Alexander McQueen can really put on a show I loved looking at these pictures because they make you feel like your in the front row. The dresses are creative and unique and prove that presentation is so important, you can't just throw a bunch of dresses down the runway, you have to have the whole package.

I love the mythical rainbow fabric of these dresses, it reminds of me of cartoon character from my childhood...she had red hair, and looked like she was in a rainbow astronaut suit can anybody remember?

Look at those shoes! Designers can't possibly believe that someday women will be walking in these all over the world (though I realize they are just being creative) . Hello back and feet problems, but then who knows I've heard of these women who have their feet broken in certain places so they can fit into their stilettos better!
The scene around Paris, Kiki Dunst, Karl Lagerfeld and I believe Lily Allen? Or somebody that looks a lot like her!

Mary-Kate please stay away from Cory Kennedy she'll eat your soul...just look at her. Yeah as you may have guessed I don't like Cory, I've seen some videos of her and I think she's really up herself, she just got lucky. Real lucky.


One of my favorite models at the moment is Chanel Iman, she's Korean and African American, so gorgeous! I saw a clip of her on the Tyra Banks show and she seemed a little milky, but she knows how to rock it on the runway, she was born to model!

Speaking of awesome models, Agyness Deyn dyed her hair from 'white' to a fabulous chocolate brown. I've never been a fan of her blond hair, but at the same time it helped get her where she is and now that she's established she can afford to change it up.


Keep your eye out on this girl her name is Clémence Poésy she's in harry potter, all over Paris fashion week and her style is coming to knock you off your feet.

Mahalo fashion,


Mer said...

I loved the Alexander McQueen collection! Cheers

Miss Woo said...

Cory Kennedy looked a bit evil in those two pictures. Nice jumper though, is it Jeremy Scott?

And yay I love Chanel Iman, she looks so cute in all the pictures. You know a girl is chic when shes called Chanel.

WendyB said...

I loved the McQueen collection too!

Shopaholic D said...

Those photos are the AM show really do make you feel like you're in the front row!

I don't even know who Cory Kennedy is (I'm so bad w/ pop culture)

:) D

Romeika said...

I didn't even know who the hell Cory Kennedy was until a while ago, checking on some post on someone's style blog. I don't know anything about her or her style to rather like her or not, never seen an interview or anything. But from what i could see, it was pretty crazy the way she got "famous", which is certainly a phenomenon...

Love Kirsten's shades!

Seraphine said...

Your blog today is a visual feast. I love all the style ideas and your comments of them (I think the most 'interesting' styles, like those shoes, merely set the table for the rest of the feast, the same way elaborate floral displays might adorn a party).
I might try the reflective runway in one of my own shows...

glamour girly said...

Love Chanel Iman and all those rainbow dresses. It is just so much fun!


-S said...

McQueen fails to disappoint, and chanel iman? i am so over her.

carina said...

thats a great post. i like alexander mcqueen.

discothequechic said...

Kanye and Cory...tight n shit. LOL.

Like the new look btw, very grown up.

Ohhh and Alex, you genius. Issy is looking down from fashion heaven, proud!

S xx

LML said...

the Alexander McQueen collection are like works of art!
and is that kanye with CK? if it is , thats really funny!

Secret Agent said...

You know who I don't like? Agyness! She may be very cool or has great style, but I think she's this crazy nut who should stay away from the drugs. Have you seen her interviews? She sounds like she's...special. She goes round and round in the things she's trying to say. It's a mess. She's a mess!

Cory Kennedy is a bit full of herself, ya? Have you been to her blog? Searching for all those images of herself on WireImage and posting them up. Wow.

cotton candy said...

mcqueen is so cool!! i haven't noticed her collection yet but now, i really want to go see it for myself. it looks so good!

Jennifer said...

Secret Agent - Really? I've never seen her interviews I didnt know she was like that but I cant imagine.

Cory is a strange one, i've seen her blog and she is so full of herself, can't stand her! She got lucky that girl.

LML - It is, Kanye thinks he's a hipster now.

Miss Woo - I have no idea who it's by, it looks like pj's though.

Seraphine - thanks girl for the compliment, wow you do your own shows? I had no idea!

glamour girly - they are fab aren't they girly?

Shaz said...

Can someone please tell me what Cory Kennedy does for a living??!?!?! I always hear about her but have no idea who she is?

That Harry Potter chick looks awesome, shes young and already knows how to dress her way!

oh and by the way your new blog profile pic is so beautiful!