One of the best and most popular Australian designers is Alice McCall her styles and fun and innovative. I love her current collection, if you look closely you'll see how she's incorporated neon fabric throughout the collection, such as the shoes in the below pictures.

I love these shoes, I wish I could own a pair!

The neon on this skirt makes it stand out and also makes it a cute and unique outfit.

I love the geeky sunglasses on the models, nice touch!


High School musical premiere in London, thank God Monique cleaned up well after a disastrous appearance at the teen choice awards. Her dress is soooo cute especially with the way she is wearing her hair. Ashley Tinsdale's dress is stunning, but she got her accessories all wrong THE BAG, THE BELT, THE GLOVES THE SHOES EW. She should have worn a simple gold pendant, that would have been enough especially with such a great dress. As for the girl standing next to her I don't think she looks bad, but I don't like her dress either.


I'm not sure who the girl on the left is, is she new to the cast of HSM? I haven't watched it yet, but I have downloaded it. Anyway I think she looks stunning in her dress, very grown up, maybe a little too grown up? She looks so young. Vanessa looks great though, a lot better then her outfit from the teen choice awards and the way she's wearing her hair really suits her.

Zac Zac Zac, why do you wear so much makeup on your face? For such a short guy he sure is dreamy! I like his outfit especially the pants with the skinny belt.


the Olsens are back roaming around town, look Mary-Kate is starting to look like circa 2004-2005 again, with her cute green Balenciaga.

P Diddy's
all white party, I love her accessories. Even though she's dressed in white she still looks individual because of the way both the fabrics of her outfit work together.

I love that big grey jumper it looks so perfect for winter!

Mahalo fashion,

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Photo Credits: Alice Mccall

Poll Results: Mischa Barton's dress 47 % yay 53 % Nay, I'm going to have to say Nay with the jacket but Yay without it!

Keira's Chanel dresses were split 50/50, and I have to agree I'm kinda in between both of them, they both are beautiful in their own ways.


nic said...

I love mary kate and ashley. I agree that ashley looks so different from what people typically wear to a white-themed party. love that outfit!

WendyB said...

I love Mary-Kate and Ashley too. Their style is so individual.

Juliet said...

olsens do look great in these pics, i specially like the whiteparty one and the last picture. i need to get something as greay and sweet for mysef too !

juliet xxx

Who's That Fashionista? said...

you sure do love the olsens! they are fab. everybody looks awful for the high school musical premiere with the exception of zac. he is so feminine though. geesh!

LML said...

im really liking Alice McCall!
... and i agree zac is cute - but doesnt need all that makeup! lol

Carolina Lange said...

I love the Alice McCall collection!
And the pics of the Olsen are great!

Aisha said...

I loooooooove geeky sunglasses too! and believe it or not, i find the model's hair-do kind of cool =)

Zac's cute, but her def. looks gay-ish with so much make-up. She should take it off!. Vanessa looks stunning!


Naki said...

love the geeky glasses, even though I could never do it! I'm also really liking the gunmetal skirt with black tank. Great post!

Shaz said...

Do you find that with alot of australian designers, you can see exactly were their influence has come from like directly from other big name designer runway etc?

Anyways the olsens dress wonderfully, but does ashley seem to be getting thinner? and that unknown girl from highschool musical is so pretty.

Kira Fashion said...

Hi Jen!

Your blog as usual is really great!

i love that twins!

a kiss

Tru said...

I think the dress is nay though I do think it looks better with the jacket than without

Marsadie said...

Mary Kate looks great nowadays, can't wait to see her on Weeds.

cotton candy said...

ooh!! zac efron!! but he's such a rigid/stiff actor...lol

congrats!! check out my blog to see what award you've received...(again) kekeke. =p

Romeika said...

Oh, can't get enough of MK's style, she's just so fabulous.


Fabi said...

whoa that alice mccall skirt with the neon is to die for!!!! I hadn't seen it before but now I'm in love hehe...

and I agree with you, MK and shley have been looking better than ever lately.

Secret Agent said...

Whoa, look at MK's awesome shoes in the first picture. Dominatrix style...just how I like it.

Don't those geeky glasses and high-tied hair remind of you Dolce & Gabbana's show (i think) a couple seasons ago?

CountryGirl_CityLife said...

oooh alice, a new designer for me to obsess over, thanks for posting!

Bella said...

MK and Ash are my faves...i think they are so original in the way they dress...and I LOVE those geeky chicy glasses...im obsessed...

Secret Agent said...

Alright, these were the glasses I was talking about with Dolce & Gabbana: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Q49xhkcrpPU
You can see them starting from 1:35
It's pretty similar to Alice McCall, no? High pulled up hair, glasses, shiny metallics...I'm not saying anything =O

Katie Rosemary said...

mk and a looking fabulous as always! Can they ever go wrong?
Loving all the pics as usual

Kat said...

i like these olsen pics. I love that grey sweater so much it's fabulous!
That collection looks interesting, i quite like it. It's very 80's with a bit of geek chic thrown in. For some reason i like those silver trousers!

coco said...

i think i could look at the olsens all day long
today i got some very ashley shades which i adore!
i know off Alice McCall but for some reason never look at her collections much. I must do know though as I loved all the looks you showed.

Calleth said...

I love that big grey jumper in the last picture! As you said, it looks perfect for winter. I'm going to try to watch High School Musical 2 now, I thought the first one was entertaining (even though it's slightly emberassing to admit :P), but maybe the sequel will be bad, most sequels are... I think I'll watch it anyway , that kind of movies are fun.

penelope said...

the geeky glasses are so so cute!! love the green motorcycle bag!!! i want more of those!! the grey sweater is so so fab!!!

penelope said...
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satin pump said...


big kiss from france


hannah said...

i love ashleys last outfit. she looks great. and i love those louboutin jazz shoes. great post.

-S said...

i love her runway show. i especially love the second to last picture, the one on the left. the high waisted black skirt with the blue thing on the waist band and the yellow top? gorgeous.

B.lush said...

O wow, I totally dig Alice McCall's designs.

Thanks for visiting my site so I could find yours. ;)