I saw a post on ONTD that depicted Britney through the years, I couldn't help (like everyone else) but notice that Britney never had a good sense of style. Maybe the fact that she was hot deterred us from the public really taking notice until she shaved her head. I knew this girl was always crazy, even when I was 13-14 when she came out, I always thought there was something off and kooky about that girl and now my suspicions have been confirmed. So in honour of Britney going tanning and smiling after losing her kids to Kfed, I bring you this post. I have one word to say "Horrible".

Thank God for Britney's younger sister Jamie-Lynn who hasn't gone over the deep end...yet. While her style isn't perfect you can tell it's her own and that she's happy and comfortable in her clothes. The two first outfits are my favorite, the orange frock is genius!

These florals are not bad, but I'm not crazy about them either, love her shoes though on the left.

I think her pink dress on the right is bit cheap looking, something you could pick up for 9.99 at Sirens .

Fresh and cute.


I saw the pictures of these lucky bloggers on Stil In Berlin, they were invited by Chanel from a list of 100 bloggers to go to Paris for a few days and basque in fashion glory. I'm so jealous, one can only hope!

Jamie Roy - Fabsugar / Susanna Lau - Style bubble

Two of my favorite blogs, though me and Suzy don't have the same sense of style and my attention span isn't long enough to read through her posts I am in aw at how creative she is, she's truly unique. Jamie is so beautiful and is dressed so perfectly!

Adrian Corsin - Fashion is Verbatim / Lera Sorokina - F. A. D.

I'm a bit less familiar with these two bloggers, I've never read Adrian's blog, but I have seen Lera's. There both great, and Adrian's is unique, a bookmark for sure!


Burberry Spring 2008 ready to wear, I'm impressed with Buberry, somehow they have managed to redefine chic in a new fresh way that I haven't seen, BRAVO!


Belinda said...

Unfortunately, Britney's look is tragic trailer trash - do you think she's ever employed a stylist? Let's hope her li'l sis continues to learn from Brit's mistakes and avoids them like the plague.

Also love the Burberry range, esp the top left pic.

PS Hope you had fun in Sydney ;o)

glamour girly said...

New blogger pic of you = cute!

- Oh, poor, poor Brit. Alas, I never liked her. And OhMIGOSH, those cottage cheese thighs, ewwwww.

- Her sis rocks, especially that orange dress!

- LOVE those bright Burberry colors on the bottom pics.


WendyB said...

Britney used to have great abs. Where's a picture of MY RING?! I kid! All the blogger pix are great, but I'm especially taken by Lera's. Hot! P.S. I'm adding you to my links!

Jennifer said...

Belinda - I don't think britney ever had a stylist, she specializes in trailer trash.

glamour girly - Thanks for the compliment, yeah I hope her sister stays the way she is, maybe one day she'll be more famous then brit!

WendyB - She had the hottest body!

penelope said...

i feel sorry for brit..i really do. sigh. anyhow
went to see a list of the bloggers invited and their blogs and they're FABBB!!!!! haha
love burberry's collection and the colors! yum! i love the colors! haha!

anyhow thanks for d compliment! haha!! i love the pants too=p haha but still~ i love rach's too! haha!

fab post!

Anonymous said...

They clebruty blogs are saying Britney dresses like trash on purpose now. To keep herself in the public eye.

Miss Woo said...

hey nice blog!
I can't look at Britney without wincing these days. Someone please put her in a hospital. Like, now.

Romeika said...

*ouch!* You've definetely picked one of the trashiest outfits Britney has ever worn! I've noticed the same about her sis, who dresses a lot better, though i haven't seen any every day life photo of hers...

Shaz said...

Yeah Britney has always had bad fashion sense, but putting all the pictures together like that is really overwhelming..i really do feel sorry for the way her life has turned out and it is K-Feds fault!

coco said...

yeah britney has always got it wrong, but before people found it sweet and innocent 'that poor young girl who is experimenting with her style' now she is a mum and we all know she isnt the innocent virgin we once thought no one cares about being nice any more
and i dont really think jamie is much better, she just seems to have learnt to brush her hair unlike britney
and the Buberry show impressed me as well
it was very chic

Miu Miu's Atelier said...

i know britney has horrible fashion sense but i feel so sorry for her i wish she could get her life back together so she could get her two boys back and get well

Secret Agent said...

What are you talking about? Those Britney pictures you posted up look great--all 30 cottage-cheese-thighs of them look awesome.

I've gotta say, Burberry looks great! Honestly... boys and girls clothing look stellar! If I was as thin and tiny as these male models (and perhaps had the cash) I'd be wearing Burberry...and then I could finally be considered a YUPPIE...except I don't really have a professional job. Blah blah..

LML said...

oh, GOSH! britney was always a horrible dresser - youre right! her sister is better

im really liking the burberry collection!

Moose on the Loose said...

UGGGGGGGGGGGG! Britney is such a disaster!!! Thank goodness she can't be a parent to those poor boys anymore.

The Burberry is fab. Love the bright blue and the clean khaki and white.


omg i think the 4th row of britney spears is by far the WORST her pants with the strings all tied up in the front look disgusting it kinda looks like her PUBLIC HAIR. lol ewwwwwwww gosh that was seriously horrifying.

Lady N said...

I don't think I have ever liked Britney's outfits that much, I've never been wowed by anything she wore. She's a total mess.

Vintage Bunny said...

I agree....Brit' s style has always been trailer trash!
Her sister looks better!

Cris Lazoru said...

Really great post! Yes Britney has never been a fashion icon that's for sure. Thanks Jamie is taking care fo the family name. And Burberry was really lovely


Aisha said...

I'm sorry for Britney. But i have to admit she deserves that, and maybe she'll stay out of drugs now she's missing her kids.

I agree with you, I think her sister does a lot better when it comes about fashion.

I love in Burberry how they wear the thin belt over cardigans =), so cute.


Who's That Fashionista? said...

Oh, I do not know what to say about poor Brit. I am going to leave that subject alone though because...just because...
Anyway, those bloggers are so LUCKY. Damn, I wish that were me!!!
Absolutely adore the very first Burberry outfit.

Fashion Tidbits said...

super blog you have!:)
i'm loving the burberry collection. as for Britney's sense of style...i have no idea..

Kira Fashion said...

Brit will never come back to be what ahs was...it´s on the past.

a kiss

great looks!

Seraphine said...

Britney is very pretty. I'm sorry to hear about her problems.

vonnie said...

okay, now that picture with britney in the little shirt with no pants is just sick!

Burberry certainly has my vote with this amazing collection! so chic


Fenke said...

I feel sorry for britney aswell...i mean isn't there someone who helps her out? well her mother is definitely focussing of bringing her secondborn into the spotlight - now that her former cashcow has turned into this... no, no, no bad words about brit. mark my first sentence.