Thanks glamour girly for my 5th rokin' girl blogger award, I'm seriously getting flattered!

Whitney's yellow bikini has had been itching to get ready for swim suit season here in Australia as the weather heats up plus I'll be heading off to Sydney in a couple of weeks time and Fiji (we opted out of Thailand) in November on my way back home to Canada. I nearly gasped when I saw these pictures of Whitney from The hills, she looks amazing in that yellow swimsuit I'm still looking for something of a similar cut since it looks like it would offer great coverage and support for my boobage.

I'm trying to figure out which swim suit combinations I like best, I'm drawn to the first and last picture, the white bikini bottoms are a little too skimpy for my taste.


Off the swim suit topic, I can't help but noticing how sophisticated Ashlee Simpson has been looking lately, Jessica could take some tips from her, work it girl!

Mahalo fashion,


Anonymous said...

I hate ashlee so I can't believe I am saying this but she looks great!

Jennifer said...

^ a lot of people hate her but I really love her music you can tell it comes from ther heart, especially her first album, anywho she does look great!

glamour girly said...

Wow, I want that yellow bikini - Whitney does look great. Your suit combos: I like the first & third ones - that green top is cute! Ashlee looks so amazing in that second pic. I didn't think it was possible. I haven't seen a good pic of Jessica Simpson in a while.


Shaz said...

I loved that Whitney girls bikini, but them i was like maybe its just because shes got fantastic body so anything looks great!

Ashlee Simpson looks great in the 2nd picture with the bright red lipstick and straight hair.

and your bikini combo's are cool, i really love the first pic with and the third pic. The black bottoms make the colors of the top half pop!

Ellen SB said...

Hm, she just jumped so fast from rock chick to posh-chic..... it becomes TO obvious that she has a (or 100) stylists.

Stephanie said...

They're an awesome local band! And the band members are very down to earth, too.

I love learning about new bands any time! I'm a musician myself. =)

Who's That Fashionista? said...

I like all the bikini combinations!

Jo said...

^me too!
the bikinis are all cute!
I really like the water-green one and the stripes too!

Carolina Lange said...

The bikinis combinations are all cute, hard to choose!
Ashlee looks great!

emsie said...

thanks for the comment! it's not actually my design, it was a premade one you can get on one of those sites, and i adapted slightly. so i can't really take the credit!

ashlee simpson has been looking great lately!


-S said...

i LOVE the yellow bikini, and ashlee simpson? it seems soo wrong to say she's been looking fashionable lately. however, it is true though.

Secret Agent said...

Alright, come on, Britney Spears looked pretty hot in the VMAs...okay, I take that back *barf*

Whitney looks like she has a skunk on her ahead. She's hot tho...kind of robotic and annoying when she talks (because it's always so cliche and boring).

Ashlee needs to continue singing and then embarrass herself through her dirty father and acid reflux.

LML said...

i love whitneys bathing suit - kinda retro looking... as for the bikini pairings, i like the 3rd - green and black the best!

Cris Lazoru said...

Whitney looks great! Love her. Great post,


coco said...

i love the cut of her bikini but to me it looks like it is a little too big for her
other than that it is perfect
ashlee is becoming more stylish but also a little boring
i dont like the pony tail in the top right pic but i love her hair in the bottom left one
great post

miss vintage love said...

Those yellow bikini bottoms are the cutest!

Tru said...

swim suit season? wow its getting too cold here to even wear shorts

Seraphine said...

I love the yellow bikini bottoms, especially the waist. And Ashlee *does* look nice.

Aisha said...

I truly believe Whitney is the real star of the Hills! She always looks great and so natural. Her biki's soooo pretty.

I like your 2nd and third bikini combinations.

And yeah, ashlee is looking great lately


A said...

i like the green bikini top the best :)

ashlee looks absolutely amazing in that second picture (and I never thought I would say that!)!!

fashionistakay said...

yeah its really nice to see ashlee hav a more grown up look.
p.s.check out my new post!you have a special mention.

penelope said...

well yer! whitney looks fab! but mustard is jus.. kinda harsh a color!
anyhow ashlee just looks so so different!!! she's so so glam!!!

ooh and; thanks for d comment! nicole's just fab!! haha!

love! congrats again!!

glamour girly said...

miss your posts!


Jennifer said...

glamour girly - there's been some new pics of jess if you look hard enough you'll find them
yeah i'm dying for a bikini just like whitneys!

Shaz - The first combination is my fav!

Ellen SB - I think she dresses rock and roll during the day time but she knows how to turn it up for events.

Secret Agent - yeah whitney's hair is a little strange
yeah britney hot, I think not!

coco - too big? not sure I love the look though so retro!

Aisha - You are so right about whitney, she is the star, well her and Lo.

glamour girly - been way too long I know!