I'm not too much in the mood to blog, a bit of dramas in the home, but I'm picking myself up...well not really, but anyway I had stuff to blog about.
Omigod, how cute are Mischa and Rihanna in these pictures? I love Mischa's outfit even though it's very shiny, her headband makes the whole outfit and the shoes are not bad either.


I saw this on Perezhilton.com and I had to write about it, I've never seen a swim suit like this ever, it's a bit over the top isn't it? I think this sort of thing is just going to make young girls insecure, like there is something wrong with themselves that they have to hide their bodies, while their friends wear normal swim suits. I wonder how many orders these people get.


Nicole was such a cute kid wasn't she? She loved her dresses even way back then!

Oh how I miss the O.C., but it ended on a really high note, don't you all agree? Rachel is one of the most adorable celebs out there, her outfits are simple but still chic I don't think anybody could pull off this look quite like her.

Mahalo fashion,

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SET said...




Anonymous said...

I saw that swimwear on perez as well, it just doesn't look comfy at all. I can't imagine swimming in it!

penelope said...

i love love mischa and rachel!! and of course d oc=p as for d swimsuits.. they're just.. i'd hide my face somewhr if i were d designer!!!

thanks for d comment(: i'm flattered(:
always thought tt i've linked u; but i didnt!!! scream!! gna link u this sec!!


Miss EsTher said...

I like misha shoes their really beuatiful ...
The swimsuit My God who design that!!! Really awful yike!!

Love the thrid picture of rachel bilson the one she is wearing a bluenavy mini dress and the last picture with the yellow handbag I love it!!!!!!!
I used to hate yellow but now i love it in accesories..


Thanks for passing by..

Miss EsTher said...

I hope the drama at home its over... good luck.. and a hug!

Who's That Fashionista? said...

I was wondering where you went!?!?! Anyhoo I hope everything works out for the best in the home. Mischa and Rihanna look so cute together!!
I do not know about the OC though...never was a fan. I say this all the time but I am not much of a tv person.
Those are some fugly swimsuits!!

stilettostetico said...

Avec une préférence pour Mesdemoiselles Bilson, Jolie avec un grand J, et Rihanna,Oh my God !!! VAVAVOUUMMMesque liane des Barbades . . . Gloups . . .)

Cordialement, Antoine.

miss fashion said...

omg. i looked at those swimsuits, and i couldnt believe it. they are not flattering, and they look like a dress for goodness sakes!

sara said...

** hope you're doing well, and yet again another great fashion post!

I like how Mischa gives the shiny outfit a hippy vibe with the headband, kind of like Jenny in Forest Gump when her hippy and shiny platform druggy side meet.

Those swimsuits are just - - - AWFUL! But I totally get a kick out of them being called "WHOLESOME" That's pretty hilarious.

Rachel is one of the most stylish stars out there, and I am so in love with how she works the wide leg jeans, amazing!

x sara o

Kat said...

I love Mischa's style so so much! She loks great with the hair band and brown hair. Rihanna looks so sweet ans really chic. Rachel is
adorable too. I love that navy dress with the belt she is wearing.
Wow those swim suits are weird!
Do you want to exchange links? I'm loving you blog!

Emily ♥ said...

Mischa & Rihanna both look adorable in their frocks! Although, I think I like Mischa's hair better blonde.

I really don't get that whole swimsuit thing?

Anyway, I think Rachel Bilson has awesome style. She looks great in everything she wears!

Emily ♥ said...

And... I hope everything is going well at home (:

glamour girly said...

ADORE Rachel's wide-leg jeans in that second pic - she has great style.

As for those atrocious swimsuits... yick. I saw them a while ago, and I thought to myself - we need an answer to help girls have a better body image, but these ugly-ass suits are NOT it.

Kira Fashion said...

Great purse from Bilson!

a kiss

hope you get better ;)


Kira Fashion said...

Great purse from Bilson!

a kiss

hope you get better ;)


carina said...

I love rachel in her blue dress.
mischa often wears dresses like this. It looks good on her. its just her style, i think.

Anonymous said...

I saw the "swimwear" on Perez too. So disturbing!

Rachel has great style.

Dani said...

Love anything Rachel Bilson wears!

pamela dorian said...

i love her too. she definitly has some style! i've seen her out and about and she is even more beautiful (and tiny) than in pictures! cool blog!

Diana Coronado said...

I love the first dress, it's so gorgeous!!

lalaliu said...

those are some funky looking swimsuits. and i dont mean it in a positive way. ahh, the young hollywood starlets always look so chic and effortless. gosh darnit i want to get more money to go shopping now. haha :D

*** MeMiLy EdD *** said...

yeh i love misha barton the dress is so cute and those swim suits are so gross

Emily ♥ said...

I'm sorry!
From the Celebrity Style post you did, I didn't realize I have the same Keira image as you. I didn't see it.

Emily ♥ said...
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Alison said...

whoa! Can you even really call that a bathing suit? It's more like a dress.. made of rubber...
Oh how I miss the O.C. I will definitely be watching it from the beginning on much

Fabi said...

weird bathing suits. but I guess they can be ok for those people who don't like to show skin for beliefs/religious purposes rather than self-esteem issues.
and I love how rachel bilson looks in that red dress (first pic).
Hope things are getting better for you at home!!!

cotton candy said...

those bathing suits are soo..queer and ugly!! ewww!! i think they're horrible to be quite honest. lol. =P

dusk&summer said...

i luvv racheal bilson's style

Romeika said...

Mischa dress is way too short, but it suits her. I'd never wear it unless i had leggings on or something..

Nicole looked so sweet as a kid!


alexgirl said...

AAAhhh! This post was fantastic.
I didn't now Rihanna and Mischa were friends. They do look adorable, but Mischa's dress is SO short! How does she bend down in that thing?

Those Amish bathing suits are hilarious. I saw that on Perez too. Awesome!

And I totally agree about Rachel Bilson. Her style is amazing. She always looks great.


Amy said...

mischa and rihanna are so cute!

Dilemma said...

Those swim...things are so hilarious, I bet the Amish people are having a field day!

-S said...

i love love love rachel bilson's style.
and what in the world is mischa wearing?

Barb. said...

i miss the oc too :(!! rachel and misha, just perfect girls xD Kiss

coco said...

i saw that on perez hilton too it really made me laugh
and mischa seems to look better in the pics where you cant see her dress
her head looks nice though

Shaz said...

Umm those swimsuits are so armish...they freak me out! As for Rachel Bilson, she has such superb style without trying to hard...i love the second picture with the high-waist pants and the last pic with the simple white t-shirt, jeans and a striking yellow clutch!

Anonymous said...

i prefer rihannas outfit to mishas.. i saw those swimsuits on perez.. absolutely hilarious.