I've had some problems with my last couple of posts so I just decided to scrap them, how annoying! I finally watched the teen choice awards tonight, Kelly Clarkson was amazing she really pours her heart and soul into her music. I've also been stuck on the MTV web site watching The Hills, Newport Harbour and The Real World Sydney, so addicting!

Mischa Barton showed up at some event sporting her new and much better looking hair. As I said before, it makes her look a little less snooty and more natural. I sure hope she keeps this look, but I'm in two minds about the outfit, I think it's the orange jacket that's getting to me. what do you think?
Mischa Barton's dress?


It's kinda strange to me that Nicole's best outfits to date seem to be her pregnancy ones. She looks absolutely stunning, maybe it's the added weight that makes the clothes look better and not just like they are hanging off her body.

I love love love this maxi dress. I've been looking everywhere for a good maxi dress, but it still seems like the stores here are taking their sweet time to stock them. I've seen a few, but they seemed ugly, over the top and unwearable.

I really like Nicole's hat, it makes the outfit. I've got a similar one, but I don't quite have the confidence to pull it off.

Not my favorite pregnancy outfit for her, it seems a little drab and cheap. I don't think it looks horrible, but it just seems like something is missing from the overall look.


Keira has been looking quite fabulous in these dresses the last week, though I can't help but noticing how deathly skinny she looks. I know she says she's naturally thin and all that blablabla but she looks worse then usual don't you think? Maybe it's just me. I can't decided which Chanel outfit I like better.

What dress do you like best on Keira
Chanel Cruise collection all the way!
Chanel Couture collection all the way!


Another wonderful photo from The Sartorialist. I wanted to post it on here, because I couldn't help noticing how perfect this jersey dress is. Nothing for me is better then a great jersey dress because they look good and are comfortable at the same time. I just wish they were easier to find...

I love these street style pictures, they just prove that simplicity always wins out in the end, they look so stunningly beautiful.


I was so happy to see that I received another rockin' girl blog award from Diana Bobar today, it put a nice smile on my face after another rough day at work. Last time I received this award I forgot to pass it down to five other fabulous bloggers, well six including Diana.

Coco of coco tea's party - I love her blog, I visit it several times a week to see all her fun pictures and creative posts, she really puts a lot of time and effort to incorporate her readers.

Romeika from A room of one's own - She has the most well researched fashion blogs that I have ever seen, but still mixes it up by bringing us into her world with pictures from her European travels!

Juliet of fashion lolita and Glamour girly of America's next top fashion - Both have been loyal visitors of mine since the very beginning, I love their blogs so much and glamour girly always makes me giggle with her breezy light hearted personality.

Sara of Sun and Tan - She's such a sweet girl and I love the way she brings her readers into her personal style!

And of course a special mention to Diana!

Mahalo fashion,

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-S said...

have you started watching a model life yet? what do you think of it?
and the pink dress on kiera looks terrible because she has no boobs. so it lays funny.

emsie said...

oh, i think keira looks stunning in both dresses. she's beautiful.


Kat said...

Keira's dresses are beautiful and I love her hair at the moment too. But I agree she is a little too skinny. Those Chanel dresses are just to beautiful and sophisticated though. I can't wain to see Atonement either.

Oh no!!! Mischa is wearing a terrible dress for once! That dress is nauseating.

Love thse street style oufits. Those ladies always know how to dress.

Kat said...

btw, I love the longchamp ad campaign too, it's my favourite. I do agree that the Chanel ads are very nice and the Prada ones are by no means dull. It's very edgy.

LML said...

i like mischa's hair and outfit (w/o the jacket)... i love nicoles maxi dress too - im glad she looks healthier now... and as for keira's dress, they're both so different and gorgeous! its a tough call... but i would say the pink one :)

Seraphine said...

The jersey is very hot, but I only see a glimpse of the belt. With something like that, the belt is the essential accessory.

coco said...

thank you for giving me the rockin' girl blog award, its very sweet and really nice to come from one of my favourite blogs
i do enjoy yours a lot and every time i come on here it just gets better and better
im not loving mischas new look at all however, i think its good she is experimenting but i prefered her golden locks and rockier style

Kira Fashion said...

You are so right about everything!

I really agree that Nicole is so much better now!
And The Keira Chanel Couture is so much good for her then the other one!

a kiss

Your blog is amazing!

Secret Agent said...

Hi Love,

I can't blog! I don't know what to write. I've been trying to think of something for the longest time.. but nothing witty is coming out of my head! AHH. Don't worry, I'm still visiting your blog daily.

Don't you think the cast of Newport Harbour is much hotter than Laguna Beach 3?

Camilla said...

It might be all in my head (btw love your blog) but I think I saw that grey jersey dress in an H&M-store yesterday. Anyways, if you're looking for jersey dresses, they have loads. :)

Cris Lazoru said...

Loved all the pics, really great post!


Carolina Lange said...

I agree, Nicole is now so much better, her looks are great!

Carolina Lange said...

And that first photo from The Sartorialist, with the girl wearing a grey dress, WOW, I LOVE HER LOOK!!!!

nic said...

Nicole Richie definitely looks great with all her pregnancy clothes. amazing! haha,btw I've linked you to my blog. it's ok with you right? haha

sara said...

Oh my freaking gosh, thanks so much and how ironic that the post I put up isn't even about fashion, oh well, fashion, music what's the difference!

Wow I'm really happy.

x sara o

hannah said...

i adore nicoles maxi dress. i want one!

sara said...

hey do I need to give to 5 other people?

x sara o

Jo said...

Keira looks stunning! she is so gorgeous! the chanel pink dress looks great on her!

i love thoses street style pics:)

Who's That Fashionista? said...
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Romeika said...

Oh, thank you very much for the award, Jennifer, i'm really flattered!:-D I remember you were the first person who commented on my blog, you've always been so kind!

As for today's post, i'm also in love with Nicole's current style, the maxi dress looks amazing and the hat as well, she looks great. You're not the first person who mentioned how skinny Keira looked at Venice film festival, let's hope it's not an eating disorder!

SET said...


penelope said...

nicole's so so fab! esp in the maxi! haha and i agree wif u!! the shops are simply taking their own sweet time!! it's kinda maddening!

and the jersey dress is so pretty!1 love her shades!!

anyhow thanks for d comment(: glad u loved the pic(:

cotton candy said...

the dresses on keira are stunning

Secret Agent said...

I don't know... I never considered Kristin that good looking...neither LC (now she is, but back in Laguna, she looked washed out). But, I thought LB 3 had a pretty hot cast too and NP looks pretty hot... anyways, I've finally updated (through the pressure of you!) =) It's a boring post... but enjoy the picture of my cavity being filled.

miss vintage love said...

Wow, it think you're right about Nicoles added weight, it makes her look 100x better! Shes looks gorgeous!

YSLfashionista said...

Kiera for Chanel=MY GUILITY PLEASURE!!

I love her, and I think she's perfect for the part.

As for Gisele Bunchen for YSL...not quite sure I see how that fits. She just doesn't strike me as a YSL girl.

Great post, I love Nicole's Dress (the striped one) and I also like Mischa's frock.

Seraphine said...

It was Fashion Week in San Francisco last week. The jersey dress style is really hot now. Good show. :)

alluretone said...

i really really want that giant Givenchy bag, it's so beautiful. both Chanel dressed are amazing, but i prefer the cruise one. thoes outfits from the sartorialist are amazing, the detailing on the first one and the color blocked outfit is gorgeous!

alexgirl said...

Wow, i didn't realize how pregnant Nicole was getting! That's quite a bump! But I love that long dress she's wearing.
I'm not a fan of the yellow Mischa dress, though I usually love her choices. Oh well!
Great post, as usual.

Juliet said...

thank you so much from the award ! and keira really doeas look even more skinny. sad. she's so gorgeous.

juliet xxx

J said...

The Hills and Newport Harbor are both fucking retarded. How can you watch those shows. Teenybopper boring girls. Especially when you respect fashion and those girls are just cookie cutter clones who take zero fashion risks. And never do or talk about anything of substance.

That Misha dress is hideous. It looks like a little girl sleeping in one of her parents' t-shirt.

Nicole is always fabulous. I like her style always and her style has grown up and evolved since she first dropped so much weight. Seeing her pretty and pregnant makes me want to be preggo! And I love that slip dress. The big bag pulls it together.

I think Chanel stuff is always too stuffy.