I've been in Sydney for the last week, it was a pretty average trip things didn't go right from the start when the baggage system failed in Melbourne and I didn't get my bag for 3 days ( including probably 1500 other people). Having to wear my undies inside out in hot weather wasn't exactly the way I wanted it to go, but what can you do. QANTAS SUCKS, they didn't even apologize!
Anyway I'm glad to be back!
On a side note, a few of you on my last post seem to have been taken aback by my distaste for Luella's collection, normally I love her stuff, while it was unique, I still think it was a shit collection that didn't make any sense.


UGLY BETTY IS BACK ON...the first episode was so heart wrenching with Hilda dreaming about Santos, they really played a mind trick on us. I love Vanessa Williams, thank god she's got something going on besides those pro-active ads.


Nicole Richie in the fall issue of Citizen K, I really like the two last pictures and that belt is stunning!

How can she wear heels like that? I've always wanted to be able to wear heels (considering I'm short) but I've been cursed with flat painful feet.

Which bikini do you like better? I'm partial to the red one, it's more modest, the green one looks a little too trashy for somebody that's going to be a mother.


I had to give praise to my boys Dean and Dan from my home and native land, Canadiana!

I absolutely love Dsquared! I had to post this picture from their Canadian inspired collection in 2004, I love how they mix humor with fashion in such a seamless way.

Literally what a surprise, I didn't expect Rihanna at the Dsquared show in Milan let alone walking the runway. She sure has the height of a model but she looked very nervous walking the runway, still good job Riri!
The Dsquared collection was very glamorous, I like how they keep it fresh and different with every collection. I liked it, but I did not love it, one thing Dsquared does understand is a woman's body, the cuts of the bikinis are absolutely perfect!


I gasped when I saw Matthew Williamson's tribal collection, now this is what Luella wishes she would have done. It's so bright and funky and I love all the patterns, he's right on point with all the latest trends and still has his signature detailing. I wish I could afford anything from this collection, it's one of my favorites that I've seen in a while.


I'm catching up with all my favorite celebs, though I like Sienna's outfit, it's her hair that struck me. It makes me wish the voltage on my large barrel crimper worked here in Australia, but unfortunately I'm going to have to wait till I go back home to Canada to use it again.

I love how the twins share clothes, Ashley wore that leather Jacket Mary-Kate is wearing earlier this year when MK was doing the old lady look, how can I forget. Stylish as usual ladies!

This dress was a nice surprise from Lauren Conrad, she normally wears solid pieces. She looks beautiful and sun kissed in this dress, I hope she keeps this up!

Mischa Mischa, I still say your an attention whore but at least you have good reason, your outfits are hot. Her scarf is genius, she makes me want to run to Salvo's (Aussie salvation army) and look for one that is similar, but I think what's really working for her is her dark hair.

She looks so old Hollywood with her hair pulled back that way.

Rachel makes me want to lose 10 pounds now! I've been contemplating this lemon-pepper-water- maple syrup diet Ashanti is raving about but I don't know if I could last that long without solid food.

Omigosh isn't Rachel's sister cute? She's like a mini her!

I'm going to do another celeb style feature on Thandie soon, here's a small preview!

Mahalo fashion,

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Photo Credits: fabsugar, justjared, style.com


Marsadie said...

Lots of comments from me!

- Welcome back! Missed reading your entries.

- I want to look like Nicole does when I'm pregnant in a bathing suit. Annnd, those high heels are ridiculously cool, too bad I'm already so tall.

- Mathew Williamson's tribal collection looks AMAZING. omg. Hi, spring '08 wardrobe.

- Interview me anytime! ♥

Marsadie said...

ADDITIONALLY (sorry I forgot the rest...)

- I like Mary Kate more after watching her on Weeds. A LOT more.

- Micscha's wide legs are dope. And the scarf.

- Bilson needs to stop wearing those hideous cut-offs. Otherwise, she's cute.

WendyB said...

I love Nicole's style (but she should thank Rachel Zoe for getting her on the right track). That sucks about the luggage. My luggage got lost on the way to Barcelona and I still have bad feelings about that city, years later!

Romeika said...

Welcome back! Nicole looks good, pregnancy really suits her, i guess both bikinis are all right.. I haven't finished watched the first Ugly Betty season:-S

cotton candy said...

welcome back!! what a horrible feeling to have worn your undies inside out!! urgh...qantas is such a disgrace to sydney....><" i am disgraced too since i live in sydney...=.="

meanwhile, i agree with romeika. pregnancy really suits nicole. and im always inspired by what ashley and mk wear!! so stylish!

Carolina Lange said...

I'm glad you are back!
Love the photos of Nicole, she is allways looking amazing!
I also love Dsquared!
Matthew Williamson's collection is fantastic, love all the looks!
And Rachel looks great in the pictures!
Great catch up post!

Seraphine said...

At least you arrived safely, even if your luggage was delayed.

It's great seeing pics of Nicole. She *should* be showing off herself, why not?

glamour girly said...

missed you, Jen! So glad you are back, but that sucks about the luggage - airlines suck.

- i also have flat, painful feet so I totally sympathize with you about not being able to wear crazy, cute heels like that.

- i love the Dsquared bikinis, they do know the woman's body. And I love that they used Rihanna. She's amazing.

- the tribal collection rocks
- so does Sienna Miller's hair, but I am not for sure why she isn't wearing a bra!

- Lauren Conrad + color = fantastic. I am super excited about the Hills tonight.

- Mischa does look great with dark hair!

So glad you are back!

biba_46 said...

i love ashley olsen in the photo you'v posted

penelope said...

i'm glad u're back!!
anyhow. i gta say; i'm not sure if i would wear a two piece whn i;m preggars so i gta say nicole's got GUTS!!! i love tt girl!! and rach's lil sis looks so cute! she's real lucky! haha!

anyhow thanks for d comment! an di gta say- poor isabelle is sick ever since she was a teen and i bet a million bucks she'll be so friggin sad if she knows tt ppl would wna be like her EVEN MORE after this ad...


Vintage Bunny said...

I love how Nicole Richie is looking.She looks great.
Also love tHandie Newton so will stay tuned for that.
I wish I could look carelessly put together yet so chic like thses girls do!

penelope said...

oh anyhow jen!!
i'm gna be doing a post about some of the cities of the world and the lifestyle and fashion stuff of the place and i would like to interview you ( together with a few other girls) so if u were to agree to it; email me at iheartpearls@hotmail.com k?! thanks a million!

Who's That Fashionista? said...

I like the red bathing suit on nicole!

I did not think Rihanna looked awkward or that she felt that way bit she did sure stand out compared to the other models.

-S said...

welcome back!!


ive never heard of citizen k but it looks very intresting. i really like all your pictures! im gonna add you to my favorite links on the side of my blog cuz your just so awsome! keep on blogging<3

Jennifer said...

Seraphine - I'm not saying she shouldn't show her self off I just think the red suit is more modest.

yeah i got here safe, most airlines get you to your destination safe, doesn't excuse that they didn't apologize about the bags.

Marsadie - I wish I was tall like you Marsadie, lucky girl!

WendyB - I know it leaves a bad taste in your mouth, I'll never fly with them again.

Romeika - that show is bloody fantastic!

Who's That Fashionista? - I think she did.

maveri_ck<3 - I'll link you back!

glamour girly - Yay somebody who understands my feet!

penelope - I'll email you for sure later today!

discothequechic said...

wow, long post, ha!

The Nicole Richie pics are great, are those alternative covers? And how cute was she as a baby! Shall be purchasing that methinks..

Also the yellow at D squared is great, I think I love it so much because it rarely suits me, I'm like gluten intolerant people who can't stop eating bread when it comes to yellow, ha!

S xx

coco said...

wow long post
i love the nicole shoot, when was it taken? as there is no bump in sight
i actually think matthew williamsons collection was a little boring and prefered luellas by far
i love mischa, think lc looked slightly trashy and am SOOOOOOO excited Mark and Amanda are back in ugly betty
i have missed that bitchy two-some

Kira Fashion said...

amazing looks, specially from Nicole!!

i just didnt like that high hills on gold...

a kiss

Anonymous said...

ive missed you darling.. i love the nicole pictures... the d2 bikinis and thandies dress.. i saw a similar one yesterday but it wouldnt have been long enough for me... welcome back

Juliet said...

great to get you back !

juliet xxx

Katie Rosemary said...

yey you're back!
OMG rachel's sister... she is adorable! make a great couple with the little boy on my page haha
MKA looking fabulous as always... I love them so much

Lady N said...

Sienna Miller always looks fabulous, doesn't she? I didn't like Mischa look too much. I'm short too - and I wear heels all the time, but not one as tall as Nicole's!

Shaz said...

I will always love Rachel Bilson's style, it is always bang on.

Not a fan of Mischa Bartons look there, but her scarf is too cool for school.

Thandis dress is beautiful, but then again shes beautiful.

I love the photos of Nicole Richie!!

Fashion Tidbits said...

olsen twins and rachel bilson look awesome as always!