New York fashion week has descended upon us, and of course I'll have to cover my favorite designer and obsession Marc Jacobs. I think a lot of people were iffy about this collection, the color choices are a little strange especially considering it's suppose to be spring/summer 2008. I admire his creativity and I think the clothes still remain what you expect of Marc Jacobs, with the cuts and the use of bold big buttons. The problem that I had with this collection is that some of it was just inconsistent, but I've pulled together my favorite looks.


I did a small post on Diane Kruger a while ago, but after thinking about it, I couldn't help but do a full blown 'celeb style' post on her. I checked out her wiki and IMDB page, expecting her to be in all these movies, but it actually is pretty empty apart from the odd stint acting and modelling. So why do the paps take so many pictures of her? Maybe it's her impeccable fashion sense, but somebody tell me, why doesn't she smile more? She always looks like she has a stick up her ass.

How does Mary-Kate do it? Did anybody see her on Conan? Her outfit was completely different after minus the sunglasses, bag, untucked shirt and the belt (that she's holding), how does she transform like that?

Ashley also knows how to transform quickly as well.


I couldn't help but posting this picture of Nicole and her sister, so cute.


Love the dress, but Keira is looking too skinny here, not attractive get a nutritionist.

Mahalo fashion,

Photo Credits: Style.com


Romeika said...

Jeez, Keira is way too skinny, indeed!:-S If it's not a case of an eating disorder but of not eating properly due to work or whatever, she still should search for a nutrionist help. Nicole looks fabulous as always, she's my fav in this post.

Jennifer said...

^ there's no way she's suppose to be naturally that thin, she does need to see somebody stat!

Dani said...

Love Diane's white dress and also the short yellow one.
Too skinny Keira is, not nice.
Yup, Nicole and her sis look adorable. I'll have to look at your other posts with more...I've been really busy.
Nice weekend:)

LML said...

i loved the marc by marc jacobs show (this marc jacobs show was interesting)!
and i agree that keira is too skinny!

Carolina Lange said...

I loved the colors Marc Jacobs used in the collection!
Nicole is allways looking good!

penelope said...

yer!! keira's getting real skinny nowadays. and i thought that it was my imagination!
love diane in the greyish blue tunic!! it's so cute!!

anyhow thanks for d comment! haha!! jen's got a massive crush on djimon eh?! lol!
*shhh. i wont tell=p

geez. i'm so childish here. but. owell.


Calleth said...

I loved that Marc by Marc Jacobs show! And some of Diane Krugers outfits are really lovely, but you're right, she could absolutely smile more. And Kiera should get a nutritionist.. :/

SET said...

I love your picks from Fashion Week. Diane Kruger style is fab, surely she hardly smile.
How are you?

Amy said...

josh goot does Australian target??
i envy Australians!!

sara said...

I like the MJ collection, but true a bit inconsistant.

Keira is looking very skinny, and keira also needs to smile, I'm tired of her lame pout.

x sara o

Who's That Fashionista? said...

oh the twins...looking at them is sometimes like fashion heaven...aren't josh and diane a cute couple?

cotton candy said...

oh diane diane diane. Diane Kruger. Do you think she would lend me her wardrobe (and her legs as well...)??

Bella said...

I really love Marc's collection, but I agree it is inconsistent and sorta random...Keira looks way too skinny which sucks cause i love her...great post btw

Fabi said...

your blog is soooo entertaining, and you're right about the olsens, allo they do is tuck here and there and they're all transformed. they look good. =)
and you made me laugh with the diane kruger comment (I knew there was something I didn't like about her posing hehe)