelda Matt said...

kitten, avoid H&M in Europe! I'll email you the one and only store you need to visit (I can't think of it now plus I want to keep it on the down n' low).

fashion herald said...

^^when i'm going to europe remind me to contact the despot, so curious! I'm digging the sports girl hippie girl aesthetic.

Miss Woo said...

You're coming to the UK! :D Topshop is the best for High Street finds I agree, but also be sure to check out the vintage shops!

Lauren said...

I hope you have a great time in Europe! I'd love to go shopping there. I'm really excited about Topshop coming to New York, because I always look at their website and love everything.

(R)evolver74 said...

Hahahha awww man, that Keith Haring T shirt is brilliant!!

Sam said...

have fun! I am very jealous and I want to go to topshop so badly. ;)

Savvy Gal said...

i guess i am fortunate, i can find almost everything in south. california and of course traveling is alway a savvy thing.

alis said...

I'm going to London this month too! Topshop is on the top of my list. Ppl, is Primark worth a visit or is it just full of junk? ALso the London girls pleaaasssee could you give a few locations for cheap vintage shops?