I went to sportsgirl today, I have a love hate relationship with that store. I love it because I practically drool over everything in there and I hate it because the prices are so expensive. That's not to say that they don't have great sales, but the good stuff is usually gone, and you know what's left if the crap nobody wanted. Prices in AUD*

Left: Scarf: 14.95, Dress: 79.95, Necklace: 24.95, Bag: 69.95, Shoes: 109.95
Right: Turban: 14.95, Dress: 89.95, Necklace: 24.95, Bag: 59.95, Shoes: 99.95

I know I'm suppose to be in shopping rehab with glamour girly, but I couldn't help but spurge on the "Eily" purse. It's so huge and you can use it as a messenger bag as well, it's perfect for work I could not resist! I didn't buy any clothes today, so I'm giving myself a pat on the back...baby steps...baby steps.

Left: Tunic: 79.95, Skirt: 79.95, Scarf: 19.95, Cuff: 19.95, Bag: 59.95, Shoes: 39.95
Right: Dress: 89.95, Sweater: 69.95, Shoes: 49.95

More fabulous Items from sportsgirl. There's nothing I don't love.


More Keira for Chanel ads, I think the pictures are stunning, they remind me of the Nicole Kidman ones, so posh and expensive looking! I wish people still dressed as glamorous as they did in the 40s, the ads totally make you want to jump back in time.


Seems like everyone from Nicole Richie to Kate Moss has been sporting these fringe boots lately. I'm absolutely in Lust with them, here is LL sporting them in a gorcery store while in "Rehab".

I couldn't go too long without posting some Mary-Kate and Ashley pictures. The one on the left is an old picture the one on the right is from last week. Ashley looks good with the straight hair and I really love the whole sheer singlet black bra combo!

Old but stunning outfits from the girls, I love looking at old pictures, back when they incorporated more color into what they wore and didn't just stick to neutrals. Then again they can afford to change their minds and their style as much as they want.

Today's celeb style belongs to Katie leung from Harry Potter. Katie and Emma Watson are both so young yet they dress so well, I guess that's what happens when you grow up in a generation obsessed with fashion and looks, you become savvy pretty quick.


WendyB said...

I love the Olsen pictures. They have such a distinctive look and it really works for them.

Anonymous said...
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Jennifer said...

^^that's so true, some of the stuff only they could pull off!

Seraphine said...

My fav pics are the ones frm Sportsgirl. I love the colors and unique look. Compared to everyone in the photo sets, the prices are very reasonable.
The pics of Kiera in red for Chanel are beautiful and romantic.

Juliet said...

oh, great post, Keira look amazing.

juliet xxx

Dani said...

Keira looks beautiful! Love the red dress.
Well, it was a great bag after all...don't feel bad about it. Now that you've already purchased it just enjoy it.
Have a nice weekend:)

sara said...

Wow Jennifer I absolutely love your fashion posts - they amaze me every time!
Sportsgirl (which I've never heard of) has some great clothes, I love that striped dress.
I love the chanel ad with the shadow of a man, and they so remind me of the Nicole Kidman ones.
I love the last 2 pics of the girls, so great.

Katie Leung has such a better style than Emma, she looks great.

x sara o

good luck with the rehab

muze1990 said...

I like those pictures from Keira much more then her nude one I saw on several blogs. There much more classy, and really... Chanel!

Tru said...

shopping rehab? I'm confused

LML said...

keira is gorgeous! absolutley love those ads - its the 1st time ive seen them. ive always loved the nicole ads and commercial - i wonder if keira will do a commercial? i hope so :)

Romeika said...

Your posts are always so great! I adored the photos of the commercial, Keira looks fabulous wearing the bowler hat. And Those Olsen girls..they're always so chic! They make everything they wear work.

jadorevogue said...

I just love MK and Ashley's style. They me give me so much inspiration for my wardrobe - the basics paired with oversized cardigans is so simple but looks great. And I think nobody pulls it off as well as they do!

Carolina Lange said...

Love the Olsen pictures, she has a fantastic style!
Keira looks amazing with that red dress! Love the ad.
Great post!

Anonymous said...

uber cute shop, is it only there? I want one!

YSLfashionista said...

Keira...in Chanel ads!? I love it! She's so perfect, I had never even thought of that! Where did you find those?

CHIC NOIR said...

I loved the old Channel ads with Shamlom Harlow. All of celebrity ads are to much for me. Models are here for a reason.

lalaliu said...

I love the ads of keira and it makes me wanna get one of those hats! and the fringe boots, time for some thrift searching me thinks :D

Alexa said...

Who knew katie was so stylish? I love her dress in the third picture!

coco said...

i really like the keria ads for chanel
she looks stunning in them and i love seeing some old olsen pics

Kat said...

Katie is gorgeous. I love these pics of her especially the last one with the guy who plays Neville, as she just looks young and natural.

I love the Olsen's shoes and the 3rd oufit with the big grey cardi is very cool.

I do like keira in these ads, despite my last post! These celeb ads do look great but well you know where I stand on the topic! The pics of her in the red dress are fabulous.

stilettostetico said...

Keira Knightley est une superbe ambassadrice pour Chanel : l'image de "Mademoiselle Coco" et du "Flacon Géant" est Sublime, poétique et stylisée . . .

Cordialement, Antoine.

alexgirl said...

I love that dress on the bottom left that the girl from Harry Potter is wearing. So cute!!
And I agree about Ashley's look. She's got some serious style.

Kira Fashion said...

I really adore the olsen and i wish i wear chanel! hehee

a kiss

penelope said...

the chanel ads are fab!! bowler hats!!!! how i wish i can pull that off!! anyhow katie has got fab clothes!!

penelope said...

oops and thanks for d commpliment(: esther's dress is frm zara. yupp(:

In Yr Fshn said...

Oh, I love those Kiera ads. Really nice and simple...

glamour girly said...

Keira's red dress! I love it. I also adore that gold dress on Katie Leung.

I agree with dani - enjoy the purse now that you have it! And since it's for work, I don't think you have to explain it - you NEEDed it:)

I bought a cute bikini bottom WAY on sale. I couldn't help it, and since I don't go swimming for work, I have no excuse..


Cris Lazoru said...

What a great post! Loved it all, and above all MK and Ash in those sweaters: lovely!


Cris Lazoru said...

What a great post! Loved it all, and above all MK and Ash in those sweaters: lovely!


Emma said...

Hmmm. I've never heard of Sportsgirl. Looks cute!

Jennifer said...

Seraphine - I know, I just meant more for a company that's not a high en designer and who caters to teenage girls that they should lower their prices.

Dani - I am, I've used it every day this week so far!

sara - Sportsgirl is a store here in Australia, i would't expect that you would have heard of it but you should check out their web site http://sportsgirl.com.au
I'm glad you like my blog *big hugs*

muze1990 - I love chanel because they have such a distinctive style and class!

Tru - We've quit shopping;)

LML - I hope she does I'd love to see it!

Romeika - Thank you I'm glad you like them!

CountryGirl_CityLife - visit sportsgirl.com.au I think they are in other countries.

Kat - I know what you mean in ref to your last post but you can't deny she looks great in these ads!

penelope - I want a bowler hat too!

glamour girly - No more shopping;)

Jo said...

Keira looks fantastic in the coco chanel adds, she as a great face and style for it!

Shaz said...

Keira is so beautiful!! A very classic beauty and a perfect fit for Chanel!

nic said...

I love katie too! her fashion sense is cute.

And I've linked you, haha. sorry,there was some problem with blogger so some of my links got lost.and that was after i had commented on your blog