I've been tagged by Lynn of Heart and Soul and Cate from Retro Lifestyle , for this what's in your bag thing. Anyone that comments on this post can consider themselves tagged as well :)

1. Ray Bans 2. My crappy phone that's getting replaced this week 3. Work security Pass 4. Agenda 5. Lip Stick Queen, lipstick in Sinner 6. Cover Girl mirror 7. Hand Cream 8. Ipod Video 9. Teen Vogue 10. American Apparel wallet (yeah the one that looks like a Pad) 11. Lighter, not because I smoke, but just in case anybody asks for a light! It's a good conversation starter haha 12. Keys for my apartment, my place in Australia and my parents house 13. Mitts 14. Bobby pins 15. Nail Clippers 16. Lobello lip balm & Victoria's secret lip gloss 17. Hanky 18. Ipod Sock 19. Pen 20.Bus Pass 21.Mini comb

Yeah my bag is full but I keep a lot of the small stuff in a makeup case.


I got some goodies at American Apparel last week, green scarf and a headband. I also decided to go with the green tights, but I'm starting to think I should have listened to you guys and went with the wine color!

Omigod I went thrifting today at Value Village "Savers" and it was a total gold mine! I got so much amazing stuff including this really cute throw.

I love these picture frames, they were only 5 dollars each and now they are above mine and my boyfriend's bed!

Florals are so in for spring, so I couldn't resist this top and how can I say no to a patent bag?

Ugh the color is so off on this shot I wish I could show how nice that Tommy Hilfiger button down is. I actually found it in the boys section, but it fit so well! Perfect for work.

I got a really nice trench coat (on the right), I always see so many of them at thrift shops but they are always way too big for me I was glad to finally find one that fits perfectly.



Can you believe were already talking about winter 2008? It always amazes me how far ahead you have to be in fashion. I really love this collection for the most part, it reminds me of Chane,l but with a quirky edge!

I love the bold cuts.

Not sure about the shoes the whole grey square block thing is creative, but possibly not feasible?

I love the first picture, inspired by their spring/summer 2008 collection.

These two dresses though are just terrible, they need to go back to the drawing board.



Stockholm street style always brings the best pictures.

I've gone gaga for those floral leggings.


Alex Turner from the Arctic Monkey's and British TV presenter Alexa Chung.



Is everyone as excited as I am?

Mahalo fashion,

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Photo Credits: Dlisted, Stockholm Street Style, Style.com


Rita said...

I love bag posts as well. And I had no idea there was some sort of "What's in Your Bag" chain when I wrote that post. If I had known, my post probably would not exist right now, hehe.

Wendy said...

Gosh, you got such lovely things. I love the patent purse you thrifted. Next time I go, I'll be on the look out. I'm kind of disappointed that this time I didn't see any floral worthy of buying. I like the top you found.

WendyB said...

I like your lighter strategy!

LoveHateSensation said...

The throw is really colorful and really cute.

schminnie said...

eek, I dont like the balenciaga shots, maybe because they look so flat

Grace said...

Haha, the AA wallet does look like a pad now that you mention it! :)

Oh, and the picture frames are neat!

J said...

I may do "What's in my bag" later tonight.. I so have nothing to blog about.

Oooh I love that street style.

And I am so excited for Sex & the City, but also preparing to be let down. I kind of think they should have gone out on top the way the show ended, but only time will tell.

And I LOVE posts about thrifting! I have been fiending to go to Value Village!

frankie-lou&tallulah said...

love those floral stockings.
that girls outfit is sooo cool.

we too are very very very uber excited for the sex and the city movie!!

love your blog.


Lynn said...

Ooohh... you definitely nailed it with 21 things in the bag. They look organized, I'm amazed. If it had been me, no I wouldn't even think what I'd become. I carry a lighter in my bag too, but mostly for protection, you know how people respond to cries of fire better than cries for help? Haha me thinks in dire situations light a fire and attract attention!!

Cool Urbanite. said...

Great finds. I'm loving the floral print piece!
Not totally in love with the Balenciaga Pre Fall collection, but like outfit number 7 :).

And that is one hot couple there, I'm seeing green (la Belle et la Bête :P) but gotta love em!

The Seeker said...

I did the bag post a few days, yours is very interresting, it's funny, we can know about a person by the pieces she caries on her bag.
I still think you should get the wine colour tights ;)
Nice things you got, and you were smart picking up the floral top.
Street style is always inspiration.
Sex and thee City... when would it come here????


Cate said...

i had tagged you too about that bag ^^ and you really do carry many things in it...by the way, my mobile phone is being replaced next week too! somehow i never carry around such useful things you always needas most people do, for example my bag is now containing a math book and a calculator. how bout that ^^
by the way i love the floral print top and the patent bag you bought!

Miss Woo said...

I'm digging the new season's Balenciaga way more than the Spring Collection, and love the floral top!

discothequechic said...

Very successful thrift trip by the looks of things.

I went on one myself yesterday too, it's a million times more satifying when you find something gorgeous than picking up one of 500,000 mass produced H and M goodies.

I particularly love the floral dress (I'm currently looking for one too) and the quilted bag.

And the quilt? My great granny is a craft queen and makes some that are just like this. There is also a tradition of her making crazy socks in the same pattern that the family wear for grunging around the house in.

Phewww, a brief history of my family there, I apologise!

PrincessPolly said...

I think Alexa is considered quite the fashion icon over here now - she's bloody hilarious as well. I will try and do the what's in my bag thing at some point, either later today or tomorrow. I don't think I really have anything in my bag right now as I'm not planning on leaving my flat!

the t-shirt girl said...

wow everything you bought is awesome!!!! i love the throw and i love nautical stuff, so those pictures are cute. but my favorites are the floral shirt and patent bag; they are adorable!! where them together!!

cotton candy said...

trench coat and floral top!! what perfect finds!!! and SATC ==> CAN'T WAIT!!!

coco said...

1. I don't like the SATC poster, it looks a little tacky but I am soooo excited although a little scared it will be rubbish
2. I adore that bag you got, was it a total bargin? It's rather Chanel
3. Those street style pics are fab, the one in the middle looked like Kimberly Stewart at first, and the third is so cool

P said...

Can't wait for SATC either!

I've already linked you, and was wondering if you could link me too :)

Jay Cam said...

how do you fit so much in your bag?!

all i carry around is my cellphone, wallet, and occasionaly my ipod!

deexdeexdreamer said...

this is great motivation, im actually off thrifting now too! the quilted chain bag is divine btw, + the boys section is usually where you find the best pieces right (or the kiddies section. shh)!

The Sewing Bunny said...

i am SO pumped for the sex & the city movie!

i'm a new reader of your blog, and i just want to say that i enjoy it tons!

U said...

Stockholm Street Style = love!

I think I'm gonna have to do the bag meme too, at some point... My male friends are constantly in awe of how much stuff I lug around, even when my bag is supposedly "empty". :D

The white knit looks fabulous!

jayne said...

haha the lighter thing is hilarious

Ana said...

i love your new purchases-especially the patent bag.
and good idea with the lighter haha.

Mine said...

Where is your patent bag from?
it looks gorgeous!

That Fashionista said...

I love what you found in your thrift run, I need to make a run soon before school starts. Congrats on finding the trench coat! I've always wanted one that fits well.

As for Balenciaga, right now, I'm not crazy about the looks. A few prove decent, rather I want to see them on the runway before I judge.

bigglassesgirl said...

great thrift finds - love the trench, floral dress, and sweaters

Imelda said...

I really love the floral t-shirt you thrifted and the floral legging from the Stockholm street style girl.

And I'm so looking forward to get carried away!

Aisha said...

I'm in love with your small patent bag. I wish I could thrift there =L, thrift stores here are fine, but I've never found something alike to your little bag =(

Secretista said...

Your bag reminds me of mine! So much stuff (I also am prepared with nail clippers and other goodies), but so organized!

The green tights are cute. Another pair couldn't hurt ;p (that's my shopaholicism talking).

copperoranges said...

I love ray-bans, but they are too big for my face. I found some nice ones in the same style for cheaper, though. I love that you posted your thrift store finds! Lucky girl!

The Clothes Horse said...

You always post the best things. This Balenciaga collection reminds me of Chanel. And I miss Value Village, none here.

Stararah said...

I love the top and throw you got A LOT. I wish we had a Value Village where I live.

Mabelle V said...

Oh that's such a good idea with the lighter.... I should remember that.. haha I love What's in my bag posts!

Mash said...

what a messy bag like mine ahaha :) just kidding ;)

Belinda said...

isn't it amazing how much "stuff" us girls carry around. even more amazing is that we ACTUALLY use it all - hahahahaha :oP

loving the boots in the balenciaga pics too.

thanks for your comments on my blog - that bouquet IS beautiful isn't it! i'm still deciding between something like that (but with pink flowers instead of blue), phalaenopsis orchids (the beautiful big white ones) or just classic white (or antique) roses. hmmmmmm.....decisions decisions!!

hope you're enjoying being back home :o)

!*!*!*!*!Fresh and Fab!*!*!*!*! said...

u have very nice things

im not that keen on the sex and the city film,

Diana @ So Fash'on said...

the jackets are very Chanel! Anyway, I just posted my spring/summer 2008 collection. Maybe you have time to take a look and tell me what you think? I'd really appreciate your thoughts!
xoxo, Diana

CountryGirl_CityLife said...

I am excited about Balenciaga. I just did the bag tag as well....

Emma said...

I adore thos floral tights to =) I enjoyed you comment on the skull t shirts

Héloïse J. said...

1. baleciaga's collection is indeed reminiscent of chanel but so much edgier!
2. ladies in stockholm seem to be always ahead. *jealous(!)
3.of course i'm excited! but i DON'T want to get dissapointed. CAUTION mrs SJ+friends!
4. i've managed to post again!! hurray :D (the load of studies is SO heavy :S)

hannah said...

i love those american apparel scarves. im addicted to my black one.

im glad you got the forest green tights. but what i relized when looking at them on the website, is that they might not be opaque enough and look funny, but i bet you look great i them. you should get the wine ones as well though, the more the merrier.


jellofer said...

I've been seeing a lot of posts lately of what's in girl's purses, but most of them are so neat and organized, with few items...FINALLY someone who likes to carry around as much stuff as I do! LOL.

Great buys by the way! And..I can't wait for the Sex and the City movie!!!!

Kira Fashion said...

I really wanna see that movie in a big screen as soon as possible!!! it will be fantastic see all that amazing clothes...wow!!!

a kiss

your is so amazing!
love all the pics


emsie said...

amazing post
i love the florals in it :)


Juliet said...

I am excited!

juliet xxx

Vintage Bunny said...

I have the same patent leather bag!
I like your white bag too!

atelier said...

Your lighter strategy it's funny. I think Balenciaga knee-high-boots are very very interesting! I am waiting for Sex and the City desesperately!

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

Wendy - You have to try try again!

LoveHateSensation - I know I love it to pieces!

schminnie - well I guess there suppose to be showing the clothes not themselves...

Lynn - that's a good idea about the protection thing, I never thought about it that way.

The Seeker - It's amazing what you learn eh?

atelier - Glad everyone likes it;)

Kira Fashion - me too I'll be first in line!

hannah - Oh I want a black one too now...

Héloïse J. & Coco - yeah i'm worried the movie will dissapointe.

Belinda - I've always carried my life with me!

Romeika said...


I didn't like "Sex and the City" poster so much, I'd rather see all the girls together than just Carrie..

Secret Agent said...

The clothes of yours look awesome! That trench coat rocks. I'd love one, but wouldn't know how I'd wear it.

Carolina Lange said...

Amazing street style pictures!
And I can't wait so the Sex and the city!!!