I had an entirely different post set up for today, but due to disk laptop problems I've had to scrounge a new one together, though I can't even remember what the original one was suppose to be hahaha!!

This is Chris Klein's new piece Ginnifer Goodwin, well not really new cause I've guess they've been together for a while now. Her name is actually Jennifer, maybe she changed it to be unique or something in the biz. I'm amazed at how many celebrities have changed their names, did you know Charlie Sheen is actually Carlos Estevez? Anyway, 'Ginnifer' has been in movies such as Mona Lisa Smile and Win a date with Tad Hamilton. She has an incredible sense of style, I'm close to putting her on the same pedestal as Diane Kruger.


I was really excited about the Balenciaga collection during Paris fashion week after being wowed by their previous tribal inspired collection. I was taken aback by these outfits on the runway, looks like something that could have been made out of paper mache. Now I'm trying to dog Balenciaga, I think the collection was unique, special and I loved all the floral patterns, remember when I said 'florals would be the next big thing'.
I've only posted four pictures though, because the collection was pretty much the same through out, so you get the gist of it.


Emilio Pucci was such an incredible designer in the 50s, 60s, and 70s still today, nearly 15 years after his death. The brand is currently being run my Matthew Williamson and his daughter Laudomia Pucci. I have to ask myself though, is there anything Pucci doesn't do?

Somewhat affordable Puccci at Ron Herman.

Cotton Scarf $ 55.00 Diamond silk scarf $ 140.00


This is what I love about Nicole Richie, her outfits are so simple and wearable that any of us could do it. I mean all it is is a white t-shirt, and some leggings, you could pick up that stuff at Target or Zellers and still look cool.

I appreciate the effort from Nicole with this one, but I don't like this outfit. Yes I have something against crop tops. I would have preferred to see her in an all white maxi dress with her hair pulled up!


Congrats! The first issue of Vogue India! Thoughts on Aussie model Gemma Ward being on the cover as well? This reminds me of the Vogue China issue.


Extra Treat, Video from the Olsens collection "The Row". It's pretty low quality, but I still can't help but droll over all these pieces apparently it was styled by Victoria Traina.

Mahalo fashion,

Photo Credits: Style.com, Ron Herman
Video Credit: Adorevintage forum


Carressa said...

I love the Pucci dishes. Love them. Nevermind I love just about everything Pucci.

cotton candy said...

ginnifer is really unique i think. what she wears is quite different and i really like that. ^^

Shaz said...

i don't understand what the point of putting gemma ward on the cover of Indian Vogue was for. I think it just had to do with bringing a western awareness to the launch as Gemma is pretty well known.

And your right, thats exactly what i thought when i saw the cover, it reminded me of the chinese one as well and the one were they had like 9 of the top supermodels on a cover.

Ginnfer always looks great, but doesn't get much recognition

WendyB said...

I'm still laughing at "new piece."

-S said...

it's amazing isn't it? i wonder what they studio woul change myname to.

miss vintage love said...

Oooh, I love that plaid dress. Casual but gorgeous...

Lady N said...

That's interesting she changed her name from starting with a J to a G - very interesting. It definitely stands out. I never noticed that about Nicole's outfits - but you're right!

TresChic said...

a pucci print swimsuit always needed for summer

sara said...

Okay I love Ginnifer's style - amazing!

And I totally love those floral designs, I remember those dresses people would wear to weddings, and agreed cropped tops are a def no.

VOGUE India is very cool, and I so want to check out the new collection, the video was amazing.

x sara o

Anonymous said...

Victoria Traina has fab style.

Barb. said...

nicole is so perfect x] - i don't like tops too! bye

jadorevogue said...

Ginnifer Goodwin looks good on the red carpet partly because she has a great stylist, Penny Lovell.
The Balenciaga show was amazing, the floral prints and the strong silhouettes.
And I looove Nicole Richie's laid back style. She alwas manages to look stylish, even in the most basic clothes.
Great post, like always :)

young.urban said...

Your blog is wonderful! I love.

LML said...

im really liking Gennifer - and her name :P

LML said...

im really liking Gennifer - and her name :P

In Yr Fshn said...

Ginnifer is also interesting because she has such a child-like face, and the contrast between that and her edgy clothing makes her stand out a bit more.