How much do I love blazers right now? A lot! Finding the perfect blazer to me is like the hardest thing ever, the length is too short or too long the shoulders are too wide or narrow or I can't get the buttons to sit properly when you do them up. When you find that perfect blazer (as they have) it can make all the difference to a simple outfit, bring you from boring to effortlessly chic.

I love the hat the last guy is wearing, I wish it was mine!

I never thought of wearing an extra long blazer, but who knew it could look this cool?

KARL LAGERFELD / KANYE WEST both look amazing in their blazers. As cocky as Kanye is, he still manages to look effortlessly cool. I wish he would smile more though and stop being such a grouch.

Street style source:
Source, Source, Source & Source

ASHLEY OLSEN'S main item through the years has always been a good blazer. If you want to steal her style, this is what you need to have in your wardrobe.

I've also grown quite fond of the white blazer, though it's hard to find just the right one that makes you look good, but not like your trying too hard to be chic.

MARY KATE OLSEN / NICOLE RICHIE. It's not often that you see Mary-Kate in a blazer, so when she does wear one we sit up and take notice! Nicole has had a thing for round edge blazers the last few years, they are very structured and give you a lot of shape. This is the kind of blazer you want to wear to a fancy events.

ALEXA CHUNG. I call this the school boy uniform blazer, some of the best places to find them if you are lucky are in the boys section at thrift shops.

KATE MOSS. The blazer is a staple if you want her style. Actually when it comes to it fashionistas, all of them seem to have one. I've distracted by her amazing leopard print scarf here.

I've also been quite fascinated by grey blazers, if you want a quick cheap one Old Navy has them though I wouldn't say they are the best fitting.



I thought I recognized the top the girl was wearing from ModCloth. You can buy it on their website, but I think it's currently sold out.


I'm so in love with this skirt!



I don't know why she has a clothing line, but for some reason I don't mind it. It's nothing amazing,but the T-shirts are cute. It's a lot better then Ashlee for Wet Seal, Avril's Abbey Dawn and Paris' Doll House.


I hate when Jaslene shows her stomach, she's so skinny it freaks me out.

I'm not sure where Audrey is expecting people to wear those gigantor flowers



AMY ADAMS IN LOUIS VUITTON. I love this girl she was so fantastic in Miss Pettigrew, and I hear she's engaged to her boyfriend of 6 years. Congrats!

CANADIAN ACTRESS EMANUELLE CHRIQUI IN LOUIS VUITTON. This is my favorite dress from this Louis Vuitton collection, it's beautiful and so wearable at the same time.

ANGIE HARMON. Is this a jumpsuit? I hope not, I'm sick of seeing this girl in jumpsuits.

EMMA STONE. How cute does she look here? Yellow and green always looks stunning on red heads! I also like that she didn't match the shoes the the belt.



This dress reminds me so much of Gwen Stefani, isn't that girl ready to pop yet?

I've got that same tome from AA except mine is in green and beige. If I had known they had it in black and white I would have gotten that one instead, but sometimes you can't find the colors you want at American Apparel.



PAULA PATTON AND ROBIN THICKE. These two are such a cute couple, I wish I could have Robin signing in my ear.

IN VERSACE. I don't like the Versace vesion, orange and black reminds me so much of Halloween and that's not a good thing.

ROSE MCGOWAN IN DOLCE AND GABBANA. I wonder where she is going in that dress? Just to the corner store?

MAGGIE GYLLENHAAL IN ZAC POSEN. She reminds me so much of when Gwyneth Paltrow was promoting Iron Man, what a style transformation!

JENNIFER HUDSON. God bless her fashion soul because she tries so hard, but sometimes it just doesn't work out for her.

NICOLE RICHIE. I love this whole look here, the jeans, bag, top and hair so cute. She's really simplifired her style from the good old days. I sort of miss the old Nicole, but I don't mind the new one either.

JESSICA SIMPSON. This girl is always so dressed up lately no matter where she goes. Hopefully it gives her confidence to feel better about herself, while everyone is dragging her down.

NAOMI CAMPBELL. Must be nice to live the high life with your Russian billionaire boyfriend, hopefully he doesn't keep any phones around her.

DIANE KRUGER. I always look forward to seeing pictures of her, even though she doesn't come out much, but when she does watch out!

ASHANTI. I've never been into roses or flowers on shoes. Ashanti's are not too bad, but they just don't appeal to me regardless.

JENNIFER LOPEZ. OMG, I love this dress! Happy 39th birthday, you don't look a day over 50! Just kidding!

HALEE BARRY & NAHLA. Finally we get a climps of her! I guess this means she won't be selling her baby pictures to the tabloids? It's okay Nahla's hotness would blind anybody looking at the pages.

NICOLE KIDMAN. I can't believe she's back to her pre baby body just two weeks later? She probably gave birth quicky followed by lipo.

MARCHESA DESIGNER GEORGINA CHAPMAN AND HUSBAND HARVEY WEINSTEIN. Work it out!! Must be nice to have such a hot wife, I really love her beach outfit, does anyone know where I could find something similar?



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I got an email today from Madison at WhoWhatWear,
first I was honored that she even knew I was alive! She also wanted to let my readers know that Who What Wear is giving away a mini wardrobe from Mary Kate and Ashley Olsen's Elizabeth and James Summer 2008 Collection to one lucky subscriber!


WendyB said...

When I see the words "hot pepaw" I think of my husband ;-)

Savvy Gal said...

A gal just can't have too many blazers, especially black ones. I love how Nicole Riche wore a long thin scarf with tee and jeans, it's one of my favorite methods as well. As for Nicole Kidman, I agree, she prob had some sort of tuck and prob she did not gain that much weight to begin with.

Juliet said...

Blaizer has been on my list too, for a long time.

juliet xxx

Miss Woo said...

I really want Alexa Chung's blazer, damn her for getting there first!

stilettostetico said...

To be honest, I really don't know who Emma Stone is . . . BUT She's literally Radiant !!! And the delightful Georgina Chapman is the epitome of CLASSY, unruffled Serenity . . .

A Bientôt, Antoine

keira antoia rose said...

the last redheaded girl in the first section of blazers has my favorite blazer on. That would be perfect for me. if only i could find one like that! i love the way rhianna wears her skirt. the clothing line loooks interesting. i especially like the red tee jaslene has on. and i actually really love the huge flowers and headband. amy adams looks fantastic! angie harmon and maggie gyllenhaal look stunning as well. gotta love good ol' zac posen.

xoxo isabella clarisse xoxo

Aliena said...

I'm seriously beginning to doubt that Nicole Kidman has even been pregnant!!! No pre-birth bump and no post-birth body???' Weird.

aizat.cinta.goddess said...

rose mcgowan is fantastic!!she can pull it of!!


welcome to Paris Jen

i will show you some great area

when exactly will you come ?

did you see in my blog how Paris and girls are beautiful in summer ?

cheers from Paris


Belle said...

I love blazers too, they are really cute, and look great with just about everything. I wish my school blazer was a bit more tailored.

coco said...

I really love Amy Adams in that colour. I totally missed those pictures before.
I always thought she had a rather plain style but I'm keeping my eye on her from now on.

Penny said...

I really love the grey blazer the blonde girl is wearing.
Your extra long posts are wonderful, like a feast for the eyes!

LML said...

you are soooo right: finding THE perfect blazer is very hard!


Cool post! Love to wear blazers as well. Perfect for summer in Belgium :-)


Make Do and Mend said...

Blazers are so de rigeur but even that everyone is wearing one it doesn't seem to matter because they look great.
I'm liking Nicole Ritchie's new make up - did you spot the change?

Sharon Rose said...

Hi jen-a really great post-I too love blazers and you're right, its hard to get the 'right' one!! I love the look of the white one too, but realistically will stick with my grey and black ones, although I'm looking for a navy one-in a shrunken fitted look, as my grey one is a longer length!!

FashionSqueah! said...

Thanks for the comment! I totally agree, I've been working lots this summer but so far haven't saved any money as I've been spending it all on clothes! I love blazers on other people but they never look quite right on me...I think it's 'cause my arms are really long so they never fit quite right! Char x

* Fashion Dreamer * said...

Love your blazer pics, Ashley Olsen is my favourite! Finding the perfect blazer is that elusive find, I've just taken to wearing the blazer from my work suit!

fashion herald said...

i'm digging the long blazer, and you're right, Kate's leopard print scarf is totally distracting, i love it. Great post, totally entertaining!

Kira Fashion said...

Blazer: a timeless classy!
love it!

a kiss my frienD!

Siljesfashion said...

Love blazers, they can make any outfit cool. Havent tried the oversized version, but it looks good. Ashley is agreat source for inspiration. Thank you for that lovely comment on my dress!

Jazzi McG said...

I got a perfectly fitting blazer at H&M recently, but this is the blazer that has my heart since I saw it on Rihanna:

Lust for Fashion said...

Thank you for the lovely comment!!!
I need to find more blazers like the ones in this post!
I love Nicole Richie, even though she's transformed, she still has that good ol' sense of humor!

we wear things said...

ahh... i love blazers.. i just wish the weather was cool enough to wear them.

we wear things said...

ahh... i love blazers.. i just wish the weather was cool enough to wear them.

sofi said...

I have been looking for a long double button blazer for as long as I can remember ! If you have the time I wrote a post that I would love your... Input on. Thanks!

The Seeker said...

Great posts as usual Jean.

You're sooooo right, a blazer is a piece that can make all the difference.
Due to my job I must have some, but it's always a trouble to find a good one.
Love those long ones...

Thank you so much for your kind words... sorry my absense, but you know... I'm on holidays ;)


Anonymous said...

i laughed out loud when i read that thing about naomi campbell!

NewlyInspired said...

MK and Nicole! YAY! I kinda like Aubrey's headbands she has going...

enc said...

It'll be nice when it's cool enough to get my blazers out. I love that photo of The Kaiser. He never changes.

G & W said...

ashley olsen should have been born in a blazer. she looks so elegant whenever she wears one, no matter its size! and as for that dress by d&g...i wannnttt!

alis said...

Great blazer inspiration! I need one desperately but me too can't find a perfect style/fit. I saw on Augusts's Glamour UK a great looking light grey flannel blazer coming to GAP.

Whoever she is the Emma Stone girl is so pretty, like the old Lindsay Lohan.

Carolina Lange said...

I'm loving blazers! Great post!