Tracee Ellis Ross is probably better known as Diana Ross's daughter and for starring in the CW show, Girlfriends for the last 8 years. Born the second of Diana's five kids, She's a graduate of Brown University and has also worked in the fashion industry, as a model and contributing fashion editor to Mirabella & New York. She's been featured in campaigns for Gap, DKNY and Paul Mitchell. Added tidbit, her little brother has been linked to Rumor Willis & Aubrey O'day.

One of my favorite looks from Tracee, the color is amazing.

I've been noticing Tracee's style for a few years now, it's so funky and individual. I like that even as she's gotten older she's managed to hang onto her edge.

With her mother Diana.

With designer Michael Kors

Love vibrant blue, it's one of my favorite colors along with yellow and green. I'm not sure about the pink dress in the first picture, it looks a little dull for her.



I never knew I could have such an affection for florals, even if this trend dies which it will I'll continue to wear it. Stars have also been very popular too thanks to Chanel. I saw a black dress covered in stars yesterday and I was really tempted to buy it. Sometimes I hate getting very trendy stuff because you know you can only wear it for so long. At times it's best to abstain.



What do we think of the new metallic converses? I really want a pair, but in the short cut. They would look great with jeans and after dark.



I think Cate Blanchett is one of the most beautiful actresses out there, her beauty is mesmerizing.



Fiiiiierrrrceeee! I have to say though Daniel looks so much older then his 40 years, but his body is on fire.



KELSEY GRAMMER AND WIFE CAMILLE. From a stripper to a millionaire wife! Amazing how quickly life can change sometimes? They've been married for like 10 years so I'll give them a break.

JODIE SWEETIN AKA STEPHANIE TANNER FROM FULL HOUSE. I think this dress is ill fitting, she could have found something much more flattering for her body. Her hair is nice though and she does look cleaner then normal. I'm annoyed at the fact that she keeps living off her Full House fame, shouldn't her time be up? She should at least do something new to be in the spotlight besides having kids and being an ex meth addict. Good on her for getting clean though;)
PAULA ABDUL. I can't stand it when people are so matchy matchy, she's lucky her hair isn't bLonde or she would blend in with the wall.

KEVIN COSTNER. Once upon a time her was hot, I guess The Bodyguard days are over.




I love how Mary-Kate is always bringing out old bags we haven't seen her use in a while, like Ashley's Fendi bag from like 4-5 years ago? Speaking of Ashley she hasn't been seen in like a month or two.

'THE LOUIS VUITTON DON' KANYE WEST, does he ever smile? Sadba should drop Cash Warren and get together with Kanye.

HALLE BERRY. I don't know what's going on with her, normally she looks so happy, but ever since she had her baby she's been miserable in every shot. I hope it's not Postpartum or something.

SALMA HAYEK AND VALENTINA. I'm sorry to hear that she broke up with her billionaire fiancé. Valentina is so cute though, she could give Suri a run for her money!

SADBA. She's up to her old tricks, terrorizing the streets of LA with her grouchy face.

CAMILLA ALVES & MATTHEW MCCONAUGHEY. Can you believe she gave birth a week ago? She must have had the Hollywood special, C-section followed by a tummy tuck.

WHITNEY HOUSTON AND RAYJ. I'm in shock, I can't believe these two are still dating, I thought that phase was over for Whitney. This just seems so wrong to me because I remember Brandy use to look up to her so much and now she's dating her little brother?

MISCHA BARTON. I need a nick name for her that hasn't been used yet...give me time. Anyway what's with the BOOTS AT THE BEACH? WHO DOES THAT? She thinks she's so cool, she's gotta serve everything up with the 'Mischa Pocahontas special'

MISCHA & SHAGGY HAIRED GUY FROM ROONEY. Still dating! I suppose Mischa dated greasy bear Brandon Davis for a year and Sisqo Adler for a year.

Well, you know how I feel about florals

RACHEL WEISZ. She's doing a photoshoot for Vogue. I'm assuming it's for the October issue considering the Halloween stuff.

MIRANDA KEER AND ORLANDO BLOOM. Glad to see the rumors are wrong and that these two are still together. Miranda has been stepping out with some serious stylish outfits the past few months.

NICOLE RICHIE. More jeans and Tshirts? I'm sorry but Nicole has been boring me! She has a baby now so I'll forgive her, but only a little bit.

CAMERON DIAZ. I like ripped jeans, but these ones look terrible like she did it herself. I don't think you are suppose to have two large holes right in the knee.


LAUREN CONRAD. It's strange, but there's something I just don't like about this outfit, maybe it's the sunglasses that are throwing me off,. They just don't seem to go...

LILY ALLEN. She looks like she's taking notes from Keira Knightley here. The gold pendant and simple mini dress is so Keira.

CHRISTINA MILLIAN & BOYF. What do we think of the neon pink Marc Jacobs bag? Nice to see she's not crying over Nick Cannon anymore



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Lauren said...

I love the new All Stars, I really want a silver pair. And I really love Lily Allen's look in that photo, very simple and chic and a lot better now that she's ditched the pink hair.

K.Line said...

I love Tracee. I didn't know she'd worked in fashion but it makes perfect sense given how chic she always is. And I agree, she's aging very stylishly.

And I totally agree with you about that Full House chick working the addiction and mediocre role of 15 years ago.

Oh, and I also agree that poor Halle looks miserable. I think it may be post partum. She's barely out and seems very altered. (This is my alter-ego, psychotherapy Krissie talking...)


WendyB said...

Boots on the beach aren't bad compared to the time I saw a chick wearing lucite platform stripper heels on the sand!

enc said...

TER is just as beautiful as her mom!


i love christina's neon bag i could completely rock it!!
cate look so hot in those shots ! she gots so much charisma!
and as much as i liKe metallic colors i hate the converse one, i find they 're looking like moon shoes!!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ really? I like them, I probably would not wear the hightops though.

WendyB - That's horrible, the things people do!

K.Line - I hope halle is ok soon, she has such a nice smile, I don't want her turning into sadba.

michelle said...

I must get a pair of metallic converse! xDD

keira antoia rose said...

Congratulations! I've decided to award you the Brilliant Weblog Premio! Check my blog for more info.

I love floral prints. My friends say they are often too "grannyish". I disagree completely. I really love the shiny converse, but I think the original converse in just plain black or colors are better.
Oh my gosh I can't believe that's Stephanie from Full House. I didn't recognize her at all going through this post at first! Halle Berry doesn't look happy at all in that photo, but I think her dress is very pretty. Valentina is a beautiful lil girl, but I really am bothered by Salma's dress. I love Mischa's floral dress. And the picture of her and her boyfriend kissing is actually sort of really romantic...I hope that doesn't sound too stalkerishly weird of me.
This comment is super loooong.

xoxo Isbella Clarisse xoxo

i think thats hauttte said...

i agree with what you said about converse. ive been looking at those gold ones recently too

Anonymous said...

wow tracee is so stylish! lovely use of color & really form-fitting flattering dresses :) thanks for sharing!

lily looks great there, finally back to normal & good hair cut!

boots on the beach!? could mischa be more annoying? pocohantas went barefoot mischa haha

love the metallic converse too

Savvy Gal said...

Like mother, like daughter, they are both gorgeous. I like floral on other people unless the print is bolder and larger. I usually like Cameron Diaz but you are right, what is going on with the ripped jeans at the knees.

Seraphine said...

converse are to die for.
i love those! especially the red.
love also the nice write up
you did on tracee, so fresh to
see someone who isn't blonde and
boring. diana looks beautiful too.
lily allen caught my eye again,
love the hair, flats and gold pendant
and pink leash.

G & W said...

nicole richie's look has gone down hill ever since she gave up her personal stylist rachel zoe. and lauren conrad's outfit is simply awful except the purse in my opinion. i do adore mischa and her bf tho, the picture of them kissing is so cute! don't know what she was thinking with the boots on the beach tho...

Golden Calf said...

Those converse basically took my breath away! but I think I might accidently blind someone if I wore those during the day!

Tia said...

I love florals! They've become a recent obsession of mine. I'm not one to stop wearing things when they go out of fashion. I'm still squeezing into my Uggs!
It's strange that Nicole Richie has gone so...plain. Especially since she's starting up (or started up) her own fashion range again. Where's the sense in that?

Great post Jen!


(R)evolver74 said...

I love, love love Cate Blanchette.....she was amazing as Queen Elizabeth!!!! Brilliant actress and a beauty!!

I really loved it when Salma Hayek was stepping out with Edward Norton...they looked great together!

Aliena said...

In three words, Daniel Craig is A-WE-SOME....

I love both Tracey's and Cate's style, even though they are so different.

Congrats for the award!

PAM said...

love florals and seeing Cate like never before.. kanye is soo cool.. but maybe cameron did too much on her knees? kneeled too much? haha and thanks for dropping by! i really appreciated it! :)

Imelda Matt said...

Next year it is... besides march isn't that far away! I'm loving those heaven pictures of Diana Ross but I just wish it was her daughter Chutney Ross...yup Chutney as in the pickled jam!xxx

Fashion Tidbits said...

Cate Blanchett is totally beautiful in those ads!

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

love!!love the diana ross

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

love!!love the diana ross

lara said...

The new converse are great! I really like them
and you are soo right, lately, everytime when she was spotted, Nicoel Richie wore jeans with a white tshirt , I mean I like this looks but after a time it gets really really boring...

alis said...

Tracy Ellis Ross seems to have great styles, thanks for sharing!

I tried on converse gold low-tops last year (not the "light" ones), the goldness wasn't nice it looked like gold pvc and the shoes were a bit clown-ish. Not what I had expected. I think because of the wide ties any other color than grey,white,beige,blue don't work.

Cate Blanchett has so strong beautiful features. If there was an Elven queen she would sure look like her.

Daniel Craig - I don't get the appeal.

Kevin Costner - He looks good! ALthough his recent movies are so boring.

Is Olsen wearing a velvet jacket? I'M so in love with the look on the right!!!

I literally cannot look at Valentina because her moms boobs are stealing the show.

J. Alba- Even Posh is a better smiler.

Mischa's outfit reminds me of the adornments camels wear in the desert. That's how bad. The crochet bathing suit is gross!

LC looks so corporate with the patent bag and ponytail and pumps, but the slightly visible midriff and the shirt's colors look sloppy. So she couldn't create a "look".

Leighton Meester's dress is so cute, so is Lily Allen's. Love both looks.

Anonymous said...

They both look exceptionally chic.

And I like your post about blazers ,I think I need to get one.

Times of Glory said...

Tracee's style is great- fun, elegant and individual! She always have this incredible look xxxxxxxx

Blonde hair, Blue jeans said...

love love love love Cate Blanchett!! =)
she's always so elegant!

and i really like that song!

Make Do and Mend said...

Tracee Ellis Rose stuff us great - we wouldn't get that insight in the UK - we'd have Kerry Katona instead so dreadful I can't even bother to explain. We do have real z listers here.

I'm just getting into florals too - what's with the late developer status!

♥ fashion chalet said...

Great pictures!! :)

Thanks for that comment ^_^ I too go gaga for anything Tropical/Summery. xx

Imelda said...

I love florals to, but I'm not really into stars. Maybe it's because I've just seen to much of them at H&M trough out the years?
Cate Blanchett looks amazing. I really like the shoot.

fashion herald said...

thanks for the link!! wow, great post, i'm loving TE Ross, Cate for Donna, but wtf is German Vogue doing to my second husband???!

Dapper Kid said...

I want those metallic converses, the high tops with jeans falling casually over or tucked in would look super!! And I'm totally loving the new look Lily Allen and Leighton is looking as fabulous as always!

Sharon Rose said...

Tracee has great style indeed-thanks for sharing, I never really knew anything about her!!

Kira Fashion said...

I totally agree with you about Mischa´s boots :)

a kiss!

Emily said...

fabulously inspiring post, as always! i'm particularly drawn to lily allen's new look. i'm on the lookout for a new pendant necklace, so if you know of any, please let me know!

Aretha said...

Lilly looks so good now! And The Pretenders song is great :)

Anonymous said...

i looove florals too... i say myself all the time that i must stop buy them!
changing the subject... do you know why Salma and her fiance broke up!? :S

we wear things said...

cate blanchett is absolute gorgeousness...

and i've been feeling florals too.. i just need to actually wear some!


this wheel's on fire said...

o lily allen looks so good now! haha sadba! i love this blog! <3

Ida said...

Mischa in her boots - hilarious. This girl will never learn, I've given up hope.

And Cate Blanchett is stunning in those ads!

Jacqueline Carlisle said...

I enjoyed your blog very much. Not like the usual celebrity blog, really well laid out.

coco said...

I didn't see those boots on Mischa before, ick! Why did she put them on???

thesil said...

Kate Blanchett looks amazing at these ads!

Daniel Criag´s cover is horrible, I prefer the other pic which could have been a better cover.

Sorry but I love the Olsen´s style!

And love the couple Orlando&Miranda!Hope they don´t split up!

Penny said...

The outfit on Rachel Weiz looks amazing, can't wait for that issue!

Vain and Vapid said...

Wow, those Donna Karan ads with Cate are gorgeous. I am not usually a fan of Donna Karan but these dresses are so streamlined and chic and suit Cate so well.

Selma's baby is so cute, she looks like a living doll.


HOLY MOLY where do i start!? haha. Fantastic post once again dawwwling:) LOVE LOVE the Ross women, so much style. EW EW Mischa, come on boots at the beach? shes just upsetting these days. It really is amazing how AMAZING Drew looked in those missoni ads! gorgeous. love the Kar L. shirt, very cute/silly.

have a lovely week,

Carolina Lange said...

Camila Alves is looking amazing!