The latest jewelry fashions can be found on the covers of magazines, as well as on the television. Depending on the look and body type of the celebrity, the jewelry they wear will attempt to accentuate or diminish a particular feature. The differing types of earrings that are available, for instance, can completely change the look of a celebrity and it is crucial to pick not only the right color for the outfit you have on, but the correct style so that it does not draw attention to a flaw. Fashion rings can also have an affect in the way a celebrities hand looks and the use of particular styles of fashion rings are also crucial as their hands are often seen on television and in the print media.

One item that is slowly, but surely making a comeback is topaz in rings. Topaz is seen today in fashion rings worn by runway models and celebrities alike for its beauty. Mystic topaz is a particularly popular version of topaz that is seen often and has a beautiful rainbow kaleidoscope of colors. Beyonce Knowles, the famous pop singer, is often seen around town wearing various fashion rings including one recently purchased with 5 carats of canary diamonds surrounded by white diamonds. As a matter of fact, her new perfume is called Diamonds, most due to her love of diamonds and diamond jewelry. The latest trends in jewelry can be seen on television and at various awards show, where actors and celebrities flaunt the latest creations from both the jewelry and clothing worlds.

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