Teen choice awards happened yesterday, no I couldn't watch it over here in Australia, but it's currently downloading on my boyfriends pc yay! It was an okay day for fashion, but what I loved was that everyone really stuck to their own personal style. Finally people are getting it "applauds", your outfit may not be every ones favorite, but it reflects who you are and if you are comfortable then people will take notice!


A lot of people describe Lauren's style as 'boring', but I think her fashion choices suits her personality and the way she wants to live her life, have fun but nothing too risky. She looks fabulous in that frock, the gold belt is really what tops it off, apparently she designed it herself. Audrina likes wearing shimmery pieces, but she does a good job of not going over the top. As for Vanessa Hudgens I like what she wore, but I'm a little in between about her choice in jewlery.


I hate Jessica Alba, I use to like her a lot back in the flipper days, I thought she was the most stunning person, but now she seems to have turned into a cocky sour puss bitch who is ashamed of her heritage. On another note her outfit is perfect and one of my favorites of the evening. Sofia bush looks cute and sassy in her outfit, I might have gone with black shoes though, maybe even gold ones. Something about the red of the shoes makes her outfit look a little cheap in my opinion.


I actually didn't mind Avril's outfit, it's the pink hair that's killing me and the shoes too, couldn't she have worn some cute converses? Ugh I'm so sick of seeing Hilary Duff wearing black and gold, that's all she has on lately. There's no denying that she looks cute in her outfits, but spice it up girl!


Kelly looks stunning, I wish people would stop trashing her, I'm glad she's still moving forward with a smile on her face. Her dress and hair are both perfect and I love her new single "One Minute". Good for her writing her whole album! I don't really know too much about Emmy Rossum or Possum whatever it is, but I think her dress is cute. I'm iffy about the big rose right in the center of the dress though, not sure if it's over the top or if it gives her outfit character...thoughts?


Monique from high school musical is an example of how you can ruin an outfit with bad accessories. She needs to trash the shoes, bag, earrings and bangles and start all over. Her outfit was already loud as it was, did she have to go over the top? It would have been cute on it's own though, shame. ALWAYS ABSOLUTE PERFECTION America Ferrera, is an example on how to dress your body and accentuate your best features, she never gets it wrong!


Personally I'm not a fan of Eve's outfit, but I think it fits her personality to a T without going over the top, she really pulls it off and you know she's all about attitude!
Fergie looks cute but to me the dress seems like it needed darker accessories, like some blue heels!


Okay I don't really look at men's clothes that much, but I'm not sure that I like the all black outfit on Zac, he should have gone for grey slacks or pin striped ones. I'm not crazy about the whole black and honey color combo but I think on Andrea looks cute and simple.

Mahalo fashion,

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Shaz said...

i'm actually quiet suprised you had something nice to say about the outfits at the teen choice awards.

I really didn't like any of them. Some were a bit strange while others just skimmed over the usual. And Zac seems like he might be getting a bit cocky no?

And i love your little rant about hating jessica alba...you must of had that building up inside for a while now hey? lol

Dani said...

I'd say LC was the only look I liked. All the other ones were just too comom...
I do have to add that Zac looked cute. I really like vests and he is sooo gorgeous.

Calleth said...

Some nice outfits and some really ugly.. someone always has to go just completely wrong, I don't even understand how they can walk out like that.. the last picture, is that that girl from Desperate Housewives? Susan Mayer's daughter? If not, she looks a lot like her.

Who's That Fashionista? said...

Overall, I would say you are pretty accurate. Except for Hilary Duff. I do not like her dress!

Jennifer said...

Calleth - Yes it is the girl from DH!

Who's That Fashionista? - I dunno I still like her dress I don't think you can go too wrong with a shift.

Dani - LC and jessica i think had the best outfits.

Shaz - Jessica is pure evil you can see it in her eyes. ugh.

ambika said...

Nice breakdown! I didn't watch simply because I've stopped recognizing who all these people are but agreed on the style choices. I think my only beef might be that shapeless burgundy thing on the Rossum girl but otherwise you're dead right.

fashionistakay said...

I'm not too sure about the dress Emmy is wearing. I love the dress i love her, but it looks like it doesn't flatter her because its wide in the middle.And Emmy is so skinny the dress should not be doing that to her!As for Jess, she looks soooooooo radiant!double hit!

LML said...

love emmy rossums dress - she always looks so romantic! thanks for the roundup - i forgot to watch it on TV!

miss vintage love said...

Im not a huge Kelly fan, but I think she looks like an absolute doll in that dress

Jennifer said...

fashionistakay - Yes I was a little inbetween about her dress as well.
miss vintage love - Your right she does look like a doll!

Kat said...

Hmmmm, none of thes dresses stand out for me. The best are definitely America and Lauren. Sophia looks cute overall but i think her oufit would look trashy on anyone else. Fergie looks a mess and avril, please you are not 13 anymore but a married woman!
I am not a Zac fan but he does look alright here;-)

Anonymous said...

I never tire of Lauren.

In Yr Fshn said...

I really liked this post, but I only agreed with about 75% of your hits. Something about Em Rossum doesn't sit right with me. I did love the American Ferrera though! It was perfect...

Romeika said...

Kelly Clarkson looks great! Finally a hit, after so many misses.. And America Ferrera, i love her!

re:Download at least "The Hours" or "The Virgin Suicides" if u can ^^

Anonymous said...

i dont mind laurens outfit.. i love it.. would wear it... maybe not to the teen choice awards but then again this show isnt the grammys so maybe shes alright in her choice.. the girl beside her looks FAB!vanessa whomever looks cute i suppose not my favorite outfit to see... wouldnt wear it but she rocks it... loved the colour of jessica albas dress.. hated the dress.. or maybe its her im tired of.. dont like her shoes either... (ok come to think of it.. maybe perez hilton has soured me on jessica 'dont call me latina' alba.. lol that kills me everytime.. i hate it when people dont lovewhere they come from) i llooooove sophia bush's outfit.. i think the red shoes actually work... very cute.. avril lavignes canadian so i dont say anything bad about her... i'd slam her if she wasn't though.. lol. love hilarys dress.. hate the shoes her feet look entrapped/enbondaged(if thats even a word.. lol). kellys looking better than she has in a while... i like emmy r(p)ossums dress... very cute..very different.. i'd definitely wear it.. and yes the flower does give it character i think... seperates it from the millions of pink dresses we see out there everyday... america looks nice.. the girl beside her not so bad.. especially for a redcarpet newcomer.. i think she actually pulls it off although i wouldnt have worn it the same way...

eves shoes are FABULOUS! as is her outfit... fergie looks cute... i love polka-dotted outfits(although i sadly dont own any)that zack boy was a bit 'i=kno=the-girls-will-scream' when i watched the awards show... and wore a bit too much makeup.. but hes a cutie... the girl beside hims dress is HOT
great writeup jen. dnag i seem to leave the longest commetns on here.. guess its cos i love your blog and you.. rock on sweetie

Kira Fashion said...

For mem Fergie had the best look of the night and i agree with you, Hilary Duff and Avril argh!

dianabobar said...

Hey sweety!
I just gave you a Rockin' Girl badge. See more on my blog.

glamour girly said...

O, i love Kelly Clarkson, and she did look great. Love your pics - especially LC, Jessica Biel and the Possum girl. The rose is a bit much, but it still works.


p.s. no shopping!

glamour girly said...

OOps. I meant Jessica ALBA not Biel...

Aisha said...

I actually like Zac Efron's outfit =) i love vests on man!, they look cute on them. I like Vanessa Hudgens' dress, but definitely her bag is not the best accesory to match with this dress. LC and Audrina look amazing, they kept it sumple and they look amazing! =)

great post


coco said...

i think it was all horrible
were there not stylists on call?
i guess these are all yound stars though that havent got a clue
the worst look was the raincoat i saw jt wearing to accpet an award
that was gross

Jennifer said...

Overwhelmed Naija Babe - Thank you for your long comment and input I appreciate it, yeah i wish jessica would go away i'm glad she's now got a case of the herps (if it's true).

dianabobar - Thanks doll, I've just blogged about it.

glamour girly - Glad you enjoyed it girly!