Christopher Kane is a London designer who graduated from Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design in 2006. He's worked with Versace and Top Shop and they say he's responsibilily for bringing the whole fluoro trend back to mainstream. I think he's incredibly talented, this collection from spring 2007 is old news, but still so striking. I haven't been this blown away by a designer since Marc Jacobs and Philip Lim.

Spring 2007 Ready to wear

I remember on my 13th birthday I wore this crushed velvet top with these bell bottoms because they were oh so trendy. Years later I find myself shaking my head in disgust that I ever wore something so disastrous, well not anymore. Christopher Kane, has brought crushed velvet back, and he's making it look so chic!

Fall 2007 Ready to wear

I absolutely loved and would purchase (if I had the money) almost this whole collection though some pieces were questionable, which I left out. Some of the tribal prints do remind me of the Matthew Williamson spring 2008 collection.

Spring 2008 Ready to wear


FOR THE AUSSIES: The Aria awards (Australia's Grammys) were on last night, and no I didn't watch it, only because I forgot. I still had to catch up on the fashions from the red carpet!

Nicole Kidman / Delta Goodrem

I think Nicole looked absolutely amazing, I love her jacket, it's very London of her! Delta Goodrem is keeping good on her new Sexy look. In case you don't know her, she's an amazing and talented singer and is currently dating former Westlife member Brian McFadden. SONGS TO DOWNLOAD: No me not I, In this life, Innocent eyes, Mistaken Identity.

Megan Gale / Hamish Blake / Sarah Blasko

Aussie supermodel Megan Gale looks amazing alongside her radio personality boyfriend Hamish Blake. I'm not sure about singer Sarah Blasko, I think she should have gone sans butterfly clip.

Claire Madden / The Veronicas

Former Big Brother contestant Claire Madden arrived in a God awful dress, the top part makes her boobs look saggy. And in case you don't know who the Veronica's are, say hello to singers Lisa and Jessica Origliasso. Lisa use to date Ashlee Simpson's ex, Ryan Cabrera. They have so much talent, I even bought their last CD which is rare! SONGS TO DOWNLOAD: Hook me up, 4ever, when it all falls apart, everything I'm not.

Missy Higgins / Kate Miller Heidke

Missy Higgins is currently in my "Music Obsessions" particularly for her song "Where I stood" other SONGS TO DOWNLOAD: Steer, The special two. Brisbane singer Kate reminds me of those LA hipsters, I really like her outfit bar the long black boots, it just doesn't work for me.

Keith Urban / Ben Lee

Most of you know Nicole Kidman's husband, Keith Urban. I'm not really into country music so I can't say too much, but I really like his song "You'll think of me". I think he dressed well to compliment Nicole, it was stylish, but casual at the same time. I actually really like Ben Lee's outfit here, but I wish he would have worn black dress shoes instead! If you don't know who Ben is, he use to date Claire Danes back in the day. The SONG TO DOWNLOAD: Catch my disease.


Roberto Cavalli for H & M party! Here is Bar Rafaeli rocking the zebra print dress, it's one of the items I will be looking at for sure, the line hits stores November 8th. You can view the full women's collection here, though it does leave much to be desired the individual pieces are not too bad.

Mahalo fashion,

Photo credits: Popsugar, Famous, Style.com


Debbie Shiamay said...

Wow! Christopher Kane's collection is so beautiful and colourful and well put together. Matthew Williamson does good with ruffles! And i LOVE The Veronicas!!! 4ever and 'when it all falls apart' are my favourites! Jen you rockkk

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

^ that wasn't matthew it's still christopher kane, sorry about the confusion.
thank you for saying that I rock, you rock too.

Kaye said...

It took a little while for me to flip to the same page as Kane, but now that I'm there, it's great (because naturally, I'm quite disturbed by fluoro- it was always a bit of a passé 80s trend in my eyes). Good on you for being just SOOOO forward with the crushed velvet! Shows some good fashion sense!

I didn't watch the ARIAs either, but I am intrigued by the Origliasso's dresses. Nicely decadent!

MOLLY GRAY said...

i love the sip thing.. i truly want one of those dresses...

In Yr Fshn said...

I love the Veronicas! My bf actually got me hooked. I've never heard of Missy Higgins, but she is so cute!

atelier said...

As "in yr fshn", I've never heard of Missy Higgins before, but I think she is cute and I love her shirt. Furthermore, thanks for remembering me how beautiful C. Kane's collection was!

The Clothes Horse said...

I absolutely loved the velvet mini dresses shown on the runway! So beautiful, so perfect for the holiday season and beyond. I would kill for one--if only I knew who to kill that would actually make me the recipient of said item. As is, I will merely mourn to never achieve such perfection in dress form.

Filó said...

I love all the "posts"...
Christopher Kane is sensational!!!!

Valley Girl said...

Love the first collection you posted! Is it me, or do you see a bit of Herve Leger's infuence in the first few dresses?

A said...

love the velvet!

Kira Fashion said...

amazing how Nicole kidman never gets old!
a kiss

Seraphine said...

Wearing velvet is tricky. It either looks great or it looks shabby. There is no center. I don't think it has a long life.

jayne said...

ooo i love the crushed velvet orange dress :)

discothequechic said...

Nicole and Delta in the same picture?

Umm ok!

Wish you had that picture of you in your Christopher Kane inspiring outfit!

Tres ahead of the times!

discothequechic said...

Btw, can't believe you're not on my links list!

Deary me...

Well, you're on there now!

ambika said...

I really like how uniform but still casual the pleats look on the butterfly clip dress. But yeah, losing the clip would help.

Secret Agent said...

Wow, Bar looks hot.

Miss V. said...

I love Christopher Kane. I don't really like his FW collection, but his new SS collection is lovely.

The Veronicas! I've heard of them. I don't really like their songs but they look pretty cool. The white puffy dress is my favourite.

Aretha said...

I love the blue details in some collections, and the bow in some outfits this season. Lovely!

Who's That Fashionista? said...

I just cannot do the whole zipper thing Christopher has got going there. It does not look good to me. Not even a little.

Mer said...

I love Missy Higgins style. Great review about Christopher Kane!

penelope said...

OMG delta sexed up her image?!!! whtever happened since the v last time i heard abt her?!!!

the veronicas are the best!!! love their music!!

and Bar Rafaeli looks amazing!! i'm so glad she paired them wif cute mary janes or the stilettoes would haf ruined it all!!

Jen (MahaloFashion.Com) said...

Kaye - I love the fluro trend I think it's a lot nicer then it was in the 90s and late 80s.

MOLLY GRAY - what slip thing?

In Yr Fshn - You should download her stuff, the veronicas are awesome!

atelier - I'll always loved his collection, I've kept the pictures as momentoes!

Filó - Thank you!!

Valley Girl - Oh yeah I can see the influence for sure!

Kira Fashion - I know her skin is baby soft! ( I assume)

discothequechic - I've linked you back!

Miss V. - the fall collection is interesting, i'm definitely all for ss!

Seraphine - he makes it look so amazingly chic!

Who's That Fashionista? - I haven't tried it so i'm not sure how cute it would be in reality.

penelop - I love what bar paired it with. Delta sexed it up, so different but she seems happy.

Anonymous said...

its not hamish blake... it's andy lee...

frankie-lou&tallulah said...

hey love your blog.
megan gale's bf is called andy lee not hamish blake.
hamish blake is andy lee's hilariousssss co-host.