Thanks to fashionista, for my 4th rockin' blogger award *Jumps up and down*

It's Jen bitch! sorry, I was inspired by Britney's new song ...
Okay so the VMA's were on yesterday and Britney thought it was fitting to provide her 'fans' with a shitty performance, parading in nothing more then her underwear. I don't even know what to say anymore...I was really rooting for her, her songs are not bad but she needs to get her shit together or retire, be a good mom and take care of her kids. There only going to be babies once...


The fashions at last nights VAM'S were pretty soso which reflected how boring the show was within itself. There were only maybe 2-3 outfits that blew me away. It seems like everyone has really been dropping the ball on award shows lately, where are all the stylists?

Why does she always have to wear a glittery long dress? I wish she could dress more casual sometimes especially at these sort of award shows. Her dress is okay, but I'm not sure about the cut of it.
Solange: That whole high waisted skirt thing makes me cringe.
LC: Love the dress not the dark lips.
Audrina: Bang on, drop dead gorgeous.
Whitney: Love it, I'm a bit so so about the top half though I'd have to take a closer look.

Closer look at her 'Grecian dress', I still don't like the cut that much
L'il Mama: At least she was entertaining and fun

Mary J Blige:
The dress is okay, but the hair...God I hope that's a wig...
Rihanna: Perfection, her outfit is stunning and suits her personality.

Hayden: Her style has improved so much, she looks fantastic in that blue dress and I love the heels.
Rosario: Well you know how I feel if you read my last post!

Paris: The dress was fine, but what the eff is up with her hair? She's no Marilyn.
Nelly: You almost don't recognize her with her blond hair, I don't think it looks bad on her and I'm glad she wore pants instead of a dress it looks sharp.

Alicia Keys: She looks like a dominatrix in that dress, end of story
Nicole: I really really really love her dress but the train at the back really ruins it.

Scary Spice:
She looks really sweet and cute, her dress fits her body really well and the round toe heels really set it off. My only complaint was that she should have gone for a different colored clutch.
Megan Fox: Here is a tip, your not Angelina and get rid of the dark lipstick.

Ashanti: Wait...Ashanti? *Rubs eyes* where has she been? Her outfit is cute but why is everybody so matchy with their accessories? Is that so necessary?
Tara Connor: Why is she even there? Her dress is okay.

Who had the best outfit at the VMA's?
Nicole Scherzinger
Rosario Dawson
Nelly Furtado

Mahalo fashion,

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WendyB said...

I agree on Beyonce...I'd like to see her with a make-under. Tone it down a bit there. Lil Mama cracked me up. I love the "stunt" outfits on the red carpet. I mean, why the hell not?

Who's That Fashionista? said...

I agree about LC...the dark lips...no no. Rih Rih looked great! EVerybody has had so many opinions on Britney that I do not know what to think!?!?! I just hope she is okay! Lil mama...why does she look much much older than 17?

coco said...

i felt so sorry for britney
clearly performing is no longer her thing and i dont even think she really wanted too, she just doesnt really know what else to do with herself
i hope that she finds away to be happy
and i really hated laurens dress beyonces and rihannas
to me they all looked really cheap
rihanna is stunning but pink satin is a no no for me

glamour girly said...

Love Rihanna's dress!!! And Nelly's pants are uber cute. What is up with the dark lipstick? I really don't like it at all.

I know I have been MIA, but I have been sick so very unmotivated to blog anything. THANKS for the award and the sweet award! xoxo You are the best, and I gave you that award right back because you deserve it! I have finally posted again.

p.s. Naomi Campbell is not pregnant right now - i think that picture I used was a bit old, but I just loved how she looked in it.

Anonymous said...

Audrina rocks. Everyone else sucks.

Marsadie said...

that performance was AWFUL & she doesn't have it anymore. at least without a crapload more practice.

but, the song's very catchy.

Anonymous said...

i love your critics about VMA´s outfits !!
i love rihanna drees it was so beautiful !
and for her it was perfect !


Romeika said...

I felt really sorry for Britney. Like many of her former fans i was cheering for a great statement comeback, but it happened the contrary. It looked pathetic and it was painful to watch it. She NEEDS help. VMAs fashion..jeez, i always think it's the worst place to get fashion inspiration.