Paris Fashion week has shined upon us, gracing us with amazing collections. The Chanel spring 2008 was a large and interesting collection, it started out with the whole Americana look then more sporty, but they finished it off with signature Chanel suits and dresses. I've never been a fan of the whole red white and blue Americana look, but Karl managed to turned it into something classy and upscale, well done.

The celebrities came out in droves, Dita, Chloe, Courtney, Kanye, Sing, Naomi etc.

I was surprised to see that Rachel Bilson was there, I mean I know she's a 'fashion icon', but I kinda liked thinking that she stayed away from the whole seen and did her own thing, so much for that. She looks gorgeous though, perfect as always.

Of course where fashion is we find Posh Beckam, I love this girl she doesn't have a care in the world or that her breast look like two melons.
You've gotta have confidence to wear the stuff she does and to pull off with that kind of attitude. I liked her better in the spice girl days, she was still posh just more natural. Somebody needs to buy her a clue.


I love this outfit on Mischa, reminds me that I need to get a good crisp white shirt to go with my wardrobe.
Can you believe I don't have one? I've decided to choose a style, I've been tired of being all over the shop and buying stuff I never wore, so from now on I'm sleek, stylish and simple.

Jessica Simpson has been looking so much better lately, maybe she's trying to make John Mayer jealous since he has a new girlfriend. I feel bad for her cause you can tell she's really trying at everything she does, she needs to get back together with Nick and do newlyweds again hhaa.

Mahalo fashion,

Photo Credits: Style.com


Kat said...

Wow Chloe S. looks so cool on the front row wearing that sweater dress. Rachel Bilson does look so sweet as ever. Posh just looks scary, shame though as that green dress is actually beautiful but not on her. Love Mischa's look too.

stilettostetico said...

Because catwalks are not the exclusive theater of a virulent "Narcissism competition" : People and fashion editors are also actors, in an evanescent "aristocratic" vibe . . .

Cordially, Antoine

Miss Woo said...

That Chloe Sevigny jumper need to be on me, now! And is that Posh with Dita Von Teese? They look like two little dolls on top of a cake! x

Fashion Tidbits said...

Chanel~ the shoes, look at the shoes!!!!! i am so in love with them.
Chloe Sevigny's dress is divine! and rachel bilson looks good as always.

Jessica said...

That chanel collection would make me swoon too. I was overall disappointed by Paris...Milan for some reason really struck a cord with me

Chic Looks said...

Chloe Sevigny looks fab as always, and yeah Jessica Simpson is dressing much better, it must be a change of stylist or boyfriend :)

WendyB said...

I always love to see Chloe and Dita.

sara said...

ooh I really don't like that whole stars thing for chanel. I don't know chanel hasn't been that great lately.

Posh is just . . . hilarious! I really love her, though her boobs are just awful.

And mischa looks great, but way tired of seeing her!
Jessica looks really classy and I ADORE her second outfit!!

x sara o

I actually saw something out of elle girl and was amazed, i should really start looking into that magazine more often.

young.urban said...

Is it ok that I'm mildly obsessed with Dita? haha

I have some of the prices up in a blog on the myspace page, but I'll be sure to add them onto the main page too!

Anonymous said...

I'm totally digging the stars, on the fabric that is. Really cool and fresh, love it. Whats up with Courtney Love? gawd.

Flashy_Shades said...

i like that kanye pulled out all the stops for karl with the tux. its proper.

Lady N said...

Jessica does look really great...so jealous...

Jennifer said...

Lady N - she does look great, but it's nothing to be jealous about!

Kat - She always look cool, I don't know how she does it!

Miss Woo - hahah they do look like dolls don't they?

Jessica - New York fashion week was still the best for me, Paris ans milan had some good collections!

sara - elle girl is amazing, i want it to come back. Chanel has been so so but I really like this collection!

SET said...

Mischa looks amazing, i love the pale blue and white shirts are amazing i can have a 100 and still need more.

Kira Fashion said...

I ve been loving paris lately!!!

amazing all!

a kissssss