Okay let's start with Kate Bosworth, why is she on the cover of Vogue? Ugh she's been kissing Anna Wintour's Ass a bit too much lately. I stopped liking her when she went all "Hollywood". Yeah she's got good style, but it's not great definitely not deserving of Vogue. Has she been in any movies since superman? Am I missing something? Maybe I've been living under a rock and Kate really is that fabulous. I'll stop ranting now!

Onto a deserving cover, I was so glad to see Kate Moss and Naomi Campbell on the cover of Vogue, talk about iconic! I'm happy for these two, I mean they are both in their 30s and still working, that's what being a true classic beauty is all about, it doesn't fade that easily.


When I first saw these pictures of Rachel, I asked myself why, then my second thought was that she was being a bit of a sell out. I don't like the shoot, it's pretty cheesy. The cover picture is okay (see above) but her body looks so disproportionate, maybe it's the way she's positioned. I've seen pictures of her in swimwear before and she's got the tiniest waist I've ever seen!


Dear God, please let me look like this when I'm 40, thanks all my love Jen *wink*



The most beautiful and stylish woman in the world, Britney Spears!





Audrina / Lauren from The Hills

Finally Lauren is taking more risks, I love this! Audrina looks great in that color. She always pulls herself together and looks cute. I'm not a fan of her style, but I never dislike her outfits either.

Speidi / Kristen Cavallari

Heidi brought along her new lips, and I have to admit they look a lot better now that they have healed, but she's starting to look fake and plastic. She's was beautiful naturally I don't know why she had to do this to herself. Maybe she's one of those people that has that disease when you look in the mirror and all you see is ugly no matter how beautiful people tell you, you are? I can't remember the name of it.

I'm not sure about Kristen's dress, she looks okay I guess. Kind of boring and safe. I hated Kristen on Laguna beach, she was so evil! I still think LC and Stephen belong together!

Ashlee Simpson

Ashlee stole Lindsay's hair dye! She really looks good as a red head especially next to Pete Wentz. I've always loved her better with darker hair, I was so annoyed when she went back to blonde.

Lindsay Lohan

Lindsay has made her official comeback so I'm going to refrain from calling her Lilo, Linds or Lalala lohan for once. She needs to ask Ashlee for her hair dye back cause she's looking used, nice Herve Leger dress though.



She's has stepped out of the darkness with lace leggings. I actually like them, but the outfit is just so matchy matchy especially with the hair.

Mary-Kate Olsen

No no no! I hate everything about this outfit right down to the nude lipstick and the cheap looking yellow bag. Mary-Kate you fail me again! What is going on with you lately? I take it, it's the break up from Max Snow. You always seem to go on a strange fashion binge when you break up with your boyfriends.

Sarah Michelle Gellar Prinze / Jennifer Garner

Hot! These two are really making a red carpet come back, though I think the color of Sarah Michelle's dress was too bright for this time of the year, but I love it regardless.



Rachel "Chupacabra" Zoe

This picture is so contrasting, Salma is suppose to be older then Rachel, but yet look at Rachel... I mean I know she's had her skin smoothed out and stuff, but it's obvious she spent too much time in the sun when she was younger. I wish she would just act like a normal stylist and stay in the background instead of looking for more people to pounce on. Anyway her show comes to Bravo soon.

Allegra Versace

Talk about big improvements both body and style!



Kate Mara

Best dress by far!

Blake Lively / Selma Blair

I'm not sure if I like Blake's dress it's just a little too much on the shoulders and the bottom. It has a nice vintage feel though.

Ellen Pompeo

Don't like the skirt, but the rest is fine. Karl called and he wants his gloves back!




Mahalo fashion,

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Photo Credits: Dlisted, ONTD, Red Carpet Style Awards, American Apparel, Stockholm Street Style


Wendy said...

Great post! I like the lace tights Lindsay had on. But am hating on that ANTM group shoot. I don't know why, just don't like it.

The Clothes Horse said...

Ellen's look is too jumbled. Allegra is looking tons better--let's hope Rachel Zoe doesn't get her hands on her. I don't like celeb lingere shoots (or really any lingere shoots), but I still love Rachel Bilson (shorties unite!). And her underwear reminds me of Sailor Moon, which is amusing. And there's far too many other wonderful things in this post to comment and do them all justice! You rock.

Anonymous said...

well... i must say that Allegra look so good!! and healthy! but poor Rachel Zoe...
Can someone say that she doesn´t have some kind of physical disorder!???

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ she did, she went to rehab or something for it.

Grace said...

I commend Lauren (of Laguna Beach/ The Hills fame) for branching out, but to me she just seems bland.

I do think that Jennifer Garner is a hot hot mama!

Secretista said...

I was forgiven for my lateness because I'm always on time and work hard. Plus, it was my last day. So, what was she gunna do? FIRE ME?! LOL

Does Kate Bosworth have a movie coming out? Why is she all over the Fashion scene? She was featured in Harper's Bazaar as well as one of the best dressed women in the world or something.

I too hope my body looks like Demi's when I'm 40!

Lauren is looking good! The Hills is my guilty pleasure. I don't take pride in saying I watch the show, but I won't dis on it.

Heidi needs to just stop milking her 15 minutes of fame. The other girls are the stars! ARGH!

I wish Lindsey kept her natural hair color. It was what USED to set her apart from the other young stars, sigh.

Lynn said...

LOL Britney in the aviators look like Michael Jackson!! Love Selma Blair, will love her forever if she keeps it up. Demi had lots of jobs done to look like that, but pray I look that good when I'm 40! Chanel dress is absolutely divine!

Miss Woo said...

Kate and Naomi on cover of Paris Vogue! I need to grab myself a copy for a dose of old fashion supermodel glamour.

Grace's said...

I like this post, Rachel Bilson is very pretty but this shooting is boring, not nice, she's very "ugly", Kiss

Blue Floppy Hat said...

Blake Lively actually looks pretty good IMO, the hair and makeup are fantastic- she looks young and fresh and happy, which is perfect considering that she's only 20.
And yay for seeing Sarah Michelle Gellar back on the red carpet (I'm still in love with Buffy)..

PrincessPolly said...

I hate Kate Moss - not only do I think she's not good looking, and not particularly stylish, she's also a dreadful role model. I absolutely LOVE the colour of SMG's dress but she is looking waaaayyy too thin - I feel like someone could snap her in two with their pinky finger.

Imelda said...

Haha, Britney is just too funny :p

I really like the colorfull sheer tights, especially the blue ones. they look awesome.
Ashley looks really great with her hair like that.

And gosh I really love Kate Mara's outfit.

Anonymous said...

I do think blake's dress has too much going on the the top. She is hidden and her face isn't her best feature in my opinion. Show off the hair, the legs!

I a digging the sheer tights for spring but hate lindsay's lacy leggings, it seems a bit trashy for me and reminds me too much of my youth. ha.

Anonymous said...

I am so going to watch Rachel Zoe's show. But with all curtains drawn and doors locked. :)

Emma said...

good post nice and long =) I am linking you!

Jackie said...

Oooh, I love those lace tights that Lindsay has on.

And about Rachel, I'm a bit surprised. Seeing that cheesy sailor shot made me throw up a little of my breakfast.

Tala said...

totally right about lilo's hair! she should go back to the brunette/red. especially now when she needs to make a comeback. ashlee looks amazing, btw - r.i.p. jessica.

Katie Rosemary said...

I adore MK but even I've got to admit that outfit is in no way good!
Nice to see some original supers on the cover of Vogue though!
Agreed on Blake's dress... if only the skirt or shoulders weren't so big it would have been perfect!

Daphné said...

Oh God I hate Blake Lively's dress...it really is too much!But I do love Ashlee Simpson's new hair!

Kiera said...

Great post!
I love the Rachel one.... I totally agree. It's probably just for some more attention, considering the OC is done. Otherwise, I always thought she was classier that that.
Ha.... Spears.
Olsen? Oh no! So True! Looks like she went out one night and went to that premier with a hangover and no fresh clothes or makeup!
I'm a bit surprised with Blake's dress, but I see what she's going for. Besides, I love her.

Wow, all in all, fun post!

SET said...

The most beautiful and stylish woman in the world, Britney Spears!LO AT THE COMMENT.

coco said...

Lindsay has deffinately lost her edge!
And my reaction to those Rachel pics were the same, just WHY???

fritha louise said...

Ashlee's hair looks gorgeous that colour.
And never mind wishing for Demi's body when I'm 40, I wish I looked as good as that NOW!

hannah said...

mk doesnt look that great. the only thing i like is the scarf, but the bag does the cheap and the lipstick makes her look ill.

and as for rachel bilson, i dont really like how she looks in it, im just drawn to the bathing suit i think.


WendyB said...

Allegra is looking great.

Heather said...

LOL @ Britney Spears, good point about Kate Bosworth!

Cloverfield was such an amazing movie, and the premiere outfits were quite equally great.

Girlie said...

My first time here, and judging from the first post i saw... am loving it!!!

Cee-Cee said...

"The most beautiful and stylish woman in the world, Britney Spears!" haha:)


the models on the second row of the sheer tights images are so skinny!!! poor things..how can they promote these girls??is this Nina Ricci?

Aretha said...

Love your post! I hate Lindsay, I love sheer tights, and that cover of Vogue with Naomi and Kat is amazing! Kate Bosworth is not working for me neither!

The Seeker said...

great post with lots of information.
I like the sheer tights very much, are they for spring?
And Mary-Kate looks weird, in spite I like the colour of the bag it look really cheap.

Stararah said...

I really like Ashlee's new hair.
The sheer tights are nice.
And I love Kate Mara's dress.

Jay Cam said...

i like that blue tights!
: )

Mary-Kate Olsen look so old!
and what is she carrying in that bag? a dead raccoon?

Anonymous said...

yea i saw the rachel bilson shoot too and groaned, it's so trashy and if not worse, totally cleshe, she's so chic otherwise, esp this week why the hell did she do this crap :(

i like kate's style, but you're right she's like only famous for being a fashion icon now, which always bothers me, if you're going to be an icon in my book you need to actually do something other than have a sense of style, clearly she has no talent

kate mara looks fabulous as does jennifer garner, she really looks awesome these days

ellen pompeo is really always a disaster ewww

A.N said...

Kate Mara's DRESS! OMG, pretty!
Ashlee Simpson looks good, I think it's the pink coat as well.

Mary Kate needs to seriously looks really messed up. Though I'm into yellow bags now, that just won't do.

Sarah Michelle Gellar, I've been a fan of her dressing and her shows, yes, I was a buffy fanatic. So I'm too biased to leave a comment about her dress (:

penelope said...

love the vogue cover with naomi and kate!! it;s so pretty!! and of course!! loving LC more and more=p haha

kirsten's just so beautiful in those ads but cant miu miu come up with other ideas?! i swear the only color i see is maroon and maroon and maroon, season after season. maybe tt's their signature. but still~~

bitterbabe said...

My friend saw Demi and Ashton up in Whistler recently - she said that Demi doesn't look a day over 25! i'm so jealous! Rachel Z could learn a lot from her hey? love the sheer tights - i just did a post on american apparel clothing - i also LOVE LOVE LOVE Lauren's dress!

LoveHateSensation said...

Rachel Bilson is just i dont know with that sailor shot. Demi always amazing. Ashlee looks better. Lindsay looks worn out. And Mary Kate is a mess

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

^ yeah i don't get that whole bilson thing either, it's just so wrong!

the t-shirt girl said...

lol the britney thing made me laugh

and when does cycle ten come out?!?

Ana said...

god Allegra looks so much better. and Lindsay's outfit is cute in a very spring pastel-y way. but she had better go back to orange.

Jen (MahaloFashion) said...

The tshirt girl - I'm not sure, I think in a couple of weeks...

Clarinda said...

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